Dec 16, 2018

Reading about history has been a life-long passion for me. I’ve read many times how those in battle would pray to a God for their safety. It was a belief in something that gave them comfort and hope. It was a hook upon which to hang their ideological hat, to keep them on solid footing while facing life’s challenges. In comparing actions and beliefs of the generations past to today’s it endorses my contention that the wildly upset millennial generation has no hook upon which to hang an ideological hat and have nothing to turn to or have faith in for their own personal solace.

They can’t turn to God anymore because they’ve been told religion is stupid, passe and even harmful, unless its Islam.

They can’t turn to their country anymore because their teachers and professors have told them America is an imperialist, evil empire that took the country away from Native Americans and enslaved any person of color. They’ve been told the country isn’t even theirs anymore – that it should have no borders and no national identity because that’s racist.

They can’t turn to law enforcement anymore because they’ve been told the police are all racists and go around killing young black men.

They can’t have faith in our Military because they’ve been told we invade countries and steal their resources – terrorizing women and children. Besides, they’ve been taught such hatred for the US they definitely would not act to defend their own country.

They can’t have faith in our Flag anymore because they’ve been told it is a symbol of oppression, slavery and white supremacy.

They can’t have faith in education anymore because they are being told that little boys may be girls, or little girls may be boys and that hard work and diligence are ploys to deceive them into adopting the evils of capitalism.

They can’t turn to the News Media anymore because the majority spreads propaganda and hatred for American traditions – such as self-reliance and being industrious.

They can’t turn to families anymore because Government has acted to break apart families, to subsidize illegitimate births or just killing the unwanted baby – that men can’t be men anymore – instead they must be wimpy, whiny and “sensitive” or being a “housewife” is shameful.

They can’t turn to the old heroes anymore because the difference between the good guys and the bad guys has been blurred by Hollywood – displaying an elitism and demand for the common person’s obedience to the great God of Government – while they merrily go along doing whatever they want because they can just check into a rehab and once again be worshiped by fans.

They can’t turn to social interaction because that is all done on the Internet by posting messages and tweets that immediately criticize anyone for anything – or entertaining suicide if they don’t receive enough “likes” or “friends”. They have become emotionally retarded – replacing “you’re welcome” with “no problem” – not being taught to accept setbacks and failure as learning experiences.

And they can’t turn to their national leaders anymore because those leaders spend most of their time figuring how to take money from one person and give it to another to get elected and re-elected with the rest of the time being spent to enrich themselves or increase their power over the populace.

In summation; America – no good. Military – no good. Constitution –no good. Flag – no good. Religion – no good. Capitalism – no good. Common courtesy – no good. Border security – no good.National leaders; Republicans only – no good. Hard work and self-sufficiency – no good.

With the passing of rock-solid traditions that gave a generation structure the result has been the rise of a narcissistic, “what’s in it for me” generation. Like children without adult guidance they do the only thing they can to get attention – they act out, they throw tantrums, then they throw objects. They are frustrated – without direction – so they act out – by picking up a rock or a bottle and by hurting others or destroying property to vindicate themselves in some fantasy of an imagined Social Justice Warrior. They have been taught that disruptions, property damage and violence somehow gives purpose to their otherwise vapid lives.

When people become lost in life and without purpose they do the only thing they can do – act stupidly to get attention. They turn nasty because they have not learned constructive forms of dialog – only to smash and destroy anyone who does not think and act like them. Actually, I believe that for the most part – “they do not think” because they have fallen into the trap of allowing others to think for them, thereby being easily manipulated to act on behalf of someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass for them except as pawns to advance their own agendas.

I would laugh out loud someday if our nation would be struck by an Electronic Magnetic Pulse bomb. It might force them to abandon their electronics; pick up a book and actually learn something.