Early Nationhood


Supplemental Information For This Era

War With Mexico

Events in the mid-1800's shaped what our national boundaries were to become. Much in the way of land spoils came as a result of the Mexican American conflict.

-Mexico 1845 - 1846
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-Map of Mexico & Texas 1845-48
-Aftermath of the War

-Images of the Battle of New Orleans
-1842 Musket
-Pictures of the Alamo
-Images of Mexican American War

Brother Against Brother

Our Civil War sometimes pitted brother against brother. While Slavery is seen as a primary force for the Union, many other economic factors predicated this American upheaval.

-The American Civil War
-King Cotton
-Photographs of the Civil War
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-Abraham Lincoln
-Jefferson Davis
-Gettysburg Address
-Emancipation Proclamation

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-The Brooksville Raid

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-Naval War of the Civil War
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-Railroads of the Civil War
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The Mighty Wheels Turn

The Rise of Industry in America lead to a rapid expansion westward by railroad. Steam and electrical power was harnessed for a myriad of inventions.

-Gilded Age
-Late 1800's Immigration
-Late Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Economic Trends
-Early American Railroads
-Inventors & Inventions 1851-1900
-The Rise of American Industry -Industrial Revolution in America
-Effect of Railroads
-Growth of Coal Industry