The Inexorable Human Condition
June 18, 2017

I’ve always loved History. I’ve found fascination from childhood reading about real people and events since written history began. What I have gleaned from this – and by observing national and world events happening today – is that humans, some humans anyway, are doomed to repeat history just as wise people have told us long ago.

Invariably humans display two common practices – some humans are kind, compassionate and giving – other humans are narcissistic, greedy and evil. Throughout history some human beings have not been able to cast off the uglier part of human behavior. Thus, with each new generation, a new batch of wanting, lying and thieving beings identified with the human species, wreak havoc on the innocent and quite frequently signal their own demise due to their arrogance.

In today’s world there is an abundance of misinformation put out to the American people by those supposedly calling themselves ‘news’ agencies. But today’s media stories are far less real than fantasy. This is nothing new.

In 1247 BC the Egyptians and Hittites met on a field of battle at Kadesh. Historically the battle was a draw but back in Egypt Ramesses II commissioned his hieroglyphics makers to represent a great victory for Egypt.

Misrepresenting history still is predominant in the ‘media’ of today. Ramesses II wanted an untruth to be depicted as truth and since he was in power that’s how it was reported. I wonder why he just didn’t use “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” in his representations.

And what were the two fighting over at Kadesh? They fought for territory and trade routes. For some reason sharing things never seem to come easily for some humans. Nor did knowing right from wrong dawn on those who followed Genghis Kahn, torching villages, killing or enslaving the males, raping the women and girls.

This same behavior has been displayed throughout recorded history. The Huns, the Vandals, the Vikings, the Visigoths, the Romans, the Macedonians, the Franks, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Zedung – all were led in acts of conquest – not in establishing democracy.

Just imagine how many innocent people were tortured or killed by those whose desires drove their behavior – tens of thousands? No – millions. And because of this repeated behavior there is no way I am a dreamer and believe that any of this will change while I’m on this planet.

The philosophy of being justified in killing and conquering in order to grain power, money or influence is totally alive and well in the world. The modern-day actors are Maduro in Venezuela, the Ayatollah in Iran, Erdogan in Turkey, leaders of ISIS and any other Muslim inspired radical – and most importantly to people in America – the Leftwing.

But the actions in America – following the Election defeat of Hillary Clinton – has opened the door to violence – the likes of which are killing Europe – and finding welcome accomplices among those in our country who identify as Liberals, Socialists, Progressives and Communists.

They openly call for the most horrid of actions to take down political opponents. Why else are they wearing masks in the violent videos of Leftwing agitators? Now with the shooting of Republicans in Washington, the hate-filled rhetoric of the Left has driven some to the very same violent behavior displayed by some humans since history was first recorded.

Bad behavior was given credence in the Occupy Wall Street scenario, Ferguson, Missouri and in Baltimore, Maryland, as Leftwing Democrats, including then President Barack Obama, voicing validity for their misdeeds, even sending people from the DOJ to change the obviously ‘racist’ police departments.

Many who practice Christianity, Judaism, even Islam and other faiths, harbor a belief that some powerful God or Deity will someday come to our rescue. If all of the horror witnessed by humans for the last ten thousand years did not draw forth this beneficent being I don’t give it much chance for happening. Just how many need die horribly before God gets off his keyster and saves humanity?

If you are one counting on God to make the world right again, don’t waste your time. My previous calls for Conservatives to arm themselves still holds true. What if the Huns, while rampaging across Europe, ran up against a village that was walled in and the peasants were all armed and trained to repel invaders? It has happened and it is still necessary.

Every time someone is killed by a person using a gun, it is the gun that is seen as the evil-doer, even to the point of not even holding the evil-doer as responsible for wrong-doing, because of course, it’s the gun’s fault. And who espoused against gun ownership – some of the same people who subjugated their own citizens.

In history nations of people have risen up when certain conditions develop; people lacking food, people being oppressed, unfairly imprisoned or executed. In the United States of today the most boisterous voices are not suffering any of those conditions – but are instead drawn to violence against someone with a differing opinion or political viewpoint.

