The Lie

7-14-2018 (Bastille Day or Independence Day in France)

A person tells a lie when he or she knowingly speaks a falsehood. Lying is nothing new or germane only to people today. Christian scripture relates how God questioned Cain asking about his brother after Cain killed his brother, Abel. Acting innocent, Cain stated he did not know of his brother’s whereabouts, stating, “Am I my Brother’s keeper?” Since then and most likely since humans first formed what might be recognized as a culture, the lie has been a popular weapon of choice in the quiver of the deceitful. Lying was deemed to have great significance. Enough to be included in the Judeo/Christian Ten Commandments; “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. But the Left of America, anxiously wanting to indemnify themselves against being judged, are now telling us that religion is to be done away with – and to be replaced by today’s American version of the Communist Manifesto.

A lie may have no effect on a situation, depending on the severity of the situation. Like, “No Honey, that dress doesn’t make you look fat.” In some cases a lie can have astounding impact if it becomes a life or death issue. Without evidence journalists blamed Spain for sabotaging the U.S. Maine in Havana, Cuba. War ensued. Hitler lied about Polish soldiers targeting German villages in the lead up to invading Poland – it was actually Germans dressed as Polish soldiers.

Lies are nothing new. Lying is more or less an art form when it comes to advertising products or services in our country. Our cable TV provider advertises “Free High Definition” – yet makes you rent the equipment to view High Definition. A new Home Health care company shows up on TV and in the jingle sings, “America’s choice for home care”. Sometimes when a new TV show is announced it is touted as “the next big summer hit show!” – while not yet having been broadcast. These are not overly harmful untruths but they are lies nonetheless.

Sometimes lies can be not only harmful but dangerous. Donald Gates was released from prison after spending 28 years behind bars for a rape/murder he did not commit. Who told the lie that put this man through nearly three decades of suffering? The FBI. Lies that have dramatic effect on big events can bring harm to innocent people and that’s why perjury, or lying under oath, can carry extreme legal consequences, unless you are Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

While lying by used car salesman is an accepted axiom, lies that can be extremely harmful frequently come from people in public service. Do you remember, “If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan”. Or do you remember how our Ambassador was killed in Benghazi and high-ranking government people lied it was about a ‘video’. Another was, “I never sent or received classified e-mail on my private server”. Lies by those in government – because government can exact extreme control of our lives – is certainly more devastating that telling your Bride the dress makes her look just fine. Sometimes those lies can bring great harm, even death, to those who are the target of the lie.

Having monitored our country, politicians and government with some intensity since the 9/11 attack, I have witnessed lying not only being more frequent but now commonplace. I review scores of ‘news’ websites daily and just have to sometimes get up and walk away from the computer screen because the lies presented by one branch of our political spectrum, and the media, has reached epidemic and meteoric proportions.

The big dust up since Donald Trump’s inauguration has been the reported fixing of the 2016 presidential election by Trump and the Russians. Now a year and a half later, with still no evidence being presented, the Communist Democrat Party and the Communist Mainstream Media is still attempting to present made up stories as factual evidence – like the Steele Dossier on Donald Trump’s collusion. The Dossier was a made-up multi-page lie, bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton – yes, the one that approved selling 20% of US uranium to the Russians. But is she charged with collusion?


As the Trump policies continue to yield advantages to the economy the lies are becoming more frequent and more volatile. Any type of mass shooting in America automatically brings out the media liars telling us that Trump is responsible. They rushed to their keyboards and immediately told us that the guy who shot Gabby Giffords was a right winger – totally false. A day after the killing of five newspaper employees in Maryland it was reported that the shooter had dropped a “Make America Great Again” hat before he opened fire. Never happened. The mass shooting at the Parkland, Florida school was immediately blamed on the National Rifle Association – a gun owner’s club that does not sell weapons.

Before that, the entire Democrat Party and most of the media lied about the death of a young black man, spurring the lie, “Hands up, don’t shoot!” As is typical, the lies told in the media today are meant to incite passions in Liberals to take to the streets, break windows, shoot cops and physically assault other innocent people. Because their ignorance is by choice – they by no means attempt to sort out the facts – primarily because so many news outlets continue the lies and viewers are too lazy to think for themselves.

When Donald Trump announced his Travel Ban keeping people from terror-sponsoring countries right away the lies began. “It’s unconstitutional!”. But is is not unconstitutional – just another lie by lying Democrats (Communists), and the media. The lies come fast and furious now as explained by this article: Biggest Media Lies

In recent weeks a Latina Democrat primary candidate won over an established Democrat in a New York District. Touting herself as a “girl from the Bronx” and not born to wealth, it appears at age 5 her family moved to an upscale neighborhood – not the Bronx. She’s been on the scene only for weeks but already is lying to her constituents. Her constituents apparently don’t care because lying is a rock solid piece of the Democrat playbook.

