Flashback: Another Great Day to Remember History
(From my Political Diary, "I Saw It Coming")

March 15, 2007

Anyone repeatedly reading this blog page on my website sees a recurrent theme. How often I rail against the Democratic leadership of this country.

Now, with the firings of eight U.S. attorneys, the Democratic leadership again embarks on whatever actions that can lead to further destruction of our country and our lives.

Yesterday Hillary Clinton states that Alberto Gonzales, our Attorney General, should resign over the firings. Now let me remind you that the Clinton administration fired all 93 U.S. Attorneys when entering office. Where was the hue and cry from those like Chuck Schumer of New York who first called for Gonzales' resignation?

The law states that these attorneys serve at the "will" of the president and nothing illegal has transpired here, nothing that hasn't been done by previous administrations. But now, today, the Judicial Committee in Congress ponders issuing subpoenas to see what evil the president is now up to.

Besides the debate now on-going in the Senate about the Iraq war, the Democratic leadership is willing to do anything to topple President Bush for political gain. Not for the well being of the country mind you - for political gain.

Watch the History Channel and the Military Channel sometime. Watch how when its legions had to abandon its far flung territories to defend Rome, how every tribe with a sword tried by combat to have control of the abandoned territory. The same happened in Southeast Asia when Congress ended funding of the Vietnam war. Hundreds of thousands died in the aftermath of a greater power's departure - in the fifth century and the twentieth century.

But history has no meaning for the Democratic leadership. They are hell bent to destroy our president at any cost. It’s like a landlord willing to crush his property to rubble in order to evict his tenant.

I know this is of little importance to you out there that do not watch news or politics. Invariably, if you know the names of all four "Desperate Housewives" and cannot name the newly appointed Commander of Allied forces in Iraq, I can expect no understanding from you.