Coming January 2020."America's 2nd Civil War"

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 Kellerman's Five Of A Kind

Five stories of fiction and science fiction

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John Doe picked up the journalist’s pencil, twirling it a little, feeling its length and width. Without looking up the mountain man broke the pencil in two, now holding the two separate pieces in each hand.

“Nice trick” Aaron said simply.

Holding the two broken parts of the pencil, John Doe simply looked ahead, as if looking into the distance somewhere. What happened next nearly knocked Aaron from his chair.

 "A Drawn Out Affair"

Sketchwork from over the years meant for laughs and insight

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 "Groupthink vs. Truth"

An assessment of how Government Leaders routinely ignore the lesson of the past - foisting their mistakes upon the American public.
"The benefit of education is that it gives people wings to lift them up on issues of human interaction, governments, nations, economics and conflicts. It was supposed at one time that the wings of education could make you rise above the earth-tethering pettiness of ignorance. Learning was meant to elevate the thought processes to allow one to fly high above – being recognized for what that education was able to create via a logical, sensible human being. Alas, no more. Too, too many educated in America willfully clipped their own wings – forsaking the wisdom of the ages and adopting the mantra of the wanting and wailing mobs."

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 "I Saw It Coming"

The Webmaster's Diary of World Affairs and Politics from 2006 thru 2014

November 5, 2014
Post-Midterm Elections

Exiting The Fuzzy Logic Stage

"While writing this I'm watching Mr. Obama's press conference following the Republican takeover of Congress after the 2014 midterm elections of the day before. He says he wants Congress to get things done. Things weren't getting done over the last two years because Harry Reid sat on nearly every bill that came out of the House.

When being questioned on Immigration Reform he laments the fact that a bipartisan bill passed the Senate but could not get through the House of Representatives. I ask those reading this, why?

In the Immigration Reform Bill one important element was lacking - ENFORCEMENT! As far as enforcing our border laws the bill called for - having a plan to come up with a plan. Those who voted for this in the Senate should be ashamed of themselves for trying to foist such a piece of crap on the American people."

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A young people's story of a girl in 1958 Indiana having to face adult realities - with a little bit of mysticism thrown in
"When they came to a certain place each of them glanced off to one side to look at the small clearing that Margaret had viewed on her way to the Spot. She didn't say anything, especially to either Paul or Greg. She didn't want to be thought of as weird. She didn't want Paul or Greg to know that she saw an Indian in that clearing just a week ago."

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 "Tales of a Hoosier Boy and Decades On"

A memoir of the Webmaster's boyhood town of Bristol, Indiana - describing the wonders of small town America
"I'm guessing the year at about 1951. I'm on the lap of an adult in a large sedan. On our left is deep woods. From the right rear seat we look out the window. Into our view and somewhat below us a farm appears.  The sedan rolls down the gravel road and makes a right hand turn. A little further another right hand turn and we are into the farm property. My mother told me I was too young to remember these things, "You were just a baby!". But I remember nonetheless. The house is now before us. To the left is the poultry barn with a potato patch behind it.  I remember being in a furrow in the potato patch and imitating my elders by uprooting a sizeable spud. Though my Mother is amazed, I am able to recall some details as to the interior of the home. This was the farm in Middlebury, Indiana where I was just a baby.

Other than the above all other memories commence in Bristol, Indiana where the story truly begins."

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 "Ten Stories and Falling"

Ten works of fiction by the Webmaster with a heavy tilt towards science fiction

Alvin Kuntzler stood at his front window, holding his morning coffee in his hand. He took immediate notice of the two black SUV’s that pulled up in front of his house.

“Susan”, he called out.

“What is it, Al?” Susan called back from the kitchen.

“They’re here” was his reply.

Al’s wife hurried from the kitchen, wiping her hands in a towel and met Al at the front door. They shared a knowing look just before Al opened the door as two men in suits mounted the four steps to the Kuntzler home.

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 "I Am Not Alone"

A running commentary of the politics during the Election year of 2016

"I cannot fear Socialism coming to America. It is already here. I define socialism as when a governing entity creates a structure to provide sustenance for the citizenry. Until this happens, the individual, acting as a corporation of one, markets his or her talents, trading sustenance for that skill. Regardless, the individual provides for him self or her self.

A pay transfer results in “the many providing for the eligible”. That exemplifies Socialism to me. It begs creating an equation, however. The equation is; how many are the 'many' and how many are the 'eligible'?"

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2017: My Year as a Conservative Refugee - Connecting the Dots in the Communist Revolution cover image  "2017: My Year as a Conservative Refugee - Connecting the Dots in the Communist Revolution

If you study history you will see it all, over and over again – because there is no visible identification that separates good from evil. Had our creator made everyone who was a liar, a cheat, a thief, a child-molester or a murderer have his or her skin made purple – the task would be simplified.

But you cannot tell just by looking at a person – unless they display MS-13 tattoos – that they look any different than anyone else. It is not the color of their skin that determines their character – it is their deeds.

The deeds of destruction for our country are displayed daily – by corrupt leaders and a majority of the press acting as propaganda outlets. The “useful idiots’ acting on behalf of their agenda is slowly eroding everything that was good about the USA.

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"Four Events in Time"

Four Tales of Fiction Fantasy:
The Mound
The location from one of my first books, “Margaret”, is borrowed once again for this story of imagination
The Traveler
A tale that can happen today, tomorrow or any day in the near future. Just keep an open mind as to what may be that cannot be seen
Water Wars
The year is 2880 and the world has gone through dramatic changes. Follow our young hero and heroine as they face off against the odds of survival
The time frame of this story is not revealed although readers may attempt to pinpoint the era before all is told.

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"Trilogy of a Hoosier Boy"

Because the maker gave me the talent to place words on paper in some semblence of meaning, I have put down a candy-coated history of my life so our Grandson would learn that history. My spouse was adopted and has missed out on meeting and knowing the two families that represented her birth parents.

We wanted our Grandson, Chase, to have something recorded that he could refer to now and later in life, when he might ponder the question, "where do I come from?" My spouse cannot answer that question so we felt it is important that should our Grandson ask, he would have answers.

Our prayers for him to live long and prosper accompany this effort. CGK

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