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American Troops Abroad

Spain dominated Cuba in the late 19th century. Spurred by tales against the population by their Spanish overlords, it took an explosion on the battleship Maine to catapult our country into conflict.

Library of Congress 1898
Images of Spanish American War
Causes of the War
The USS Maine
The Rough Riders and T.R.
Treaty of Paris

The War to End All Wars

A Bosnian student changed history one day in 1914 by assassinating a member of German royalty and his wife. The resulting war produced some of the most horrific weapons used in conflict and killed millions of Europe's young men.

World War I
Causes of WWI
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, 1914
Germany's Last Kaiser
The Great War Timeline
Trench Warfare
Results of the War

World War I Material

Small Arms

Social Management
The act of making alcohol illegal was an effort to place controls on an American society. See how the experiment went. Having grown up on Chicago's south side, tales of parents and friend's parent’s involvement in this era was the norm for the Webmaster.

The 18th Amendment
The Prohibition Era
The Roaring 20's
1920's Gangsters

The stock market crash of '29 may have been the instigator of the Depression but economic policies made it more prolonged. See what your grandparents endured to give us a better life.

The Great Depression
About the Great Depression
Great Depression Pictures
NY Times
Crash of 1929
About the Great Depression
Depression Timeline

First jet engine

Designed by a British man in the late 1930's