October 2019

A little more than 20 years ago I wrote an article entitled, “Thoughts on God, Religion and Human Purpose”. Within this expression was my belief that people had two directions in life they might pursue – an animalistic one, involving only striving to please oneself; and a humanistic, finding great pleasure in nurturing, sharing and caring for other humans.

I likened the humanistic behavior to be of the natural nurturing of a child by a Mother or the giving of oneself through an endeavor to help others, such as Mother Theresa. The animal-like behavior I compared to putting a bowl of tasty food down for a group of puppies, then watching the pushing and shoving in order for each puppy to satisfy its own cravings.

My observations have not changed to any great degree except to note that in our culture of abundance, each succeeding generation moves toward the animalistic and away from the humanistic.

I am not a psychiatrist, a doctor or otherwise trained in any psychological or philosophical discipline. I am however, allowed to use the same tried and true system for making an analysis:

  • Observation of behaviors
  • Document repetitious trends and patterns
  • Drawing an Analysis from the trends and patterns that are documented

I have twenty additional years of observation to embellish my analysis based on trends and patterns repeated over the past two decades. My analysis concludes that our culture is inducing new generations to move away from the humanistic and freely adopting the animalistic.

On the following page I will note how technology and mass information, be it true or contrived, is remaking human behavior to move away from Outward Attention; qualities that are exhibited by acts of tolerance, compassion, caring and understanding – to Inward Attention; qualities that make an individual practice behaviors that represent reward or attention to satisfy one’s need for acceptance - and even being given a spotlight under which to claim some self-imagined position of ‘being important’.

The Chart following starts every human born – if one is lucky enough to avoid the rampant Abortionist’s knife – at a baseline. From that point, barring anything hereditary that might cause a directional change, all change is made by the individual based on experiences that temper, mold and transform future behavior as that individual ages in our society.

That dot on the left of the Chart is the day we are born. We can move toward Humanistic behavior or toward Animalistic behavior, based on what we see, hear, touch and sense emotionally from that point on. As we move through life those experiences could put us on a path to doing volunteer work at a Senior’s Center on the weekends – or, indulging oneself for hours on end within the clutches of Social Media, vainly seeking and searching for “Likes” and other electronic attention-seeking rewards.

One is a strength – the other is a weakness.

For simplification I will use Chart 2 as an example of what influences can point a young person in a specific direction. In this Chart I use the example of what a good home life might present to a developing young mind that can influence learned behaviors.

If a Mom and Dad work as one for the betterment of their child’s development, if they are affectionate and reinforce self-respect and self-determination in their offspring, that child has a better chance to offer traits that will make the child self-sufficient and confident in being able to make one’s way through life.

If Mom and Dad constantly argue, get drunk and display domestic abuse in the presence of a child, that can negatively affect future behaviors that might make the child more self-centered and withdrawn from others – feeling incomplete and unloved.

Based on the high rate of Single Parenting in America I sense that perhaps many people became married or bore children out-of-wedlock based on misperceptions about life. Or that marriages so frequently fail when people place their own wants and desires above the needs of those they have brought into the world.

See my example following:

I’ll take this one step further. Why are so many young people today embracing the proven failures of Socialism and Communism? Why are people who describe themselves as Anti-Fascist – instead act on behalf of the Fascist ideology their openly condemn?

How did it come to be that in the last fifty years of my life we went from singing groups like the Four Freshmen, nicely attired, clean-cut and no cursing or swearing in their song lyrics – to the singing groups that sported long scraggly hair, tattoo-laden bodies; and instead of ballads and peaceful lyrics we get those treating females as whores, advocating anti-white racism, hatred for their own Flag and Country, and openly singing about killing cops and white people?

How did we get from Mom, Apple Pie, Truth, Justice and the American Way, to Flag burning and calling for revolution against an economic system that has served to assuage every want and desire of the young for constant appeasement and constant attention?

The answer: We stopped PAYING attention.

Like the subtle changes in temperature as we move slowly from Summer to Winter – we pay little heed to the changes – unless we take a moment on February 20th and compare the weather to how it was on June 20th of the previous year. It creeps up slowly and unless you look far back you probably won’t notice.

Changes in our Culture have moved each succeeding generation away from Outward Attention to Inward Attention. And seemingly, each new generation becomes more ravenous than the one that went before it. See

It is no surprise then that decency in our Culture continues to decline. But what scientific method would be worth its salt is proof of observations, trends and patterns being repeated. So, after this Chart I will post my ‘observations’ and see if you can argue them away?

Parenting: If one parent abandons a home environment, whether under the auspices of marriage or not, one vital support member for the child goes missing.

