When Did We Stop Paying Attention?
Feb 1, 2017

When I see University students interviewed on news programs it is alarming. Many students advocate for allowing any and all immigrants into our country. At a protest a young person carries a sign calling for no borders in America. Has that person considered the ramifications of such a policy? Do they believe that millions of people entering America and being sustained by taxpayer dollars will have no effect on their lives, their job opportunities or their personal safety?

How is it those on college campuses are so ignorant of history and economics that they seek solutions that are at the level of a kindergartner in rationality? After just completing the article “Electronic Psychosis”, I am again more upset that an entire generation of young Americans have absolutely no clue about government, world affairs and economics. Do the young in America falsely subscribe to the theory that government is this land of money trees growing in abundance?

The Democrat Party in America is flooded with Communists – perhaps not in how they label themselves but in their ideology. While Barack Obama used his eight years as President to destroy the very essence of our country – his methods and beliefs were supported and extolled throughout America’s education system. He and media minions have been extremely successful in teaching absolute BS to this country.

The Left in America has glommed onto anyone that is not a white male and welcomed him or her into the fold of victim-hood. Fortunately for the U.S. it may take another ten years for the Democrat Party to have enough women, Blacks, Latinos and Muslims to carry the day at the ballot box – thereby relegating Conservatism to the vaults of history.

Could it be the Electronic Psychosis started when communication mediums began to heavily influence our youth? Did the day arrive when Moms and Dads realized that the television could take their place as babysitter, educator and counselors of morality? Did we walk away from our children – abandoning their intellectual development to radios, televisions and now the Internet? Were we happy with the likes of Romper Room but stopped paying attention – leading to the absolute moral decadence from the likes of Lena Dunham?

Whatever the reason the result is that so many of our youth now have the same intellectual prowess as the small rock in my outdoor flower bed. The gist of this is that the Liberalism Philosophy (no accountability), has created a mass of people with one skill – but has forgotten to teach them the other vital skill.

You may have seen pictures of a large building being destroyed. It is imploded and the rubble is cleared away for the newer, bigger building to replace it. The Liberals in America have the one skill – the ability to destroy the old building – but are totally lacking in the knowledge, training or desire to erect the new building. They can destroy but they cannot build. They know one thing – tear something down, smash windows, block traffic, burn police cars, burn the American Flag and physical assault. But where is the work to really solve the problems of poverty, crime and joblessness?

Somewhere, America, we turned our back on our children – allowing them to be raised and educated by electronic devices, then turned them over to the educations system so they could be inculcated with the Communist mantra. (If you have children in school, do you attend Parent-Teacher meetings?) The upset and unrest in recent weeks over attempting to block potential terrorists from entering the U.S. is a prime example. Somebody began to feed the young a constant stream of pie-in-the-sky BS – and they bought it, hook, line and sinker.

For the Moms and Dads in America who have allowed someone else or electronic media to raise their children – the results are being witnessed daily in the news. Maybe its time for us all to start paying attention again. If we do not, the Left will continue its destructive course and America will lie in ruins, with no one able to rebuild it.


Postscript: All over the Liberal media I am hearing people denounce Trump’s suspension of taking refugees from seven Mid-East countries. Repeatedly they argue it is unconstitutional and unlawful. THEY ARE LIARS! They are willing to grant United States Constitutional rights to anyone in the world – as long as it helps their agenda, and they new arrivals will someday vote Democrat. Clue to the Democrats; the U.S. Constitution applies to U.S. citizens! Why can’t you be honest? I can just see one of these people having their home invaded by Jihadists threatening their lives. They might say, “Here, rape my ten year old daughter but let me live!” That, America, is Liberalism.