What Happens?
September 23, 2018

What happens when the majority of a Nation's information sources spread propaganda? Bad things can happen only when those receiving the propaganda do not seek to confirm it's truth. Right now, the Left in America is practicing just that and the majority of Americans do not look to see if it is the truth. That will destroy a Nation and right now the Left is getting away with it. That's how Mussolini destroyed Italy – how Hitler destroyed Germany – how Lenin and Stalin destroyed Russia and how the EU is destroying Europe. Those leaders got away with it because the majority over whom they ruled bought it, hook, line and sinker – just as we are seeing it today from those openly advocating against the Country, the Flag and the Constitution.

Can this really happen in America? It already is, and if you are not aware of it you are one of the willfully ignorant mass of people with feeble minds allowing it to happen. Don't worry, once Dictatorship is established via the Democrat/Socialist/Communist leadership – those very same people will also have their rights taken away. But for now, they are blissfully ignorant – yet still so unhappy with the wonderful opportunities life offers because they don't demand opportunity – they seek a completely free lifestyle. They will only be awakened when the misery visits them personally because we will have a Nation with a majority of people unwilling to work for their daily bread.

For those crying out now for Socialism, you got a taste of it with eight years of Obama taking us down that path and generally taking us down. How did that work out for you? You didn't notice the rash of lost jobs, burdensome taxes and regulations, masses of immigrants being allowed into the country? Were you sleeping? Are you still sleeping now that Trump has resurrected the economy?

Enough people saw the danger represented by Hillary finishing the rush to Communism in America and that's how we got Donald Trump. Voters wanted someone to go to Washington and turn that town on its head – which he has done. Now, every imaginable crime and evil has been attached to him – entirely made up via the Fake News Democrats and the Mainstream Media. Evil exists and proliferates in America due to idiot masses of followers. Not hard to identify – just study history.

You may ask why the Tech Giants are so anti-Trump. Just consider; if Apple makes I-Phones in China do they pay into the worker's retirement plans – or pay for Health Coverage? No. They save tons of money in production that would be part of any manufacturing done in the United States. If Apple's phone is taxed at 2% when being exported to the U.S. but would be taxed at 25% when exported to China that is a massive savings for Apple and yields zero dollars or benefits for American workers. China also demands all of the tech data on products manufactured there so once it no longer needs Apple they will dismiss the company and the newest I-Phone will be called Chop Suey Communications.

Fox's Laura Ingraham gives a refreshing outlook on how the Tech Giants were horrified at the Trump presidential victory via a Google video:

“Values? What are those Google values? After all this is a company that has actively worked with the Chinese communist regime for years. And right now, Google is developing an app to screen out content that the Chinese government considers too sensitive for its citizens. Translation, Google is helping China silence its political opposition. The Chinese government, let's remember, imprisons dissidents and Christians daily.
They have more than a million Muslims in reeducation camps, but the legitimate election of President Trump, somehow conflicts with Google's vaunted values? Give me a break.
Thursday, we learned that a senior Google research scientist named Jack Paulson was so disgusted by the company's collaboration with Chinese sensors that he has quit in protest.
And I was thinking about this, you want to know the real reason that the Google execs were so exercised, so hurt by the election of Trump? Because he promised to hold Google's partner, China, accountable. To punish Chinese cheating on trade deals that hollowed out U.S. manufacturing. For Google and many other big manufacturers, the pre-Trump status quo was much easier.
Keep that production overseas, lower wages, no regulation, no health care that you have to worry about for those employees over in China. And if it hurts America, so be it. After all, those blue-collar Americans will probably be Trump voters anyway. And of course, Google, they hate you deplorables.”


Note to Americans: It is not that hard to figure out unless you are a brain-dead Liberal – and that's why the crooks they vote into office rip apart their country while totally abandoning common sense. Don't believe me? Look it up – if you can tear yourself away from your Video game player or from watching stimulating programming like “Big Brother” or the “Supranos” – or other educational fare like “Girls” or “Sex and the City” that do nothing to teach about real history, our laws and our Constitution because, “Hey, there's just no time!” You can just go on being happily ignorant until it all falls into pieces, compliments of those who victimize anyone without brain power. Considering that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote should already tell you that the propaganda has done its job.

Of course, one of the trouble makers responds to being called out:


And how common citizens see through the charade taken from comments section:

“Had the Germans fought back against the Minister of Propaganda, perhaps Germany would not have descended into the tyranny of the Nazis who controlled the media and the false narrative that Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, French, English, Czechs and Russians were villains and needed to be exterminated. Pretty clear to me that Google thinks that way, as does Bezos”

“Google's now working with Xi to control the Chinese population. There's MONEY in them thar hills! This isn't Google's first venture into the Red Chinese Propaganda Ministry”