From verywellfamily.com we get this:

According to Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2015, a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau every two years, there are approximately 13.7 million single parents in the United States today, and those parents are responsible for raising 22.4 million children. This number represents approximately 27 percent of children under 21 in the U.S. today.1


According to the Census data:

  • Approximately 80.4 percent of custodial parents are mothers, and
  • 19.6 percent of custodial parents (approximately 1 in 5) are fathers


It became easier for deadbeat Dads to become so prevalent because in the 1960’s Government passed wealth redistribution that made Government the missing parent. Up until that time those statistics were much lower. Government became the enabler.

Electronics: Generations younger than me seem to live and breathe by Social Media and Gaming. Coupled with lack of parental supervision an entire world once relegated to the adult viewer became available to boys and girls. Nothing is restricted anymore. Television, movies and the Entertainment industry has moved electronic expression into a new realm of filth for the young to consume.  A byproduct of this is a frightening reduction in the ability for young people to learn social skills. From this website:

Being able to read social cues and body language is a major component in social communication. It is feared that if adolescents and teens do not limit their use of social media, the future generations will have very poor social and communication skills.


Having no compunction other than to earn financial enrichment, the masters of the Internet have become the enablers.

Educators: Colleges and Universities across America are producing America-hating, brainwashed masses of students. When surveyed many believed Judge Judy to be a member of the Supreme Court and that Socialism is best for our Country – while not even being able to describe Socialism or report on any of its massive failures in the world.

National Review contributor Brad Polumbo gave evidence;

One lecturer gave my class a “trigger warning,” to caution us that she planned to use the apparently controversial word “black” when discussing African-American literature. Another professor promised that his class would be a “safe space” for students traumatized by the election of Donald Trump. Liberal educators used to respect open debate and provocative ideas, but many left-wing professors now think that keeping students in our comfort zones is more important than treating us like adults.

I became even more concerned when classroom conversations turned . . . Communist. One professor cherry-picked readings from Karl Marx and made him seem like a virtuous defender of the working class rather than the founder of an ideology with a bloody history. Another professor called Fidel Castro an “icon” and spoke in glowing terms about Cuba’s state-run economy.


In turning our youth against our institutions, against our system of Capitalism and against our Constitutional guarantees, Educators have become the enablers.

Drugs and Alcohol: The Prohibition experiment in the early 20th Century proved that Americans liked to drink alcohol and no law could stop them. The advance into widespread use of narcotics has made things drastically worse. An individual not having the personal strength and tolerance against debilitating drugs and drink clog the hospitals with victims of their drunk driving and drug-induced or drink-induced domestic and criminal violence.

Making it easier for drug and alcohol abuse is something that Liberal, pie-in-the-sky politicians espouse under the mistaken guise of ‘compassion’. Cities and States that cater to this mindset are experiencing burgeoning homelessness and epidemic deaths by overdose.

As observed on the allnewspipeline.com site:

Look to California, the most radically liberal state in the nation, that in 2018 officially became a "sanctuary" state that welcomes criminal illegal aliens that have either cross over into the U.S. illegally, or overstayed their visas, or never appeared in court for their asylum claims, that now has more than two million illegal aliens, while at the same time seeing homelessness "skyrockets" in Los Angeles, Stockton, and San Jose, while garbage, needles and feces line the streets and sidewalks in San Francisco.

Yet they are wringing their hands over the growing "housing crisis?" Maybe if they didn't offer sanctuary to over 2 million illegal aliens (and that is increasing), they wouldn't have a housing crisis.

The 'Golden State' is no longer golden thanks to radical liberal policies and state control over their populace, while forcing that same populace to pay more taxes to continue seeing city by city turn into hell-holes.


Cities and States that enact Liberal policies, some I believe merely to present an opposite belief against Donald Trump about what is best for the country, are demoting our society into a level of barbarism that could make an entire place like Los Angeles or San Francisco, a ‘no-go zone’.

In every instance of this happening, it is one Political Party behind it – and in this case, the Democrats are the enablers.


Politics: Capitalism works and works well under the concept that “opportunity” for self-advancement is not impeded. Catch phrases such as “an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work” are no longer advanced as prescription for self-sufficiency. Actually, self-sufficiency is being cast as an imaginary demon, replacing equal opportunity with equal outcome.

Because the sitting President has removed anti-business regulations put in place by the previous President, the American economy has enjoyed a strong rebound. Record numbers of Americans are working, even among minorities. Millions have dropped off of Food Stamps and jobs abound, wages are up and consumer confidence, plus the Stock Market have reacted positively.

But to unseat a President that has done well by the Citizenry, a falsehood must be promulgated; that we are not doing well as a Country, that the economic numbers are lies and millions are suffering. Add to that a plethora of nation-destroying giveaways that would cripple the nation – they just plod on – adding to that narrative that the ‘rich’ can pay for everything, that everything people once had to provide for on their own is now a ‘right’ and should be FREE!

