Where Is Tail Gunner Joe When You Need Him?
April 8, 2018

Communism is slowly being introduced to the United States. Socialism is being taught in Colleges and Universities; Socialism is being lauded by most of the Media; Liberalism and Identity Politics are even pushed upon our children. For decades a group of people in America has meticulously pushed us toward Communism – and right under the noses of the American people.

This group has operated to keep a permanent underclass of needy citizens willing to trade political votes for economic candy. This group has not done this secretly but right out in the open and it is ‘fundamentally changing’ our country. Who are these people? Who are the ones lying, scheming and succeeding in slowly diminishing Constitutional freedoms?

This group does not call itself Communist but hides behind an innocuous label to hide their true intentions. This group gave us the first wealth transfer via Social Security; grew the ranks of single-parent homes by rewarding unwed mothers with the Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare Acts of 1965 and invited illegal border crossings via the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965.

This group, to help 30 million Americans without health coverage, passed a law for ALL Americans to be under government health care. They have used Government Agencies to criminally go after political rivals and now want to impeach a President that has only improved conditions in the country.

This group will continue to use school students as martyrs in order to advance all guns being taken from citizens, while leaving the criminals armed and dangerous. Have you figured out who the Communists are?

Those attempting to turn the U.S. Communist, and greatly winning the battle against a free and capitalist country, is in the news everyday. Their propaganda ministers are on TV daily and operate right inside our nation’s Capital. The media does not call them Communists but indeed they are Communists.

Hiding in plain sight is the Communist Party of America but it is not the Russians or Chinese – they call themselves the Democrat Party. Check their agenda and it will tell you that you are to be herded and corralled like sheep – by merely repeating the same promises they make and break constantly. Progressivism is Communism – a crap cake dressed up in promises of living for free. Check history. It’s all there.

The whole plan of Socialism/Communism was reinvigorated when Barack Obama took office as President. His ‘racial shielding’ allowed him and his Secret Police via his political appointees to indiscriminately complete the dream of so many of his ilk – turning a free nation that voted for its representation to become one of government rules, regulations, edicts and Executive Actions to create chaos in America and use that chaos just as his mentors, Saul Alinskey and Cloward-Piven advocated during his and Hillary Clinton’s educational process.

While the proponents of Communism infest our country we get a nation being invaded by people who enter illegally. These are not doctors and scientists that have the ability to provide for themselves. These are needy people with no resources or job skills – exactly the underclass needed to garner more votes at the ballot box. Obama was for open borders while stating the exact opposite.

And why not take down other ‘white’ countries in Europe while you’re at it. That gave us the power vacuum left after pulling troops from Iraq and bombing Libya into a chaotic rebel stronghold. When all of that chaos ensues where do the new hordes of ‘refugees’ go? Into the white European nations where the Muslim are now taking over and destroying European cultures.

Hillary Clinton announced publicly her open borders desires as well as nationalized health care – all guaranteed to continue the onslaught against white America. And whom did she help and take money from while at Secretary of State – the Russians – from whom she took money for her hubby’s speeches and rewards to her Foundation for selling 20% of U.S. Uranium to them.

The whole plan of take over was the same used by Lenin while taking over Russia in 1917 – promise them everything – then deny them freedoms. With Hillary as President healthcare would have been nationalized and the influx of illegals would have become a tidal wave.

All of this would have put us into more chaos than we are now and once violence erupted in the streets the troops would be called out and the take over would have been complete. We already knew that Hillary Clinton had rigged the Democrat primaries, broke Federal laws via a non-authorized mail server and how she brazenly attacked those women who came out to accuse her husband of sexual assault. All of these felonious deeds were hidden and censored by the sycophant mainstream media.

All the while this is happening our halls of higher education and the left wing media are pushing the joys of Socialism to the willfully ignorant. The Communist doctrine is now uppermost in schools, from Conservative speakers being met with violence on Campuses and high school students marching to the anti-gun mantra of those who know that to control a country you need to disarm the citizens.

How do you rationalize the reports of students getting school suspensions for such things as failing to join the anti-gun protests, holding a contrary view on guns or the student who was kicked out of class and who may not graduate because he disagreed with a professor about there being more than two genders?

How do you explain a California University identifying calling America the ‘land of opportunity’ a ‘micro-aggression’? Or; the University of Maryland issuing guidelines on ‘how to talk to kids about whiteness’ or a Minnesota school threatening the arrest of a student carrying a sign stating ‘Guns don’t kill people, people kill people’? The Communist manifesto is being drilled into the heads of our young people – ones who for the most part can’t name the three branches of our Government. Differ from that manifesto and you become the target.

Name some ‘victim’ in our culture, pour funds in from left wing Globalists and voila – we have young, ignorant people willing to cause mayhem for the cause-du-jour. No new gun laws will stop diseased minds from committing atrocities but Democrats will continue to allow young people to be martyred for their cause of gun confiscation.

In all of the protests against guns the fact that law enforcement had plenty of information to prevent the Parkland school shooting but they failed to act. But that’s okay with the left wing people in law enforcement. Their purpose to legalize all gun confiscation is never to blame those who failed in their duties or even the killer himself. Yep, guns have very powerful minds and commit atrocities daily!

