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Feb 18, 2018: I remember during the 70's oil embargo how some economists attributed the meteoric rise in the sale of fuel-efficient Japanese cars to their planning. Some said the American business making gas guzzlers couldn't plan further ahead than the next quarterly profits and loss cycle - while the Japanese industrialists planned 10 and 20 years ahead. In the same manner, the initial rise in the U.S. debt after major tax reform should not alarm the Left's hysteria - but don't count on it.

To start a pizza shop a business person would have to acquire a building to house the enterprise. This might be a hundred thousand dollars or more on a building, the pizza ovens, cash registers, a computer inventory program, insurance for the business and perhaps an employee insurance program. There would be permits and licenses required plus the hiring and training processes then bonding costs for those delivering the pizzas. This could potentially run as much as $200,000 in costs before the shop owner made a penny in profit from the first pizza to go out the door. In the same way a tax cut for much of America means a decline in tax revenues - at first. But just like the new business owner, government has to wait a few years for the increased jobs and hiring meant more people would be paying tax to the Federal government - just as the pizza shop owner knows that future profits are on the horizon.

That happened every time taxes were cut; by Kennedy, Reagan, Bush and now Trump. If you'll just keep your shorts from figure.bunching into a wad, wait a little while for the economy to kick in those extra tax revenues. Those on the Left don't care about the 'future benefit' of tax reform - only wanting to cry out their lamentations about more U.S. debt - having said nothing while Obama doubled it and at the same time NOT producing an economic upswing. Go figure.

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History - Better Studied Than Ignored  

History is the great arbiter of time. Use the links to see a variety of historical events since the founding of our country and for us to better understand our nation, our government and our culture. The Links below cover Historical Periods with a Supplements Link for additional learning resources about American History
(Pictured at right - Does everyone not see the hypocrisy of the supposed 'ant-fascist' groups in America employing Fascism to advance their agenda?) 

1700 thru 1813
Era Supplements
Revolution - More than one issue in the 13 colonies caused people to rise up against the British throne. One reason lost to most Americans is the fact that Britain bore the cost of sending troops to the Americas to fight in the French and 
Indian War. The unpopular tax acts passed by the British Crown was in part to recover those costs. But many colonists would have no part of it.    Wars and Nation BuildingThere are two distinctions to this U.S. war. One, the  impressment of U.S. sailors by British ships lent to the harsh feelings towards the British Crown. Second, it was a war declared by our government against a foreign power.

1813 thru 1890
Era Supplements
War With Mexico - Events in the mid-1800's shaped what our national boundaries were to become. Much in the way of land spoils came as a result of the Mexican American conflict. Brother Against Brother - Our Civil War sometimes pitted brother against brother. While Slavery is seen as a primary force for the Union, many other economic factors predicated this American upheaval.

1891 thru 1940
Era Supplements
American Troops Abroad - 
Spain dominated Cuba in the late 19th century. Spurred by tales against the population by their Spanish overlords, it took an explosion on the battleship Maine to catapult our country into conflict. The War to End All Wars - A Bosnian student changed history one day in 1914 by assassinating a member of German royalty and his wife. The resulting war produced some of the most horrific weapons used in conflict and killed millions of Europe's young men. Social Management - The act of making alcohol illegal was an effort to place controls on an American society. See how the experiment went. Having grown up on Chicago's south side, tales of parents and friend's parents involvement in this era was the norm for the Webmaster. The Big Crash - The stock market crash of '29 may have been the instigator of the Depression but economic policies made it more prolonged. See what your grandparents endured to give us a better life.

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1940's thru 1950's
Era Supplements
World War II -  The War to end all wars, World War I, was only one generation in the past when the next global conflict erupted. Within about four years the United States had primarily contributed to the defeat of Germany and Japan on opposite sides of the globe. The Boom - War over and many soldiers coming home. Results: baby boom and our economy bursting at the seams.


1950's thru 1975
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The Cold War - After World War II the regional spoils of Europe were overseen by the U.S., Britain and Russia. The futures of the areas overseen were vastly different. Changes in the 60's - I graduated High School and got married during the turbulent 60's. My friends went to Woodstock, I went to the Altar. Viet Nam - The Communist Threat reared up first shortly after World War II. After the French were driven from this Asian battleground, American President's committed America to another War.

1975 thru Present
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Bosnian War - Unknown to many, the United States has sent troops to protect Muslims in this region, plus Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Afghanistan. The Gulf War and Iraqi Freedom - Under George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, American troops entered Iraq. The first conflict I agreed with, the second I did not. War in Afghanistan - After America witnessed planes flying into the twin towers, the pentagon and into a Pennsylvania field, someone needed a butt kickin'. We are still there fighting.


"There are two primary elements to the downfall of a nation; evil leadership and ignorant followers."
CGK (For a brilliant narrative on what is happening in America today, please read this by Daniel Greenfield)



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