Because there are so many left-wing zombies in America we now have militant groups causing property damage and physical injury for those who know the rent-a-mob tactic causes so many problems. The brain-dead in America are now converging on Immigrant detention centers because the Trump administration follows a law put in place by Democrats. (See Flores Amendment. Good luck is you use Google or Bing because they make it hard for you to find it). While Barack Obama separated children from their parents at the border where was the outcry? There was no outcry about Obama doing the very thing Trump does today because the media never discussed it back then. Can’t lie? Censor it!

In my daily trek across what is purported to be websites giving ‘news’ I am treated instead to ‘headlines’ that are not news – but opinions. MSNBC is truly the leader in this as sometimes I am lucky enough to find as many as three “news” stories on their top-ten daily billboard. CNN is currently itching to be the lie leader and their falling ratings indicate there are still some people who employ logic and reasoning in their daily lives.

With the midterms approaching and the control of government looms large, the lies are intensifying in frequency with a higher demand for the reader to abandon common sense. Now the watchword for Democrats (Communists) is to do away with ICE, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. With little effort you can look back at recent history when law enforcement is crippled in Democrat controlled cities – giving us the desire for open borders as a Sanctuary Country and lawlessness increasing as Democrats continue to blame and knee-cap police departments.

I’ve watched a video of Democrat demagogue, Maxine Waters, screaming about Donald Trump ripping babies from the arms of their Mother’s at the border. She made no such effort when her buddy, Barack Obama did this very same thing. But, Maxine Waters doesn’t scare me. What scares me are the numbers of people wildly cheering her diatribe behind her. They I worry about because it is they she will depend upon to carry out the attacks, assaults and other crimes – because that’s the strategy.
(Goon squads bought and paid for by Democrats)
(If you can’t use Truth just make something up)
(This is exactly how Congressman Scalise and the guard at the Family Research Center were shot)
(Truth is irrelevant if it conflicts with the Left’s agenda)
(Clue to Democrat – the man used a shotgun)
(Wait! I thought Trump was supposed to by Hitler? No, it’s Liberals!)
(More paid goons causing damage)
(No debate – just violence)
(If you are conservative this is the new normal and an ongoing template)
(How many lives has Robert Mueller ruined and how many lives are yet to be ruined; and after a year and a half, no evidence against Trump colluding with Russia and all of his sixteen member team are Democrats)

I see multiple examples like the ones above on a daily basis. If you, the reader, have not seen these stories you are ignorant by choice. The liars don’t care about who comes to harm from their falsifications – only that the ends justify the means – and that is why the Democrat (Communist) Party doesn’t care about the harm they cause or the suffering, as long as they wrest control. Today’s Democrat Party is a magnet for liars and charlatans, and long as ignorance reigns supreme they will find many zombies willing to carry out their orders of destruction.

Those people rioting for those from other countries are either stupid or paid trouble makers. Count on things getting worse. As the economy continues to burst upward the Left will not tolerate the President actually improving the lot of Americans as they battle hammer and tong to represent those from other countries ahead of their own constituents. The attacks will be elevated as the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise indicates. There is greater conflict on the horizon as those who cannot get their way at the ballot box will increasingly employ the tactic described by Chairman Mao – that power comes from the end of a gun; and the very reason the Left wants to take away your guns.

It won’t take much more rhetoric to turn Liberal protesters into a lynch mob, already demonstrating that tactic through Antifa and Black Lives Matter. If they are okay with physically assaulting or taking the life of someone with whom they disagree politically – what is the difference between ISIS and them?

Best advice for survival – be prepared to return fire – and remain free!

Now, in order to assuage the Liberal children inhabiting this country I offer help. Here are some suggested headlines that may help serve your narrative:

Donald Trump Fires First Shots at Fort Sumter!

Donald Trump shot Archduke Ferdinand and his Wife to start World War I!

Trump, Not John Wilkes Booth, Assassinated Lincoln!

Trump Created West Nile Virus To Kill Blacks!

Donald Trump Proposes Law to Allow Only Whites To Vote!

Donald Trump Killed Illegitimate Child of Mistress, Then Ate the Child!

Donald Trump Advised Pontius Pilate to Kill Jesus!

There, don’t all you Liberal Liars feel better! And here’s just one more;

“Trump is at beginning of ethnic cleansing”

Pretty much like all the fake ones I made up – except – this is a real report.

And more:

What? Did you think I was lying? Here, try this:

And, not missing a chance to show his ignorance and political bias, check this out from disgraced Dan Rather;
(Yes, LeBron goes West, not for basketball but to oppose Trump. You just can’t make this stuff up!)
(And leave it Harvard’s numbskulls to paint a outrageously falsehood)
(Of course, the Flag and Patriotism is Fascist – according to Facebook)

I would suspect no Liberal would get past the first paragraph in this article because sometimes, “Ignorance is a Choice!”