The Right Perspective

Over the last ten years I’ve heard and read a cacophony of American people rewriting American history to put a label on our country – that the U.S. is a bad country. This idea went mainstream across the country and the world after the election of Barack Hussein Obama – because he became the champion of anyone in the world who so hated us due to jealousy, greed, and ambition – or whatever reason they wished to imagine.

The very same type of illogic that makes someone hate Jews because the Jews killed Jesus means of course that all Jews are bad. That mentality continues to poison young and old alike. Those who, after slavery ended a hundred and fifty years ago, still use this narrative to label any white person as racist display the same moronic mentality.

Academia and the Media have so dumbed down our youth that they subscribe to accepting anything that sounds good – without having the will to seek the truth or see two sides of an issue.

Add to this all of the Democrat politicians trying to ‘import’ new voters now telling us that if we don’t accept anyone into our country – to be housed, fed, educated and given medical care – well, we are just an evil nation!

For all of those in academia, greedy Democrat voters and those like Bernie Sanders followers, I’ve heard enough about how ‘bad’ America is and will lay out some information for those too willing to remain woefully ignorant about the greatest nation yet to exist on planet Earth.

What is the purpose of the Left denigrating our nation repeatedly? Well, if this country is just evil and rotten we have to rise up – we have to change things! We need to take over! And taking over means voting for Leftwing politicians who swear an oath to correct all of the injustices in this land – which means, vote Democrat.

It all boils down to greed, lust for power and a demonic will to lie, obfuscate and bully anything Conservative – without presenting to the people the prospects of what happens when the candy store runs out of licorice.

The founding fathers did not just dream up a Constitution that came out of thin air. It was a culmination of governments, leaders, philosophers and historians from times past. Imagine a farm stand selling historic practices. Our founders picked some of the produce that revealed how a free, capitalistic nation could thrive, borrowed from so many that went ahead of them.

People who theorized about how a nation of people could best operate came from Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, Kant, Nietzsche, and Buddha. The writers of the Constitution were learned men and brought what they had learned to be mixed in with the recipe to bake one of the greatest countries in written history.

We got some of the arrangement of government from the Greeks. We got most of our first Ten Amendments from British laws meant to establish citizen rights. Many of the rights and privileges for a new nation came directly from the Christian Bible, with Christianity being the most represented among the founding fathers.

Christianity and Judaism is now being forced out of our schools and the public arena. The Left will tolerate no obedience to a God.

Yes, the writer of the Declaration of Independence owned slaves, so America was founded on racist principles – or so those on the Left wish you to think. Their beliefs are similar to a parent finding their infant child having messed his diaper – so the baby should be killed.

Every nation and I’m willing to bet, every human on this planet might have done something shameful. I certainly have. When someone does something so horrendous it puts him or her in a different category – and not deserving of being forgiven. But we won’t kill somebody because as a child a man stole a candy bar – until the day America falls entirely under Sharia law.

Overall the United States has a stellar record of achievement, charity and compassion that is unrivaled among all nations. Start with the early 1800’s when President Monroe sent ships and troops to squash to blackmailing Barbary Pirates – the first time Americans actually kicked Muslim ass. All of the European trade countries benefited from that action.

The native-American population suffered indignity and genocide at the hands of some white leaders. Does that mean all white people are bad? Yes, if it helps in achieving a political agenda.

After defeating Mexico in the Mexican-American War of 1848, we gave millions to that country to purchase the lands now known as the American southwest. Liberals conveniently omit that from history. They paint our country as invaders who stole Mexican land.

In the Civil War tens of thousands of white men gave their lives to defeat slavery – but now their descendants, those of Caucasian blood – are just as evil as the slave owners. And all of this rewriting of history concerning the Confederacy falls under the same guise – even though roughly 98% of those fighting for the South did not own slaves.

After the Civil War southern Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan – lynching blacks, burning their homes and running them off of their land. Somehow all of this racist behavior, including Democrats fighting against the Civil Rights Act of the 1960’s, is being buried by those removing statues and monuments of anything from the Confederacy – blaming Conservatives for the very mindset that spurred so many atrocities by Democrats.

You can’t leave out Liberals and Democrats decrying Capitalism – at the same time basking in the radiance of everything Capitalism has yielded – in science, technology and medicine. Although the Industrial Age started in Europe, Americans took the ball and ran with it – giving us a nation of people living in homes, having Doctors, air-conditioning, televisions and a car or two in the driveway.

Yet today, that is all bad.

But, just ask any Millennial to give up Social Media or go five minutes without having to look at a cell phone and you’ll have chaos.

In World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq, American soldiers fought and gave their lives for people of other nations – frequently Muslim nations. Look at film reels showing liberated peoples from World War II, raining kisses upon their American liberators. You will have to seek such info on your own because the Mainstream media and Academia will not share this information with you or your children.

Our military has performed countless missions of aid to people in the world during great tragedy, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes or conflict. Americans are frequently first on the scene to sacrifice for others.

But now the military is evil, so we have to let in a whole bunch of people who can’t figure out if they have a penis or a vagina. In the military, these people need so much medically they cannot be deployed – but to the Left it is an atrocity that gender confused numbskulls shouldn’t be given benefits above and beyond those who can actually go into battle. “Sorry, Captain. I can’t go into battle today because I’m to receive my hormone shots”

In spite of all of the good done by America since its founding those with a political agenda insist on painting America as bad – with some openly desecrating the American Flag and an NFL football player who would not stand for the national anthem now touted as a hero to Liberals.

Love or hate Donald Trump – it doesn’t matter. I don’t care if he can’t find a tie to match his suit, he is implementing business and government practices that helped being our nation to prominence – and for this he is hated.

Yes, for keeping benefit-sucking illegals from our country, blocking Muslim Jihadists, creating jobs and attempting to fix our healthcare system – the man is to be reviled. Anything he does to take us back, closer to capitalism and away from communism – he is targeted to be not only impeached but also assassinated.

And to believe that so many ignorant people in America hold this view – that so many ignorant people despise the very great things achieved by Americans of all races, creeds and religions – anything approximating common sense is to be crushed – destroyed. We here frequently Climate Change advocates flying thousands of miles to protest fossil fuel use. Go figure.

Hitler had his adoring masses, Lenin had his adoring masses, Stalin had his adoring masses, Mussolini and Mao had their adoring masses – and Barack Obama had his adoring masses. In each instance, those who fought for ignorance allowed these evil men to destroy nations and the lives of their people.

I firmly believe America will fold. I believe America will suffer greatly in the future – it is unstoppable. With those named in the previous paragraph – and the new crop of America-hating zealots – America will most certainly fall. The precedents are too overpowering.

Though saddened by the prospect I still love and will defend the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. But I am a realist – knowing that the drug addict cannot be cured without going cold turkey someday. That will be prompted either by uprising, a global economic calamity or by a major military engulfment.

But, America, I still love you. When we fall into ruin, should I survive, I will help rebuild – I will help clean up the mess historically caused by those harboring greed and lust for power above all else.

Talk to a Grandmother or a Grandfather – they will tell you how they did that very thing for America.