There is only one place our Country will end up if the prescription for self-destruction is pushed as a national agenda. In the realm of destroying the heretofore, best nation on Earth, the Democrats are the enablers.


Every four years voters in America cast ballots for who will take our Nation forward. With so many wishing for its destruction enabling poor parenting, Social Media insanity, Communist inculcation of our youth, Liberal directives to not combat the ills of drugs and alcohol, and the Leftist political belief in tales of fantasy and fiction – put forth by thousands of print, radio and media outlets – the road ahead can be very rocky indeed.

As some willingly accept ignorance instead of actually seeking truth, the downward spiral is guaranteed. As it was when Southerners embraced enslaving human beings, and, as it has been since the first Socialist Act in 1935, as it has been since one Party passed all the giveaways of the “Great Society in 1965 that put us on an irreversible path to financial ruin, a party that attempted a never-before secret attempt to overthrow an elected President, the Democrats are the enablers.

Turning Inward

Just do a little review of how young people today behave compared to young people in the 1950’s. Watching a College Football game back in the day, a player might make an astonishing play – then race to the huddle for his teammates congratulations. Today, the do dances and demonstrations highlighting their achievement – forgetting a team effort and focusing on themselves for glory.

In the 1950’s College entertainers, like the Four Freshmen, the Brothers Four and the Everly Brothers, were attired in conservative attire, sporting trimmed hair and a clean-cut look. After the 1960’s the more bizarre the hair, the more plentiful the tattoos and more obnoxious the behavior; musicians only grabbed more attention for themselves from the fan base.

At my High School in the 1960’s, students would gather in the Quadrangle to talk in pairs or groups. Visit a school now and most kids have their heads buried in a cell phone – abandoning a group setting and living in a singular world where face to face communication is dwindling.

Militant young Blacks started problems in earlier decades. They consisted of organized groups; such as the Bloods, Crips – then The Black Panthers. Today Blacks attacking White people is becoming a daily event, spurred on by the media megaphones blasting propaganda about ‘white privilege’, ‘white supremacy’ and ‘only White people can be racist’.

Nearly every day now, reports come out of these attacks on Whites with the Left turning what was young African-Americans into young criminals. Does the term ‘Niggers’ come to mind because that is a possible resurrected reaction to Black militancy. Does that expression surprise you? By what other definition would you try to shield the truth?

The imagined compensation being shouted from the rooftops is ‘Slave Reparations’. Only another Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton type shakedown of America. Martin Luther King, Jr. never, ever advocated for this behavior. It took us a long time to be less racist in America but once elected, Barack Obama restoked racial divide. The Left glommed onto it and ran with it and here we are today.

The growth of Social Media, already being warned about as to the dangers coming in our culture, puts the younger folks on an avenue of ‘selfies’ and sexual pictures posted to enhance their winning ‘Likes’ among their peers in the Ether world. A young person can even imagine that he or she is of some imaginary sexual identity – because that’s how you get attention.

In my younger years it was known that to get ahead and achieve something in your life, it required one’s diligence and hard work to attain one’s goals. Now the younger generation believes in entitlement, that someone in Government should guarantee by one way or another to provide all the elements one deems necessary for one’s happiness.

All of these downturns in our society get encouragement and direction via Poor Parenting, Electronic Addictions, Socialist/Communist Educators, rampant and ever-increasingly dangerous drug use along with alcohol abuse and a Political Agenda that sows selfishness and narcissism among the up and coming generations.

This has moved an individual in America not to think Outward, such as expressed one time by an American President; “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Today, this philosophy has been completely upended with behaviors accepted and pushed forward all being Inward, towards the individual and all for the one individual’s benefit. The watchword today is, “It’s all about me”. This is shown dramatically by a headline indicating illegal immigrants are suing our Government over the plan to deny them Green Cards if they use American Welfare Benefits. Imagine, people who came here illegally are insisting it is their ‘right’ to live for free off the American taxpayer. Which political group enables that attitude?

Being an undocumented Historian I have digested reams of data on cultural changes ever since the age of the Neanderthal. I sense an entire generation can move us toward destruction as long as lies and constant appeasement leads them to elevate their childish temper tantrums to verbal assault, physical assault, mob actions and chaos. Stirring a mob mentality in the young will only make them take to the streets, assaulting and killing people – burning, rioting and mayhem.

Which Political Party is promising a world of candy canes and video games in lieu of self-achievement and personal effort? Which Political Party is promising riots and public upheaval if their Communists demands are not met? One particular movement in America is fostering this downfall. Can you guess which Political Party is the enabler?