What’s The Difference?
Aug 20, 2017

For much of recorded history violence and upheaval appear to be the norm – with a few unexpected outbursts of peace. But, as far as the human record goes, the human species has displayed a lot of greed, evil and bloodshed. Not all people are greedy, evil and bloodthirsty but for some reason there are places where people are unhappy and that’s where the trouble starts.

People can be unhappy when they do not have food to eat. This gave us the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution and now the turmoil in Venezuela. The current upset in America however, is not that people are starving. The calamity is brought about by brainwashing or paying enough useful idiots to stir up people and a nation.

There are truly hungry people, even in America, but they are not the ones wielding clubs, throwing bricks and bottles, assaulting others or destroying property. Those doing so have an agenda.

If you read about Dictators from history there is a common thread among all of them – they did away with dissent or competition by eliminating those dissenting or competing. How many Roman Emperors were ‘voted out of office’ by a knife, a sword or poison?

“Purges” of those who might upset a Dictator’s apple cart have occurred throughout time, most famously represented by those done by Josef Lenin, Josef Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Mussolini. (Not to mention the mysterious body count surrounding the Clintons).

History paints repeated tales of death and destruction over somebody wanting something belonging to someone else. The hordes that overran Rome were there for plunder, as were the Vikings, Visigoths, Franks and Vandals. Power was transferred as a result of bows and arrows, spears and later, explosives and bullets.

Up until now, excluding America’s Civil War, power changes have been relatively peaceful in our country. But something went absolutely wrong in 2016 – the election of President Donald Trump.

What was ‘supposed’ to happen was that Hillary Clinton would be elected President in 2016. She was to complete or advance the move to Communism in America, building on the wholly successful eight years of Barack Obama moving us closer to Socialism.

After all, the big victory by the Communist Democrats was the health care law, commandeering one sixth of our economy. Once ‘open borders, free health care, free college and a higher minimum wage’ Hillary Clinton got into office the transition could nearly be completed within another eight years of Communist ideology forced upon the nation.

What went wrong?

Too many people were aware of how crummy our economy had become, how the Liar-in-Chief had used government agencies as if they were the ‘Black Shirts’ to carry out Obama’s agenda, to how successfully Barack Obama had stirred the racial pot – and how Hillary had lied repeatedly to the American people.

Too many people, and just enough by means of the Electoral College, put the Communists back as much as four to eight years in their desire to totally control the citizenry. The Democrats (Communists) had lost.

So the same tactics used by despots in the past now have to be brought to bear against a man who was duly appointed President. If they cannot win an election – they have to take out the victor.

We now have militant wings of society aiding and abetting the power hungry Left. They are in the name of Black Lives Matter and the Antifa – along with those being hired secretly to be violent and destructive in order for the Left to achieve the goal that did not come by the election process.

I have stated in earlier writings how the Left would come closer to the tactics of ISIS – and gee, don’t you hate when you are right so many times?

The purpose of the Leftwing Media, the Democrat (Communist) Party and a plethora of nabobs and nincompoops are stirring the masses to rise up. The arrows in their quiver are so full of innuendo, lies, censorship and distortions it would make Josef Goebells envious.

Unfortunately, for more than six months, as Donald Trump improves our economy, reduces illegal border crossings and improves our worldwide military standing – he must go! So far though – no Impeachment, and so far, no assassination of Donald Trump.

If he won’t go peacefully from office, they call out the troops – this meaning the Black Lives Matter and Antifa warriors to stir up more trouble in America. If there is enough turmoil Mr. Trump would be coerced into resigning. And if that doesn’t work the next steps to remove him from office will be more violent. And with so many ‘Republicans’ being too cowardly to stick up for what is right for America, they cower and complain how bad Donald Trump is.

I predict the violence in America will be on the increase.

The lust for power and control is unchanged throughout the ages. Since the democratic process did not give the Left the results they want then violence is the next step. This was displayed at Charlottesville when a permitted group (not all of which were good people), protested the removal of a Confederate monument. That was all the Left needed, an excuse to send in the clowns, willing or paid to stir up violence.

What is the difference between the way some took over control of a nation or people through violence from the tactics of today? I place here three pictures stolen from the Internet. It makes one conjure up images of those used by Dictators to punish, harass or execute political rivals. I ask if anyone sees a similarity in tactics?

Let’s start with the Antifa, or anti-fascists, employing fascist tactics against Fascism.

Next up is Black Lives Matter.

And finally; ISIS.

Do you notice a similarity in these three pictures?

The Leftwing of America is so horrified that Donald Trump won the Presidency they are on a total warpath to depose him. It would not surprise me that some of the money people behind this effort are secretly seeking a means of taking Trump out – by way of a bullet.

Just as ISIS is a power mad bunch of Muslim misfits, the same use of violence is being bred and nurtured via the stoking of upheaval by outright lies and deceit. The Left has deep pockets, many of the largest donors expecting some favor from government once the Democrats (Communists) are back in power.

When the Virginia Governor, Democrat (Communist) Terry McAuliffe told the media the right wing group had stashed weapons about the city – the police department said, no they didn’t. But, as usual, a Democrat (Communist), and rumored Presidential Candidate, lies to America.

More to come, unfortunately, as that portion of humanity being greedy, evil and power-hungry, attempts to control our nation – and you! With their willfully ignorant followers being the same as those professing, “Sieg Heil!”, more and greater damage to America is in the offing.

Sometimes I wish I could come up with just the right words – expressing such logic and reasoning it would bring some order to the chaos of our day. Then, looking at human history – I realize there are no such words. Why? Because great people through the ages have already spoken those very words – those continuously ignored by those seeking power.