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New Articles For 2018

5-6-2018 Emotional Retardation
4-8-2-18 Where Is Tailgunner Joe When You Need Him?
4-2-2018 The Unicorn Culture

3-4-2018 From Within
2-11-2018 Lions, Wolves and Sheep

1-1-2018 An Interview With Ribble and Gorn
1-1-2018 Mission
1-7-2018 Not Searching

Political Diary 2017 (Now in book form: 2017 My Year as a Conservative Refugee)

12-20-2017 The Obama Legacy
11-5-2017 A Little Dose of Reality, Please
11-1-2017 The Faster We Go the Behinder We Get
10-22-2017 Idle Minds Are The Devil's Workshop

10-15-2017 There Is Nowhere To Go

10-9-2017 Women's Fashions and Mass Shootings

10-8-2017 The Munchausen Syndrome in America

10-1-2017 Greed and Fear Smell the Same

9-26-2017 Loosening the Grip of Big Government

9-17-2017 Polls and Prejudice
9-3-2017 Cowardice Under Fire
8-20-2017 What's The Difference?
8-8-2017 The Right Perspective
7-4-2017 It's Sensational!
6-18-2017 The Inexorable Human Condition
6-14-2017 Excerpt From Groupthink vs. Truth
5-21-2017 Liberal Analogy
5-14-2017 A Layman's Guide to Healthcare
5-7-2017 Not Practicing What You Preach
5-1-2017 Traitors
4-23-2017 Choices

4-16-2017 Abundance – The Only Life Known by Millenials and Snowflakes
4-9-2017 Making Yourself Blind
4-4-2017 Fake News in A Fake World
4-2-2017 Here's How It Works
4-2-2017 The Honor Killing of America
3-14-2017 Useful Idiots

3-12-2017 Political Mafia - The Cancer of Democracy
3-4-2017 Buying Islands of Safety
2-26-2017 The Greatest Threat to the Human Species

2-1-2017 When Did We Stop Paying Attention?

1-31-2017 Electronic Psychosis
1-14-2017 A Prediction
1-10-2017 Before We Called It Fake It Was Called "Lying"

2013 Race Baiters and Race Hustlers of America
2015 The 468 Plan
2015 Historical Forensics

2015 The Paper Clip Papers
1-1-2016 The Frivolity of Term Limits
2-28-2016 Those With Wings Who Cannot Fly
10-14-2016 When Government Turns From Protector to Parasite
10-26-2016 Socialism is Here
11-26-2016 Predictions and the Pendulum
12-4-2016 A Theory – How Propaganda Produced Snowflakes and Militants

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