There Is Nowhere To Go
Oct 15, 2017

The Pilgrims left England, settling in the New World, ostensibly for religious freedom. If you watch any documentary on War you are sure to see images of those flooding the roadways – seeking to escape the horrors of war. Europe is currently being overrun by Muslims and the United States, under Barack Obama, rolled out the welcome mat for any ‘endangered’ foreigner to come across our border, to be whined and dined by Democrats, the costs to be borne by American taxpayers.

After the Holocaust of World War II, enough people in the United Nations granted the Jews a homeland in the Middle East. The fighting between Jews and Muslims continues unabated and with every military confrontation a new crop of refugees flood the roads.

Throughout history those who sought something better for themselves and their children, having taken to the roads of the world, moving hither and yon, seeking an advantage in life, or because they are in fear of losing their lives.

For decades the United States has been one of the most desired places for people to move to. Under the U.S. Constitution America thrived under Capitalism and those coming to America wanted to bask in its freedoms and opportunities.

As history has proven time and again, there are those who want to look a gift horse in the mouth – seeking new ways to obtain riches and power. In spite of Capitalism yielding so much for so many, those on the Left are bound and determined to make the U.S. another Third World country – as long as they can be in charge.

If you have opened the book containing this article you may have noticed me describing myself as a Conservative Refugee. Unlike those seeking shelter and sustenance, I am seeking a place where the great traditions of America have not been cast aside by Identity Politics and Dirty Politics.

In essence, the Left, AKA, the Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Communist Party, is rapidly working to destroy any traditions that contributed to our nation’s greatness. We are beset by Politicians set on taking us toward a Communist Dictatorship, owned and operated by Liberals – not because they are Liberal – but because they operate an entire grievance industry meant to remove God, parenting, good behavior, hard work and diligence away from being the accepted norms.

Instead we have Blacks being outlandishly racist, people stealing across our borders to live here for free, traditional marriage advocates being hauled into court by some person of dark skin, transgender, Lesbian or Homosexual demanding the entire country embrace their lifestyle and be subservient – or else!

For the most part Liberalism has destroyed so many state economies it may be hard to find one in the next decade where Conservative government holds lease. California is already going back to Mexico, if not on paper, in reality.

The same is true for any large city that has Democrats in charge. Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Baltimore, St. Louis; are just some of the metropolises driven to financial despair by the Tax and Spend Democrats.

All of this tearing down of America is part and parcel of the Democrat Party. They are so power hungry they and their propagandist media toils 24/7 to undermine any traditions that brought our greatness. It is getting so bad in our country that child football players and elementary students, mimicking NFL players, now disrespect our Flag and our National Anthem.

I am seeing my country torn apart. But where can I go to find another country that is like what America once was?

Where on Earth can I go?

Every moon bat Liberal would be sure to answer that for me – go to hell! But in reality, there appears to be no more bastions of liberty and equality anymore on Earth.

In the Western hemisphere the United States probably still holds title as the most desirable place to live. Hundreds of thousands have come, some legally, many more illegally.

As America becomes more populated by non-white people, many dark-skinned people have placed additional burdens on the taxpayers. That is not sustainable.

Some have already figured the grass is greener on the Socialist side of North America; Canada. But they are already acting to stem the tide of those seeking a state-provided lifestyle.

Dark-skinned people – mainly Muslim men of military age, are overrunning Europe. They don’t want to fight for their own countries so they go somewhere that Liberals in European countries are willing to place them on the backs of Europeans long established before the modern ‘invasion’.

Europe is out then as a refuge.

The African continent on the whole is still the loss leader as far as economic progress. Corrupt governments steal from their people and live high on the hog. Not a single African nation has been lauded for economic achievement so that’s out.

Australia is still a desirable destination for some but since outlawing weapons for self-defense they are determined to ruin another good thing.

South America offers some opportunity but unstable governments abound here also. South American nations having gone Socialist (Communist), are failing economically, industry is faltering and unrest is on the upswing. You may as well throw Central America in that mix also.

Russia and Asia offer little in terms of living a comfortable lifestyle. Russia’s main export, oil, has hit on hard times so they are struggling. China is out of the question – being Communist – and other Asian nations are not listed as lands of Democracy.

There might be some hope in places like Greenland and Iceland. But Socialists run these and once European Muslims have nowhere else to spoil they are sure to turn they lust to these countries.

Alas, Mars is too far away and at present too uninhabitable to offer any immediate solutions. So where do I go to feel secure and safe along with my long held Conservative beliefs?

Pretty much within the confines of my own residence. Although it may be only a matter of time before the government can no longer sustain so many on the government dole. With the National Debt doubled under a single Democrat President – hold onto your butts should Democrats once again control the three branches of government.

One may have to seek means for survival by adhering to the three basic staples for staying alive and well – food, water and ammunition. Stock up, America. Gather your loved ones when things start to break down and fight for survival. Those seeking your resources when things all fall apart will wholly outnumber you. If you own a weapon and things get desperate, don’t forget to save the last bullet for – well, you should be able to figure that out – just as the Jews did at Masada.

It is incumbent upon each of us to find some solace in what gifts life has granted us thus far and accept the possibility that nearly half of the human race is crazy. It will be a time when family and home are the two most important things to us.