Monitoring Politics, the Media and our Educational System frequently alarms me. Some of the frightening things about these three groups is how repeatedly they feed us hogwash and propaganda. Many Non-Truth Seekers have little concern about what is called “FACTS”. The morning I created this page I had the temerity to visit On the screen was listed 20 'headlines'. I found only five of those headlines to be actual news reports - the rest being 'Opinion' or 'Analysis' or someone saying something negative about the President.

My use of three sources of information help me sort the crap from the credible and I invite those interested  in the course our Country is taking to make use of them.

For Bias and Censorship in the Media:

To follow where the big money in Politics is spent:

To see how whacky and misleading Educators have corrupted our youth:

As has been said oftentimes before;
'Read 'em and weep'.