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New Articles For 2018

For years I have written about Liberalism and the "Promise Them Anything" agenda of the Democrat (Communist) Party and their outright lies and misrepresentations about our Country. To say they are destroying America is an understatement and clarified by the writings below.

12-16-2018 The Rabid, Foaming at the Mouth Left
10-21-2018 More - Now
9-24-2018 Economies Rise and Fall
9-16-2018 What Happens?
7-14-2018 The Lie
6-15-2018 "2020" Excerpt from "Ten Stories and Falling"
5-6-2018 Emotional Retardation
4-8-2-18 Where Is Tailgunner Joe When You Need Him?
4-2-2018 The Unicorn Culture

3-4-2018 From Within
2-11-2018 Lions, Wolves and Sheep

1-1-2018 An Interview With Ribble and Gorn
1-1-2018 Mission
1-7-2018 Not Searching

Political Diary 2017 (Now in book form: 2017 My Year as a Conservative Refugee)

12-20-2017 The Obama Legacy
11-5-2017 A Little Dose of Reality, Please
11-1-2017 The Faster We Go the Behinder We Get
10-22-2017 Idle Minds Are The Devil's Workshop

10-15-2017 There Is Nowhere To Go

10-9-2017 Women's Fashions and Mass Shootings

10-8-2017 The Munchausen Syndrome in America

10-1-2017 Greed and Fear Smell the Same

9-26-2017 Loosening the Grip of Big Government

9-17-2017 Polls and Prejudice
9-3-2017 Cowardice Under Fire
8-20-2017 What's The Difference?
8-8-2017 The Right Perspective
7-4-2017 It's Sensational!
6-18-2017 The Inexorable Human Condition
6-14-2017 Excerpt From Groupthink vs. Truth
5-21-2017 Liberal Analogy
5-14-2017 A Layman's Guide to Healthcare
5-7-2017 Not Practicing What You Preach
5-1-2017 Traitors
4-23-2017 Choices

4-16-2017 Abundance – The Only Life Known by Millenials and Snowflakes
4-9-2017 Making Yourself Blind
4-4-2017 Fake News in A Fake World
4-2-2017 Here's How It Works
4-2-2017 The Honor Killing of America
3-14-2017 Useful Idiots

3-12-2017 Political Mafia - The Cancer of Democracy
3-4-2017 Buying Islands of Safety
2-26-2017 The Greatest Threat to the Human Species

2-1-2017 When Did We Stop Paying Attention?

1-31-2017 Electronic Psychosis
1-14-2017 A Prediction
1-10-2017 Before We Called It Fake It Was Called "Lying"

2013 Race Baiters and Race Hustlers of America
2015 The 468 Plan
2015 Historical Forensics

2015 The Paper Clip Papers
1-1-2016 The Frivolity of Term Limits
2-28-2016 Those With Wings Who Cannot Fly
10-14-2016 When Government Turns From Protector to Parasite
10-26-2016 Socialism is Here
11-26-2016 Predictions and the Pendulum
12-4-2016 A Theory – How Propaganda Produced Snowflakes and Militants

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