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American History and World Events
Use this Link Library to see what has happened in our country and around the world. From 1776 until present day. A useful tool for Students and Educators or for folks who just love History.
    History - Better Studied Than Ignored

Articles on Politics, Government and Personal Experiences of Author, C.G. Kellerman
I have been writing about history as it unfolds. Beginning after 9/11 in 2001, I started to write down my thoughts. Find this in my Webmaster Articles page or for more frequent commentary,
My Blog.  New Kat n' Kid Cartoon


Publications by C. G. Kellerman
Diaries on History, Political Analysis,
Fiction and Non-Fiction

From the Pen of C.G. Kellerman

Non-Fiction Books
Tales of a Hoosier Boy

I Saw It Coming
(Political Diary)

I Am Not Alone
(Political Diary)
Groupthink vs. Truth
(Historical Perspective)

My Year as a Conservative Refugee
(Political Diary)
Trilogy of a Hoosier Boy

America’s 2nd Civil War (coming soon)

Monthly Short Story
The Time Share
(From Kellerman's Five of a Kind)

Book of Artwork
A Drawn Out Affair
(Family Humor in Art)

Fiction Books
(Children’s Indian Lore)

Ten Stories and Falling
(Science Fiction)

Kellerman’s Five of a Kind
(Science Fiction)
Four Events in Time
(Science Fiction)

Veterans Corner

All about and for Veterans
and Military History buffs with a
salute to all Veterans

Marine Corp History and Battles
Greatest Battles of the U.S. Navy
History of the U.S. Army
History of the U.S. Air Force
A Tale of Two Men
A Passion For Veterans - Interview
Charles Compton - Interview
Cinema Greats In War
Drafted Twice
Military Beginnings
Soldiers Without Uniforms - Interview

LTC Young - Interview

8th Air Force
Webmaster's Military Experience
Book Reviews
Veteran’s Resources

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