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World War II

The War to end all wars, World War I, was only one generation in the past when the next global conflict erupted. Within about four years the United States had primarily contributed to the defeat of Germany and Japan on opposite sides of the globe.

Nazis Enter Rhineland
The Invasion of Poland 1939
The World War
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World War II American Planes
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The Boom

War over and many soldiers coming home. Results: baby boom and our economy bursting at the seams.

The Baby Boom
The Population Boom
What’s a Boomer?
Post-War Economic Growth

Korean War

Less than a decade after World War II, North Korea invaded South Korea. Another war, today still unsettled.

Korean War Project
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The Korean War
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Best Fighter Plane

The P-51 Mustang Fighter plane became the premier combat craft once paired with the British Merlin engine

The Cost of War

An estimated 80 million people died as a result of the World War 2 conflict

More Firsts

Germany flew the ME-262 jet fighter in late World War 2 but the jet fighter came into prominence during the Korean conflict