The Obama Legacy and How My Book Got It’s Name
Dec 20, 2017

You may have heard stories in the news about an elderly person living in a home with ten dogs and twenty cats. The authorities come in and remove the animals to a shelter. Once the animals are gone, one thing remains, the smell.

In the same way the odor of corruption and political wrongdoing still lingers in our government. Barack Obama has been replaced but the effects of his desired Dictatorship over America still stinks to high heaven. It may take decades to get rid of the smell – or the smell may never go away.

By looking at the graphic created to accompany the book, “2017 My Year as a Conservative Refugee” and subtitled, “Connecting the Dots in the Communist Revolution”, I detail many events under which Barack Obama and his expected successor, Hillary Clinton, took great strides in moving the U.S. away from a Democracy to a Dictatorship.

Fortunately for our country, enough Americans figured this out and Donald Trump was elected President. But the real battle has been joined as those who use lies and distortions, primarily Democrat politicians and most of the media, have dug in to remove our duly elected leader from office.

Just take a broad view of things happening in America today. We now have not just men and women in our society, but a whole cross-section of people that imagine that they are anything other than what nature made them at birth. We have Christians being attacked by those who somehow believe we should bow down to their misinterpretations of nature – or be sued into poverty.

We have a plague of blacks killing one another in record numbers in our large cities. We have politicians committing sexual harassments and settlements being paid to their accusers from the paychecks of American taxpayers.

Increasingly I see reports of people acting violently against others, often times not during commission of a crime but because the victim dared to have a different opinion than a Liberal. Just yesterday I watched a video of an adult woman approaching a pro-life advocate in public and punching the 15 year-old, knocking her to the ground. Seemingly, the Left is increasingly adopting violent tactics against Conservatism.

NFL players protest our Flag and National Anthem, Time magazine is considering the anti-American, Colin Kaepernick as “Person of the Year” and evil dictators are mentioned in heroic terms in the Leftwing media.

We have been overrun by people from outside our nation – being shown a welcome mat to come here, living off of that same American taxpayer and now being given protections by Sanctuary Cities that place more value on a potential Democrat voter than our own native citizens.

In our Colleges, Universities, High Schools and Grade Schools, indoctrination if going full tilt to espouse Communism as the way we should live and our Kindergartners are being indoctrinated to believe they can be any sex-du-jour they want.

The media daily carries charges of racism for any willy-nilly reason because that narrative is part of an agenda and not matter your racial sentiments, if you are a white person you are painted being racist simply because of your skin color and if you object to that classification you are of course a white supremacist – even to the extent that white people are condemning themselves for being white.

Our health care system is in shambles, thanks to Democrats passing the most socialist piece of legislation in our nation’s history, the Affordable Care Act – now unaffordable for many Americans.

Iran is now well on its way to having nuclear weapon capability, North Korea is making strides on intercontinental ballistic missiles and the Middle East is a powder keg.

To use the book title of Hillary’s blame all expose attempting to camouflage her own narcissism and crimes against the country – what happened?

A closet Communist happened – and his expected successor, Hillary Clinton, was to finish the job of taking us from Democracy to Socialism then Communism then Dictatorship.

All of the bad things happening in our country now can be attributed to the one, thieving, lying bastard that white America blindly trusted as a post-racial President.

If people would have done their homework Barack Obama might never have attained the Presidency. And even more so, by Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 popular vote indicated how willfully ignorant many Americans are.

Just some examples:

A financial crisis in late 2008 caused by Democrat legislation gave us nearly a Trillion in ‘Stimulus” spending – actually a boost to State’s who in turn used it to fix their struggling attempt to keep police, teachers and firemen on their payrolls – while at the same time giving a financial boost to Unions whose contributions to Democrats made sure the money wheel in Washington continued to turn.

At the end of Obama’s first term, purely by Democrat votes in Congress, the Affordable Care Act was foisted on the American people. It was never designed to improve health care but was meant to fail – thereby opening the door to Nationalized medicine – to be finalized by a Hillary Clinton administration. Now that the disastrous law is being exposed, who do Democrats and the media blame – Republicans.

Agencies under Barack Obama acted just like efficient Nazis, using the IRS to target and squelch Conservative voices by not allowing Tea Party groups to be granted tax-free status – the kind propaganda website Media Matters does. Did the person heading this Gestapo-like action go to prison? No, she retired with full benefits.

Other agencies, the EPA and the biggest hoax agency in the country, the Comsumer Financial Protection Agency – funded by the Federal Reserve – not Congress, used trumped up fines to charge companies money – then redirected those funds to Leftwing organizations.

Why are so many police being killed in America now? Because Obama told blacks that police across the country were racists – let the killings begin.

Progressivism is entrenched in our schools and institutes of higher learning – or should I call them Liberalism Boot Camps – telling young stupid people that college and healthcare should be free – paid for by the great Money Fairy.

Antifa, a Fascist organization set up to cause strife in America and funded heavily by Globalist George Soros, commits crimes of property destruction, rioting and open assault. The Black Lives Matter organization, born out of the lie, “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot”, spouts racism daily – but got invited to the White House by Obama as a reward.

