Sometimes a worm will get inside an apple and eat away at it until there is nothing left. After that, to survive, the worm needs another apple. When billions of humans live upon the earth it follows that eventually the masses of resources required sustaining human kind and the resulting damage to our planet is just like the worm. Unlike the worm, people do not have another apple to go to once this one is gone.

On a smaller scale, individual nations can be brought to ruin when the needs of sustaining the nation are outdone by the amount of resources available. Socialism and Liberalism are two giant contributors to such nations going to ruin.

Socialism has ruined or in the process of ruining multiple countries on our planet. This can be likened to more apples being promised to the worms than available. Even though some may herald little Socialist countries, like Sweden or Denmark, once those nations evolve from a mostly homogeneous population to a much-diversified nation everything changes. Those small Nordic countries are now beginning to feel the pinch as diminishing birth rates, an increasingly aging population and the influx of unskilled and unschooled immigrants put a severe strain on national budgets.

Under the guise of compassion, politicians in many countries use the national purse to give away benefits to the voting population. That’s how the U.S. went from a few billion in debt years ago to trillions of debt today. And that’s how they get elected.

Each time a Government creates new laws, rules or regulations, government grows. If you pass a new law, well, by golly, you have to hire an entire cadre of government workers to administer and oversee compliance. Government gets bigger and cha-ching – more money is needed to run Government. After a time it can lead to national bankruptcy – as in Greece and Venezuela.

Today I read of a new law that will require all trucking companies to digitally record driver’s hours. The large companies can absorb the cost of this new rule but many smaller companies cannot and face extinction – another gift from the all-caring Government. I feel sorry for the driver that will go home someday telling his or her family their job no longer exists.

I read today also of new payment rules that will be enforced by Government over Medicare doctors and clinicians. Without even claiming clairvoyance, I can predict it will spell trouble for providers. The Obama administration’s penchant for growing government to be in every aspect of our lives is showing the ugly side of big government as Obamacare now threatens millions of Americans by becoming too costly.

While such actions are the hallmark of Democrats, this law was passed last year – while Republicans controlled the Congress. The two parties no longer represent Liberalism vs. Conservatism – the Republicans have simply adopted being Democrat Lite.

My entire life I have believed in the Free Market and Capitalism to be the ultimate arbiter of life within a national economy. People sleep on the sidewalk overnight for a new smart phone – and when they no longer sell, manufacturers reduce production because the Free Market has provided them information for future production. There was no rules or laws passed telling us what to decide on a brand of cell phone, Capitalism told them the wants and desires of the consumers. That gives the consumer control – not Government!

If you have a voucher for Medicare and you think your Doctor sucks, you can go to another Doctor. A Free Market and Capitalism guarantees that. Every time Government gets in between Americans and services, a club, carrot and stick situation arises. Once any program is created or ruled over by Government, they can employ the club to knock you down. Just ask the bakers out west who refused to bake a lesbian wedding cake.

Once Government is offering any program, all of a sudden that program has to be run the way some bureaucrats in Washington say so. If your school says they are not going to allow men who “identify” as females to enter the bathroom with your young daughter – the stick and carrot, or Federal Funding will force you to comply.

You can understand how the growth of Government reduces your freedoms and choices as an American – because some Washington nimrod says let that man in the bathroom or else we pull the money! That’s how it works.

Chicago teachers went on strike this year. One issue was that they had no contract for two years. But Chicago is virtually bankrupt and is facing the precipice. Even though Chicago does not have the money to meet Union demands, guess what? The Democrats in Chicago caved in and are willing to offer teachers’ pay and benefits they don’t have the funds for.

Hurry, Barack Obama, only a few months left before your Presidency ends. Just write an Executive Order to bail out Chicago. Stir and repeat for – the state of Illinois, California and most any other Democrat bastion of drunken spending.

Until it all falls apart there will still be enough ignorant Americans that will vote for more of the same. When a sports team continually loses, the coach gets fired with hopes that a new coach will make a turn around. But Liberals, willfully ignorant as they are, know next to nothing about taxes, spending or the economy. They willingly vote for a new coach that promises to run the team the exact way as the losing coach.

Folks, that is where we are in America today. A lean Government can rule for eons. A Government run by bureaucrats always spells trouble. Government is not evil. But remember in the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One porridge was too hot, the other too cold – and one was just right. That’s what I hope for our Government.