If you are not aware of how the economy is flourishing after the damage done by Barack Obama is being reversed – you are a brain-dead Liberal. Obama used every tool available to him – legal or not – to help spread divisiveness and discord. In this writer’s opinion Barack Obama is a flaming racist and took every opportunity to destroy anything ‘white’ – in America and Europe.

How about Obama’s DOJ head, Eric Holder, handing off thousands of weapons to the Mexican drug cartels? Was that to ensure greater peace and harmony at the Southern border? No, it was part and parcel of Obama’s plan to have the entire nation in chaos – because during chaos new and overwhelming laws can be enacted – taking the everyday citizen from freedom to manipulation.

How do you explain the nasty Secret Police of Barack Obama, illegally seeking warrants to spy on a political rival, using secret connections and a made up dossier to garner FISA warrants? How do you explain an FBI director not prosecuting Hillary Clinton while at the same time coordinating the DOJ, the CIA and the FBI to illegally undermine the outcome of the 2016 election?

How do you explain Susan Rice appearing on five Sunday talk shows to blame Benghazi on a ‘video’? How does Loretta Lynch explain talking to Bill Clinton aboard an airplane then announcing that no criminal charges would be brought against his spouse?

How do you explain that America is being cast as two primary divisions – one being white men, the other, all VICTIMS, being Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, all women, all Millennials, all blacks, all Latinos, all Muslims, all Illegal Immigrants, all black criminals and all Antifa criminals? Seems rather one-sided, does it not?

The answer is always the Communist wannabe Democrats – now with their media lemmings churning out everything imaginable to accuse Donald Trump of, while at the same time the mayor of Oakland, California warns the illegals in her city of an upcoming ICE raid.

There is one major problem for all of these people who yearn for the splendid lives guaranteed by Communism – that Communism does indeed produce the opposite of what is promised. With just a little research Liberals in our country can look up the results of Socialism and Communism – proudly represented by the wonderfully free, open and prosperous representations – such as China, Venezuela and Russia.

But, they don’t.

And that’s why we need another Tail Gunner Joe, ala Joe McCarthy of the infamous McCarthy hearings of the last century. We need someone in Congress to be given the power to root out, expose and get rid of the Communists in our government.

It is not unheard of that a Republican politician is involved in wrongdoing. It is the very practice, though, of the entire Democrat Party – employing Gestapo tactics by telling outright lies in such abundance its hard to keep up and daily seeking legal action to discharge the President from office – for having done nothing except to make America better.

But the Communists have had great success in America. We now have a younger generation that is woefully ignorant of truth and along with college and high school students willing to enact crimes against individuals and property to ‘get their way’ – just as the Chicago students using the walkout excuse to trash a Walmart. Why don’t people ask why a student at a New Jersey high school was suspended for the crime of posting a family outing at a gun range on social media?

Why did the Russians submit to Lenin in 1917? Why did the Venezuelans submit to Chavez and now Maduro? Why, after a hurricane strikes Puerto Rico and the entity, run by Democrats, lack any resources for rebuilding? Why is the Democrat governor of California openly defying Federal Immigration laws?

Why is there media hysteria when 17 young people are murdered by a gun-wielding nut case but the millions of unborn killed by abortion is worn like a badge of honor by feminists?

Because the ignorant masses can be found in any time frame of history and the well intentioned, rational and industrious segments of a society are beaten into submission until America is another third-world country – because that’s what Obama wanted all along and that is what the Democrats of today are so vainly striving for.

It is not for the welfare of the people that Democrats act – while lying to your face about it. It is their overwhelming quest for power and money. Look at the plight of so many African-Americans. For many, they are still at the first rung of the economic ladder and fall prey to high-crime and poverty while the black representatives in local, state and national government seem to become enriched by a life of public service.

Now the new rise for power is among the ever-increasing Latino population. Once governments began printing official documents in Spanish the wedge was created to the point where people are marching in protests while carrying the Mexican flag. And who supports all this? The Democrats. Perhaps this explains why a hospital in California employs as many as eighteen language interpreters – because we can’t all be Americans – we must all be some ‘victim’ of Capitalism.

America needs a new political party and the people need to look at what Democrats have done to America and continue to do to America. The enforcement of “Group Think” is their vehicle for a rise to power.

Will that ever happen? Yes, but it will be born out of the ashes of what once was the greatest nation on Earth – first grown by European ancestors and made great by that European ancestry. Yes, that ancestry that drove the engine of industry and accomplishment was primarily white Europeans.

But, according to Liberals, whites must now be punished for what they achieved because achievement means that the achievers ‘stole’ from the lower classes. The fruits of their labor must be stripped from them and handed over to those who do not strive, who do not achieve.

As that progresses America is destined to become a wasteland – one that Democrats will be only too happy to rule over. In any Dictatorship, the elite are always kept from the pain and drudgery of being at the bottom of the economic ladder. In the end there will be only two classes of people – the haves and the have-nots – those in power and enjoying the largess of power – just like the French royalty before the French revolution – and the starving, peasant classes over which they had dominion.

P.S. What level of incongruity have we reached when Barack and Hillary broke Federal laws, colluded with Russia and the person who didn’t collude with Russia is under a full-blown investigation?