Saluting those who served and now serving
Saluting those who served and now serving

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Use this Link Library to see what has happened in our country and around the world. Keep this Veteran's Day in mind when looking at U.S. History
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America's 2nd Civil War - Chapter 2 Posted

I love some comedy shows that are good for laughs. I couldn’t help rolling in laughter, however, when listening to Adam Schiff’s opening statement at the supposed impeachment hearings. Since voters gave Democrats control of the House, have they acted on the Mexico-Canada Trade Bill? No. Have they acted on the Infrastructure package? No. Have they acted on the proposed Prescription Drug Bills? No. What they have done for nearly three years is attempt to overthrow the President of the United States. Trump may not be ‘Presidential’ to some but he has given us record low unemployment, lowered taxes to yield record tax revenues, acted against an invasion of illegal immigrant freeloaders and strengthened our military posture in the world. Since the Dems have no answer to this they must fabricate crimes against him. Those offering testimony against him believe they are in charge, not the President. In November of 2020, the most important poll will be taken – Election Day. If Trump is re-elected I recommend food, shelter and ammunition.


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