Frequently in news reports we hear of mass shootings – among family members, in public or in the workplace. And often when interviewing people that know the killer we hear, “He was just a normal guy” or “He was a quiet neighbor who would say hello and smile”. All too often what is represented on the outside does not reveal what is inside.

Our military would point out in various arenas of war that someone covertly meaning to harm the American soldiers looked like any other citizen of that country as they walked down the street. They looked and dressed like everyone else but they didn’t think like everyone else.

In my experiences studying human behavior in the world of politics and government, I find that many people with whom I totally disagree can look and act on the outside just like everybody else. But, when what is on the inside comes to the outside, I have to marvel and ask why did someone given the tools of a modern education – use those tools to come up with totally irrational, illogical and nonsensical behavior.

Two laughable examples come from the Judge Judy Show. Judge Judy Sheindlin uses a television forum to resolve small claims court issues. In one show, a woman was walking her small dog on a leash on a Fourth of July. Two larger dogs broke out of the yard from a home across the street and attacked her dog. The owners of the dogs at fault blamed the owner of the small dog for “walking her dog on the 4th of July”.

In another episode a young woman felt she should not have to repay a $2000 loan because the woman from whom she borrowed owned a BMW as did her husband.

In both of these episodes the people behaving outside the realm of common sense, looked like normal people, dressed like normal people and spoke English quite fluently. Outside the courtroom the nonsense trio could have walked right by me on the street with almost no notice.

But once what is on the inside comes out, the trio is revealed as irrational, illogical and even comical. Nonetheless, most likely these folks were educated in our country but the end result of their mindset was totally backwards from reality.

An education does not guarantee common sense, reason or logic. Case in point:

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, attended high school in Cross River, New York. He attended Dartmouth College where his studies earned him a Rhodes scholarship, studying Philosophy, Politics and Economy at the University of Oxford. Afterward he got his law degree from Yale Law School.

My question, why is it people who study and learn so much about what happens in the world amazingly ask people to repeat the same mistakes made before in history? Unbelievable, isn’t it?

My analysis is borne out of a recent video Robert Reich posted online telling the world how dangerous Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is. You would want to think that an education, especially one as lofty as Mr. Reich’s, would impart some degree of common sense into this thought processes.


Robert Reich is just another who’s educational credentials gave him a high degree of knowledge but while the Train of Logic was pulling out he chose to remain on the platform.

I’ll just break down the first paragraph of Mr. Reich’s warning to the world about Ted Cruz but in between his comments I will point out that logically, Mr. Reich approaches being brain dead.

This is from the first paragraph of five reasons of Mr. Reich’s sense about the world:

He’s more fanatical. Trump is a bully and bigot but doesn’t hew to any sharp ideological line. Cruz is a fierce ideologue: He denies the existence of man-made climate change,

For the main reason that science has proven time and again climate Mother Nature primarily controls change. Those who espouse different have paid scientific researchers that are guaranteed to give Climate Change fanatics the answers they want – not the answers that are truthful

rejects same-sex marriage,

Opposite sex marriage has been around for thousands of years, recognized by the fact that it takes a man and women to produce a child.

 wants to abolish the Internal Revenue Service,

Because the IRS has become a money-eating, bloated big government agency. Those in Washington are afraid to touch it because of all the lawyers and tax consultants who pay millions to lobbyists to insure their future prosperity. And don’t forget, the IRS under Barack Obama has become a punitive branch of government, willing to pursue and punish those who think have opposite viewpoints.

  believes the 2nd amendment guarantees everyone a right to guns,

That’s exactly what the 2nd amendment does. Just how does Robert Reich read the same words I do but interprets them differently?

  doesn’t believe in a constitutional divide between church and state,

I can’t believe Mr. Reich is just another idiot on the mind-control bandwagon. The Constitution ONLY prohibits government from ESTABLISHING a religion. But those who seek control want to rewrite history.

favors the death penalty,

Here I can only paraphrase the comic, Ron White. “In Texas, if you kill somebody, we’ll kill you back!” And without punishment for wrongdoing as being logical, you get Sanctuary Cities, Illegals draining our economy and Muslim radicals being granted exemptions from American law.

 opposes international agreements,

Studies show that NAFTA has encouraged other countries to be granted favor in trade deals. The Trans-Pacific Agreement is the same give away on steroids. How can an American be willing to give away the strength of his country?

embraces a confrontational foreign policy,

Talk softly and carry a big stick is so repugnant to some amongst Progressives. Protecting our nation and culture is not part of their agenda.

rejects immigration reform,

We don’t need immigration reform. We need immigration enforcement!

 demands the repeal of “every blessed word of Obamacare,”

Because a reason to help 30 million Americans produced a Democrat-only law that takes over the health care of 330 Americans! It was never about helping – it was about controlling.

and takes a strict “originalist” view of the meaning of the Constitution.

Leave it to Progressives to want to change the meaning of this great document.

The words previously are Mr. Reich’s and mine. With all of his education he has the logic of a hockey stick but not even the same common sense level. In America today, people on the Left know that so many in America are ignorant of history and what happens in history.

In spite of Socialism failing EVERY time, we have Democrats, the ones who have doubled our nation’s debt in just one President’s term, pushing the narrative that if you just trust them, you can jump out of a plane at 10,000 feet without a parachute.

In my just published work, “Groupthink vs. Truth”, I detail how many times in history a given outcome is ignored or camouflaged. The willfully ignorant masses of history have cheered many an eloquent speaker, totally ignoring the ramifications of his or her proposals.

Presently we have about half of the nation’s leaders and half of the American people who have been given the wings of education but cannot fly to the heights of logic and reason. It must be something in the air. But in Robert Reich’s mind, it is not that he is illogical or lacking common sense. Like so many wearing the mantle of “Progressive”, it is an agenda.

The benefit of education is that it gives people wings to lift them up on issues of human interaction, governments, nations, economics and conflicts. It was supposed at one time that the wings of education could make you rise above the earth-tethering pettiness of ignorance. Learning was meant to elevate the thought processes to allow one to fly high above – being recognized for what that education was able to create via a logical, sensible human being. Alas, no more. Too, too many educated in America willfully clipped their own wings – forsaking the wisdom of the ages and adopting the mantra of the wanting and wailing mobs.

Robert Reich is only one of many.

God bless America – for as long as it remains.