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I have been writing about history as it unfolds. Beginning after 9/11 in 2001, I started to write down my thoughts. Find this in my Webmaster Articles page

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Selected short stories from three Science Fiction books by the Webmaster. For July:  "For Love of the Game" - Will bring a smile to sports fans everywhere. From the book, 'Ten Stories and Falling' shown above.

Due for publication in
September 2019:

"America's 2nd Civil War"

"Selling Socialism is merely a tool. The ad campaign is Emotional, not rational. The promise of the Left is, “anything goes, whatever you desire we will give you”. The end goal is total Governmental control.
The fact that some or many people will die for each philosophy is of no concern to power seekers."

Nude News

Nude News - My Conservative Blog
I pull no punches. This week: Excerpt from
'America's 2nd Civil War'
to be published in September

Day Notes:

It was roughly 100 years ago when people began hearing voices in their heads. It started with Radio, then Television and now the Internet. This past century of those voices must have had some impact. I am led to believe that if I use a certain medication, my Daughter can score a game-winning soccer goal. Or, if I use a certain auto glass replacement service my Daughter can score the game-winning basket at a basketball game. (Males, especially white males, are currently losing favor among advertisers. Another offshoot from the little voices)

Farfetched? Indeed, because the voices include those that tell a woman her skin will look younger while showing an extremely young woman in the commercial - or that a man drinking a certain brand of alcohol or driving a fancy car can make him more appealing to women.

Farfetched? Those same voices tell America that anything we want in life should be free and we can afford to support all the people of Central America who come to live here for free. There are those who actually vote into office those from whom the voices emanate. Have those voices had impact? Yes, on the Emotionally Retarded; who cannot discern whether the voice is expressing fact or fantasy - that also being a by-product of a full century of little voices in their heads.

Liberal Logic: “If you question my hatred for America you are not Patriotic”

Veterans Corner

All about and for Veterans
and Military History buffs with a
salute to all Veterans

Veteran's Resources, Veteran interviews, reviews of books I've read about conflict and the principal players. The Webmaster shares his military training online, serving in 1970 and 1971.

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