A Great Star Trek TNG Episode

Having been a Sci-Fi fan all my life led me to write three books of Science Fiction short stories. I have a penchant for wondering what could be – present and future.

Last night my Bride and I watched an Episode of Star Trek – The Next Generation. The title was, “The Drumhead”. The title is reminiscent of kangaroo court battlefield trials in which the accused would certainly face execution. Little to no evidence was produced and no meaningful defense was allowed.

In this particular Episode, a Klingon is charged with being a traitor to the Federation by passing intelligence along via injections taken for a Klingon disease, perhaps similar to diabetes in humans. While sufficient evidence against the Klingon exists, an Admiral, played by Hollywood veteran, Jean Simmons, begins to spread the investigation by casting a large net, suspecting a man because he lied about having a Romulan ancestry – so, of course, to the witch-hunting Admiral, Daughter of a renowned Judge, he  is guilty of treason merely for that reason and so are those who innocently held conversations with the man during off-duty time.

The ship’s Captain, Jean-Luc Picard, played by Patrick Stuart, speaks in defense of the man, insisting that the man should be charged with a crime if one exists or the investigation should be stopped. But going up against the Admiral only turns her scrutiny on the ship’s Captain, he too being accused of multiple crimes against the Federation.

The poignancy of this Episode is echoed in today’s America. For more than two years the nation’s Liberal news centers insisted Donald Trump was guilty of collusion with the Russian Government in order to falsely assume the office of President.

The Drumhead did not end when no evidence was presented. Instead, a new accusation, Obstruction of Justice was thrown out for mass consumption merely because the President, as the employer of Agency heads in Government, fired the head of the FBI, lying conspiracist, James Comey.

And it doesn’t even end there. People that donate money to the campaign coffers of Donald Trump are being targeted. They are harassed and shamed in Social Media as evil people supporting a Nazi dictator.

Social Media itself bans users expressing support of the President, along with those with an Internet presence exhibiting material on those mediums that are Conservative in nature. Just yesterday I read a report out of Utah where a couple waving a Betsy Ross Flag at a soccer game, are told to cease and desist or risk expulsion from the viewing stands. The reason? The Betsy Ross Flag is symbolism for Hate Groups.

As Hurricane Dorian approached U.S. shores the President marked on a map his belief the storm’s path looked to be a threat to Alabama and Georgia. When the storm turned another direction, yes, Snowflakes, Government cannot control the weather, the Leftwing of America perceived it as a ‘crime’ – citing Federal Law that demanded Trump be jailed for 90 days for knowingly misrepresenting a weather forecast. MSNBC and CNN spent a whopping 145 minutes of airtime within 24 hours on ‘sharpiegate’.

This Leftwing fanaticism is going on daily and I have been watching it happen ever since Barack Obama was sworn in to the Oval Office. Using the guise of made-up charges, fake news and blatant anti-white racism, the Left has sought to diminish anyone supporting Trump right along with anyone who is not a Person of Color. The mantra for People of Color is that they are all victims – victims of white supremacy and that supremacy must be destroyed.

Based on birth rates, the Blacks and the Browns in the World will envelop and overwhelm the White Race simply because it is an impediment to Globalism and world domination. It is inevitable, but I for one, will not go silently into that night.

Exactly like the Star Trek Episode the Left has adopted the mob activity of judging and condemning others without proof, without evidence and merely on an ideology of hatred. There are two reasons so many in America have turned into “useful idiots” to help in the fight against Capitalism, the very system that has given so many the best in medicine, smart phones and self-indulgent Social Media playpens.

They are the Democrat Party in America and 90% of the Fake News media – each spewing made-up nonsense and lies about how bad our country is. And the irony is, the planet is in an ever-increasing danger of doom and destruction due to Climate Change, (once called Global Warming), but interestingly, this only is prevalent when we have a Republican in the White House.

Having delved into History since the Third Grade I have absorbed a great deal about nations, empires and cultures that arose and died. In each case, the same two human ingredients exist in that cake of self-destruction – Liars and Fools. Without fail, mix these two together and no social entity, no race, no nation, no culture can survive. Like the drug addict – those who bring such things to ruin will not understand their own foolishness until all is destroyed and lying in ruin – with someone needed to begin a rebuilding.

Trust me, when that happens, those who started it all will not lift a finger to fix what they caused.