The Suicidal Ideology
Jan. 1, 2017

On a New Year’s Eve cable news program, Democrat Jehmu Greene, stated that an economy is healthier when taxes are raised. On his Saturday address the same day, Barack Obama told America that the world saw our country as being stronger and more respected than eight years ago. In her New Year’s speech German leader Angela Merkel says she will fight the hatred of terrorism with compassion and unity. During a college campus interview a student indicates that Fidel Castro would be a better president than the President-Elect, Donald Trump.

I can only wonder if what was stated in the four instances above was believed by the person making the statement – or did they willingly lie in order to advance an agenda? In the first three I believe they are lying and they know they are lying. In the fourth, it indicates how far the inculcation of our young by Academia has brought our youth to such a level of national self-loathing.

When I tool around news sites, here and in other countries, I am increasingly appalled by two factors in these events – those who employ illicit and unjust power – and the “useful idiots” that serve as the foot soldiers unwittingly working toward their own destruction. When a myriad of America’s “snowflakes” openly decry capitalism yet bask daily in its radiance – I have great cause to worry for our children, our grandchildren – our country, our culture and our traditions.

If in the 1950’s a man tried to tell a parent that he identified as a woman and thereby had a right to be in the same bathroom as their young daughter, the man may have been beaten within an inch of his life. Today, that very philosophy is being advanced by those we call Liberals, Progressives, Communists, and the still sitting President. What has brought about such radical change?

The media has been of great interest to me since the Twin Towers were destroyed in 2001. I look at stories from around our country and around the world. My assessment is, why are so many willingly adopting the path to suicide? Why are so many ignorant of what is happening nationally and globally?

In the book, “Groupthink vs. Truth”, I relied heavily on the media to indicate how past failures by leaders were openly and wantonly repeated. Five categories of how history repeated were featured. Those categories, along with two added, are linked to a page showing a collection of Internet reports that reveal the storm warnings for our nation and its people. The links following are but ONE month of media observations. In my repertoire I have collected them for all of 2016 and have used them extensively for my past writings. Look at the pages linked from the categories. Read the reports. If you are not alarmed, you may be part of the problem. All links are from just one month, December of 2016.

Follow the Money: How money was used just as it was in the Biblical betrayal of Jesus for access to power and influence. If your research refutes Global Warming – no more funding

Big Brother: Indicated how those having Legislative or Judicial power forced their wills upon the citizens of a nation. Most of America did not want Obamacare – we now have it

Leaders: Revealing a record of corruption and deceit – always vital for wresting freedoms from citizens. Place State above religion – self defense below population control

The Media: Mouthpieces and megaphones are huge tools of a corrupt leadership – and the majority is oh, so willing to comply. Today it is more propaganda than journalism

Cultural Changes: Coming now faster than a speeding bullet, for those of any age the changes are threatening and dangerous. Do you have Conservative values? You are the enemy

Fake News: This label may seem new to many but the practice has gone on ever since people have competed for power and position. Want to destroy your rival with charges of wrongdoing – just make it up

Warnings: Seeing what is happening in other nations – especially concerning Radical Islam – is not only being allowed by European Liberalism – but being embraced. There is every chance your sons and daughters may be under Sharia Law in the future.

You won't be surprised - IF you pay attention.

C.G. Kellerman

Webmaster’s Note:

In many of the Link categories there is a noticeable absence of the mainstream media. That’s because they heavily censor information that reveals corrupt or negligent behavior on the part of Liberals and Democrat Politicians. You will find them represented more in the “Fake News” Links.