Obama even gave license to those seeking same-sex marriage, at first stating he believed marriage was between a man and a woman – but changing that tune when it became politically expedient and would garner more votes.

At his beck and call was the lopsided, Leftwing media, still doing his bidding. I read today that if typing in “racist” or “Nazi” into a Twitter search each returns Donald Trump as the first response.

Barack Obama and fellow Communist Dictator wannabe, Hillary Clinton, were dead set on turning our country into a third-world, struggling nation – because a nation in chaos is easier to control. Just bring out the National Guard, suspend elections and voila – we have a new Dictator.

I have watched the lingering effects of Barack Obama and the detrimental outcomes of his policies and lies. They continue to wreak havoc via those appointees left over from his administration.

One is Robert Mueller, who’s investigation going on seven months reveals still no collusion between Trump and the Russians to steal the election. But that is not his purpose. That purpose is to uncover anything unrelated to his primary assignment – thereby delivering impeachable evidence to the sore-loser Democrats.

Obama loyalists permeate the Special Counsel investigation of supposed Trump/Russia collusion with it now revealed that Mueller stacked the investigative team with anti-Trump agents. The dirty, underhandedness of Democrats and their sycophants continue to fabricate anything they can to take out the President.

Hillary Clinton aides, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills lied to investigators – no charges. The FBI covered up as best they could the tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and DOJ head, Loretta Lynch. Are any of them under Federal charges? No. Hillary’s transgressions against our nation are legion. Is she under any charges? No.

Meanwhile, a travel ban against people coming from primarily Muslim nations put in place by President Trump, was held up unconstitutionally by three Liberal legislate-from-the-bench Judges. It took the Supreme Court to put those Judges in their place but it delayed a national security action for months.

The killing of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by a multiple, border-jumping Mexican – and the subsequent trial that delivered not even a manslaughter charge, shows how deeply divided the country is – all part and parcel of Barack Obama’s following Saul Alinskey’s guidelines for national upheaval via his “Rules For Radicals”.

What better way to make America not America anymore but by bringing enough foreigners into our country from poor nations and Islamic nations to destroy our religions, our heritage and our demographic?

Hillary Clinton wrote to Alinskey after writing a college paper praising him. You can only imagine how fast the downfall of America would be had she taken over the Oval Office.

But, it is not over by a long shot. The media continues its lies, young blacks beat and murder others on a wholesale basis and Democrat appointees still lurk in government seeking to undermine and overturn everything that was once good and great about the USA.

Where is your evidence you may ask?

If you pay attention the evidence is overwhelming — and if you don’t see it that is because your ignorance is by choice.

On the pages following are Internet links of information one might absorb to deem creditworthy or not. Just because the first African-American is out of office, the moles and secret operatives continue their mischief. You many not know of them or you may even want to disregard them – or perhaps you are totally a mental misfit – pining for a slot in the country’s largest rendering of mental migetry on the airwaves – “The View”.

Just some food for thought:

We did not have Antifa – before Obama was President

We did not have Black Lives Matter – before Obama was President

We did not have Educators and the Media identifying white people as all being racist – before Obama was President

We never had a national leader tell us that Police were all racists – before Obama was President

We did not have same-sex marriage – before Obama was President

We did not have Government agencies squelching Conservative voices – before Obama was President

We did not have the levels of black on black crime we do now – before Obama was President

We did not have Government agencies fining corporations and giving the money to Social Justice causes – before Obama was President

We never had more that 3% GDP – while Obama was President

ISIS was not a factor – before Obama was President

Europe was not overrun by Muslims – before Obama was President

Libya was not an Islamic hellhole – before Obama was President

We never gave 20% of U.S. Uranium to the Russians – before Obama was President

We never had a Secretary of State running an illegal mail server – before Obama was President

We never had $20 Trillion in National Debt – before Obama was President

We did not have weaponized Government Agencies – before Obama was President

We did not have pro-sport millionaires protest our Flag and Anthem – before Obama was President

We did not have open borders – before Obama was President

We did not have the DNC pay for a fabricated “Dossier” against a political opponent, spawning a bogus investigation by Democrat appointees – before Obama was President

We did not have Kindergartners learning about Transgenders, Gays and Lesbians – before Obama was President

Iran was not given a license to pursue nuclear weapons – before Obama was President

There were no references to the “Deep State” – before Obama was President.

We did not have a corrupt, Social Justice cause funding agency hiding under the banner of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency – before Obama was President.

Read on, McDuff!

“Study – Learn – Act!” CGK

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Barack Obama’s plan for America involved tactics he espoused, “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun”.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

If a Liberal does not agree with a Conservative viewpoint, they riot, assault and destroy. Pretty soon we will have to designate Democrats and Progressives as terrorist organizations because that’s where they are headed.

Obama is still poisoning our country by what is happening in the continuing revelations about his deep state followers corrupting the collusion case. His people are still hurting our country while he travels the world insulting our President. I would dance on his grave!