I must admit defeat. The election of Donald Trump gave me hope for our country to go back to conservative values – the ones that raised America to such prosperity. Have you noticed the prosperity stopped with the Barack Obama Presidency? Thus, my hope that Donald Trump could correct the wrongs in our government is now very nearly eliminated.

What happened?

It is Paul Ryan and the entire ‘establishment’ Republican gang sharing the same mindset that Donald Trump’s plans would be stopped. That is borne out in the budget now up for consideration that will fund government until September of this year.

Part of what Trump desired for America:

Funds for building a border wall – not going to happen

De-funding Planned Parenthood – not going to happen

Drastically cutting the budget for the EPA – not going to happen

De-funding the refugee relocation program – not going to happen

De-funding Sanctuary Cities – not going to happen

Killing much of the H2-B visa program that gave American jobs to foreigners – not going to happen

A decrease in non-defense spending – not going to happen

Stopping the payout of Obamacare subsidies – not going to happen

The Republicans in Washington supporting this budget has just sold out America and have joined Democrats in continuing the slide into a Socialist/Communist country. So what good are our votes anymore?

We are in a Representative Republic and the last election spoke loudly about what Trump voters wanted to happen after he took the oath of office. But, follow the money, follow the hypocrisy, follow the near total bunch in Washington that are there for their own benefit – America be damned!

I cannot predict the day America comes crashing down but we are so much closer to that happening than ever before in our country. God bless all of the traditional Americans that still love our country – for however long it will still endure.

I’m sure Paul Ryan has already been guaranteed his 30 pieces of silver!