The Trained Ape
June 2, 2019

For as long as I can remember and farther back to where I wasn’t alive to remember anything, animals have been used as trained accomplices in an act that was for entertainment. Horses and elephants were mainstays in Circus entertainment for decades, until animal lovers put that out to pasture. Apes, monkeys and chimpanzees have been used in multiple experiments for Government research, as well as being used for the entertainment of human beings, but animal rights activists have clamped down on that also.

It seems there are now limited instances in which animals can be trained to benefit humans. There are Police dogs, cadaver dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, rescue dogs, guide dogs, cancer-detecting dogs and the quasi-believable, comfort animals. While one might accept that trained animals are now limited in scope and use, there is one avenue of training that has blossomed, no, burgeoned, in America. That is, the Trained Ape.

This Ape is not ordinarily hairy and lacking in intelligence and is not even indigenous to jungles and sub-tropical zones. Instead, they are here by the millions and just might be walking or driving next to you on any given day. The Trained Ape I refer to is the one trained by media, politicians and academia to respond on cue, ala, hearing the bell, hitting the proper lever and out pops the pellet. Instant reward!

Since the days of early radio Americans have been pitched to by manufacturers guaranteeing happiness if you use their product. When television provided imagery to replace one’s imagination, a smiling housewife could be seen using a particular mop or a business man with a huge grin was dropped from above into a rental car. Cable television and the Internet only enhanced the propaganda.

Vacuuming was no longer a chore as the woman of the home simply smiled through floor cleaning, or, if your brat kid used crayons on the wall, don’t punish the kid, just happily use our brand of paper towels and voila. No crime, no grime, no punishment. Use our car window replacement service and your daughter’s basketball team wins the big game. Or, use our product and your daughter scores the winning soccer goal. (Boys have fallen from grace in the #MeToo era, as a white boy will grow to be an adult white male – the very essence of ruin and the cause of all the world’s problems).

But marketing is not limited to those wanting to sell a product or service. Politicians found long ago how to sway people’s thoughts on the issues simply by offering a reward for their vote at the ballot box. The Trainers of Apes today go by innocuous, seemingly wonderful descriptions; Community Organizers. They get a mob of trained apes to swoop down on some unsuspecting enterprise and whoosh, a boatload of pellets -not shared with the Trained Apes however, but kept by the Trainers. Examples: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama.

Have a baby out of wedlock? Here’s your welfare increase. Addicted to drugs? Here’s your needle sharing program. Want free college, or want your college debt wiped out? Vote Democrat. Want free health care? Vote Democrat. Want a fifteen dollar minimum wage? Vote Democrat. Want the Electoral College done away with so no Conservative can ever be elected again? Vote Democrat. Want all those nasty gun owners to be separated from self-defense? Vote Democrat. Want open borders to help all of our poor, suffering neighbors from below our southern border? Vote Democrat.

Join the Virtue Signaling Corp. Vote Democrat.

Push the lever, the Blue one, for Democrats, and out pops the pellet from the Land of Everything is Free!

But, not only are human apes being trained to push the Blue lever, they are also being trained as attack animals. What? A Conservative wants to speak on Campus? Attack, disrupt, destroy, club them, kill them!

Oh, oh, there’s a man with a MAGA hat on! He does not deserve to live. Go after him. Beat him! Smash windows, burn cars!

That person over there is saying that there is no way to tax the rich to pay for all of our Government candy? Sic ‘em!

The Trained Apes are not only being misused for an evil purpose; they are offered merit badges for acceptance of Uncommon Sense. You can earn a Badge by marching for abortion. You know, the killing of the unborn, or now, the newly born, because by God, they want to destroy women’s rights and enslave all females. Then there is a very popular Badge, the Climate Change Badge, renamed from the Global Warming Badge after the hoax was revealed. Then there is the Special Recognition Merit Award, for all those who want to welcome millions into our country to live off of, well, live off of somebody, because another fifty million on the Welfare Rolls will boost our economy!

Yes, all you trained Liberal Apes, just hit the Blue lever and it will all be wonderful. Collect your pellet. Just ignore the fact that the United States will someday be called Venezuela North.

And you know what the best part is being a trained ape? You don’t have to provide for yourself or clean up your own cage. Make a mess? Crap all over the place? Not to worry, Apes and Apettes, we’ll hire someone to clean up your crap – just as we now do in San Francisco and other Democrat States – because – we know what’s best for you!

A Trained Ape can be taught to give a desired response, but still, an Ape is limited as to its ability to think and rationalize like a human being. And that is the very reason the Trained Ape Program is thriving, because thinking and rationalizing human beings must be done away with!

To put it all in perspective as I make notes for my last book I plan to publish, “America’s Second Civil War”. It was the Democrats in the 1860’s that did not see the immorality of Slavery. It is that same political Party now pushing its Trained Apes to destroy Capitalism, because the immorality of Socialism/Communism/Dictatorship is being achieved by that very same Party.

It is the Democrat Party that wants no Citizenship question on the 2020 Census. Trained Apes cry out against the evil Republicans but the Trained Apes are not aware that when all people are counted in a Census, Representation in the House is affected.

It is the Democrat Party that wants us to return to Slavery, all the while blaming Conservatism and Capitalism for that same imaginary agenda. For sure, Trained Apes don’t study history or look for truth or reality. They only know one behavior. Push the Blue Lever. Get the pellet.