The bad element of the human race can now be granted license to physically assault – even kill – their ideological opponents. You know, the same way ISIS is doing in the Middle East and the poison of radical Islam is creating repeated terrorism in Europe.

The Left today figures that why not adopt something that works for ISIS? After all, you have to admit that Jihad is now a daily presence in the world today. All they need to do is incite the people and let the crazies carry out their bidding. History provides ample evidence of evil destroying the innocent so why not tap into that pool of ‘useful idiots’ for their political purposes.

And just as Ramesses II directed his recorders of history to corrupt a narrative – so do the Leftists have an entire network of supposed ‘news’ sources to propagandize in order to send those ‘useful idiots’ on their task of making subservient anyone who disagrees with them. Just try being a baker and refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage and see how long until the hammer of the media falls upon you.

There is no way a child in the womb has a choice of who parented the child, the race of the child’s parents or the political ideology of the parents. They are nonetheless born into a situation. While being raised by whatever parents they are born to and whatever beliefs the parents inculcate that child with – gives that child the potential to believe, accept and act on the rotten and misguided beliefs of the Mom and Dad.

Some of Islam has fallen victim to the absolutely most hideous behavior of humans – just as Cain slew Abel as told by Judaic scriptures – the same dearth of common sense among so many humans means there is – and will always be – those who have no guilt, no shame and no morals.

As witnessed by Bernie Sanders supporters – the one who killed two in Washington State – and the one looking to kill Republicans at a charity baseball practice – there exists a huge pool of brain-dead, ignorant-by-choice idiots, willing to carry out their master’s bidding because the false narratives have been so effective.

This article may strike some as depressing – my believing that evil will continue it’s destructive course on our planet. I am not depressed in writing this. I have studied history – and the evidence has borne me out.

And after calamity overtakes us those same idiots will inevitably ask, “What happened?”

History – Better Studied Than Ignored

Propaganda by the Salt Lake Tribune

“Charles Zachary Howard, of Winter Park, Fla., was charged with a federal felony of threatening to injure another person and is awaiting trial.

While charging documents refer to the member as “Congressman A,” Chaffetz on Wednesday confirmed for the first time that he was the recipient of the threat.

“I suggest you prepare for the battle, motherf—– and the apocalypse,” Howard said, according to a probable cause statement filed in federal court.

While Howard’s motivation isn’t clear — he railed against the Freemasons and the KKK in his voicemail — his March 8 message to Chaffetz was left a day after the congressman’s widely reported comment that Americans may have to choose between buying a new iPhone or paying for their own health care, a remark that sparked public outrage and ridicule.”

But in the Orlando Sentinel:

“A Winter Park man was charged Friday with threatening to hunt down a congressman and hang him from a lamppost, according to federal court documents.

Charles Zachary Howard is accused of calling a congressman’s office in Washington D.C., last week and leaving a voicemail rife with profanities and threats, a complaint alleges.

We’re going to hunt your a– down, wrap a rope around your neck and hang you from a lamppost,” part of the voicemail said.”

While the Salt Lake Tribune knew the motive they act mystified. This is the corruption of so much of the media. Add to that the head of the DNC leading a “Fuck Trump” shout out at a California rally and you see from where the poison originates.

And there are plenty more examples:
Need I say more? The fact that there has been good people and bad people born to each generation – leaves me only to advise that you take steps for your own preservation – because if you are one of the good people – someday they will certainly come for you.

Just as those who centuries ago rode into peaceful villages to steal the fruits of the toil of others – so too will new generations of takers arise – and when unchecked – create calamity and destruction. Today however, they do not call themselves conquerors – but instead use innocuous labels like ‘Progressives’ to camouflage their intent.

And given human nature they are sure to be joined by those of the same mentality as those first acting in conquest, camouflaging their intent by calling themselves anti-fascists – when indeed, they themselves are fascist and those whom they follow are in reality fascists.

P.S. I believe so many people thought Hillary Clinton would be the next President – thrusting our nation into Fascism by Executive Order or via Democrat legislation. This could explain why so many U.S. agencies armed themselves during the Obama years.