Women’s Fashions and Mass Shootings –
It’s All About “Look at Me!”

Oct 9, 2017

A person doing outlandish things to get attention is common. Television people have even made programs about it, revealing dumb activities recorded by bystanders or accomplices in the dumb activity. From doing handstands on a balcony railing to attempting to jump over a car speeding at them, those seeking attention are increasingly daring in their attempts at fifteen minutes of fame.

We might assume this human propensity has been around for eons. And with the human instinct to look for ever more daring and dangerous exhibitions that drive those attention seekers. What might most people remember about Janet Jackson other than her ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the Super Bowl halftime show?

In everything changes are incremental, unless it is the onset of global wars or Earth being struck by a giant meteor. For those seeking attention then, the stakes must be raised, the bar moved higher – or risk being called passé.

Women have used sexual allure to gain attention from men since recorded history began. Earrings went from the bottom lobe of the ear to the entire ear. Then jewelry, via piercing, moved to the navel, eyebrows, tongue and just about any part of the anatomy that would hold such an adornment. For some it has resulted in a body literally festooned with metal objects. But, that will get you attention – just like the hair colored purple or blue or tattoos.

Women’s apparel has had to keep up with the ever-increasing attempt to show more and more of the female body. As time progresses women have chosen to show more of their bodies. The question is; how far will this advance, as something that seemed outrageous to our grandparents became hohum today?

In researching women’s fashion it was common for women to be covered from the neck down in the late 1800’s. Skirts and dresses began to inch upward over the next decades, coming above the ankles in the 1920’s, just below the knee in the 1950’s, above the knee in the 1960’s, and today being just below the private parts on a female.

Note: Not all women dress this way, just the ones seeking attention.

Check out the TV shows broadcasting young girls less than six years old – made up with hairstyles and makeup that make them look like prostitutes – and they are given trophies for this!

Some female beachwear features no more than three little patches, covering the vagina and nipples. What will attention-seeking women do next to elevate men’s eyes being cast their way?

And no, women’s apparel is not dooming our nation but pointing out how in this one respect the means of getting attention necessarily means going to the next level – or the next extreme.

It’s all about getting attention. That’s why Antifa and Black Lives Matter cause such calamity. Just form a militant, racist group for black people and you earn an invite to the Obama White House. Of course those Social Justice Warriors of Antifa wear masks just to keep from getting sunburned.

And there is all too common person killed by a jealous ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, and ex-girlfriend – all for giving their attention to someone other that the killer.

After three Republicans blocked the Obamacare repeal and replacement they were sure to see a rush of cameras and reporters putting them on the evening news. Do something outrageous and you get face time on the media.

Every time a Liberal feels ‘offended’ they rush to the cameras – like Hillary Clinton – blaming Conservatives for everything from dish soap to sunspots. Get out there and bash our country – like the namby-pamby spoiled, millionaire athletes and here comes the news coverage.

After a hurricane devastates Puerto Rico, the mainstream media does not highlight the rescue efforts – instead having their camera catch those suffering and a Democrat Mayor bashing the American President. Want attention in today’s media? Make up stories bashing the President – works every time. The mainstream media is guaranteed to give attention to anything negative about our current President.

Where has the entire disharmony ginned up by the Leftwing of America taken us? It has taken us to the point of a college student having a nervous breakdown over a banana peel in a tree. Liberals are dumb. They can’t look at a situation and make a rational judgment. That’s how they have been taught.

Add to the mix those who are mentally unstable but cognizant enough to assume how to get attention by killing as many people at once, ala a mass shooting.

Let’s take a look at some of the competition the Las Vegas shooter was up against.

Orlando, Florida; 2016 – 49 killed
Virginia Tech; 2007 – 33 killed
Sandy Hook; 2012 – 27 killed
Killeen, Texas; 1991 – 23 killed

The Las Vegas shooter set a record for lives taken by one person in America at 50 killed. He got his attention. What will the next incident be – 100 killed, 500 killed? You’ve got to do something more sensational than the last person to get the attention.

That’s why the next incident is probably going to reflect a higher body count. The bar has been raised in Las Vegas. What are you – the attention seeking zealot – going to do next to reach new heights of depravity?

While tragedies are becoming increasingly severe with greater losses of life, our culture has gone the opposite with a hangnail creating an uprising. Rest assured the next headline grabber would be more being killed for attention’s sake.

Even now, another attention seeking lunatic plots and waits.

In spite of guns killing a record number of black people in Chicago, now exceeding 500 murders this year, where is the media attention – to the ‘white’ man killing 50.

Just to make one thing clear to Liberals – if you give attention to those hating our country it is ‘free speech’. By not giving attention to truth – it is the same as it has been for centuries – Censorship.