At one time our ancestors washed clothes on rocks at the side of a stream. Then they got washboards and tubs, then washing machines with a hand cranked wringer, then a washing machine that filled itself, spun and emptied the water leaving one to only lift the lid and withdraw the wet clothes for drying.

With all of these advancements, how can people be unhappy?

At one time our ancestors moved on foot. Later mules, donkeys, horses and camels were used for people to ride on. Time advanced and wagons were invented. They were simple, with only a wooden seat for comfort. Later came covered wagons, enclosed carriages, stage coaches; then train cars with seats then sleeper cars. As time went by the horseless carriage was invented and improved over time with padded seats, then being covered, then being enclosed. More improvements gave us the transportation of today on trains buses and especially automobiles. One can listen to music while driving, activate temperature controls, adjust a comfortable, padded seat, use GPS for traveling and even set the vehicle to cruise independently on the highway at selected speeds.

With all of these advancements, how can people be unhappy?

Absorption of knowledge long ago came from people speaking directly to one another. Later came printed languages on paper carrying literature then pictures. As time advanced we had mail service, telegraph, telephone; then came radio, television, the Internet and smart phones.

With all of these advancements, how can people be unhappy?

An American adolescent today has never lived without remote-controlled television, the microwave oven, washers and dryers, deluxe transportation, computers and the Internet or electronic games. They have never experienced pumping their water from a well or washing their clothes on a washboard; never have they been without fast food, movie theaters, electric lighting, indoor plumbing, streaming video or air conditioning; all of which today require only the pushing or movement of buttons, switches or levers.

In spite of all of this abundance young people seem emotional over one person having more money than another person or even that individual achievement is due to some imagined privilege; or believe slavery still exists 150 years after it ended. Just why are they so upset?

They are upset because they have been told they are oppressed, disadvantaged, marginalized and cheated.

That is why, even though we enjoy such a wonderful American life, people like Bernie Sanders comes along and convinces them they are suffering. That is at the heart of Socialism – convince people they are unhappy even though they have material abundance and freedom. But, put a Socialist in office and all of those wonderful things are destined to be eradicated.

All to make them “happy”.

In a nation that still allows election of its leaders, those aspiring to power and control must convince the electorate that they are indeed unhappy and that the aspirant has the answers to correcting all that unhappiness.

However, inculcating our youth only produces idiot children who become idiot adults. That's why so many educators are rewriting history or avoiding it altogether. How can those with an agenda succeed without a “Useful Idiot” for a foot soldier?

The Leftists in America has so spoiled Millennials into believing they deserve free college, free healthcare, the ability to murder children just after birth, that the sex you are born with now is whatever you want it to be, that assaulting Conservatives is justified and that their Constitutional Freedoms are deserved but if you believe in the old-fashioned ideas that produced our nation's wealth your Freedoms should be taken away; the same tactic used by so many that made promises but actually enacted Dictatorships.

Do you need proof? We have just wrapped up a two-year investigation of Trump-Russia Collusion although there was never any evidence to warrant the investigation. For an indicator how long inculcation has endured throughout history, look up the saying, “Give us Barabbas!”

The truth is all in history – the very thing those who inculcate, change or eradicate.

Roughly two hours after finishing my thoughts here, I picked up some thoughts from Rush Limbaugh when he referred to a Millennial website that perfectly expresses my sentiments, except ten times more eloquently: