The Ides of March - 2019

Children Always Choose Candy Over Spinach

Since antiquity people have been expected to hew out an existence via their own skills and initiative. This has changed in some nations whereby leaders made huge promises of fairness and equality – but practicing the opposite when coming into power. Its like a child expected to eat his or her spinach before being entitled to his or her dessert.

But lust for power can make the Takers in our world to promise those who are ignorant of history that they never have to eat spinach – instead being promised a life of sweets and treats.

At this point in the United States children are not allowed to vote, although some Democrats are already proposing lowering the voting age to 16. Now, I ask you, what would children prefer; spinach, which is a healthy vegetable, or candy, which will make them obese and rot their teeth?

In a Democracy or as in our country, a Representative Republic, those who cast votes to elect leadership have a say-so in how those elected must act on their behalf. When a government makes a departure from elected representation the citizens themselves are enslaved by those in power that have become a country within a country. Government then has its own citizens; those who work for Government; its own police force, the military, its own secret police; agencies enforcing Government doctrine through intimidation, imprisonment or death – and its own administration whereby those privileged in Government can live quite comfortably as opposed to the newly enslaved citizens NOT in Government; as demonstrated when Congress exempted itself from Obamacare and uses taxpayer dollars to silence sexual scandals.

This is illustrated in all of the national leaders making promises of Democracy at the time of their being installed as leader, then immediately adopting Dictatorship. Some of the countries where this occurred are Russia, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba. Pie-in-the-sky promises were only the masks for a power grab and self-enrichment. If you are not aware of these things happening in these countries you are part of the problem – allowing Evil to partner with Ignorance, or in its advanced stages, Stupidity.

With so many voters being mind-numbingly ignorant they begin to act as little children displaying Emotional Retardation – not being able to maturely determine reason from fantasy. This is mirrored in numerous accounts of Millennials endorsing Dictatorship due to the brainwashing so prevalent in the Media, Education and politics. Just recently I viewed a video of college students signing a petition to put Trump supporters in Re-education camps. Little do they know that when America goes Dictatorship they themselves will outside the “wall” that prohibits their entry unless they are a Citizen of the Government Country. If you are not a Citizen of the Government Country you are an outsider – no better than being considered an illegal immigrant, an interloper, an infidel.

I have written countless times of the dangers of the “Progressive” agenda and how it camouflages the true intent of the leaders espousing its adoption. Yet here we are, nearing another Election process and out come those Evil ones preaching that life itself means that the Government Country will feed you, clothe you, keep you healthy, pay for your college and hand you free money. (Why would you need college if there is no need to work?)

In Congress on February 25th Democrats blocked a bill to save the life of a born-alive baby. Why? Because waiting for the brainwashing taking until the 18th birthday allows the numb-skulls the vote, they can take over the Presidency and both Houses of Congress – pass amnesty, grant citizenship and the vote to everyone who illegally entered the nation. Boom! The process is cut from 18 years to 4 years! Or, they can make the voting age at 8 years. This will totally boot Conservatism out of the nation and as the Left embraces more radicalism what makes them different from ISIS or Nazis?

May we be bold here? May we at this early date concerning the next Presidential Election, consider what those on the Left are once again promising for America. To anyone endorsing Progressivism this will be considered non-sequitur. I've performed an Internet search for what each of these candidates are proposing for our America. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is included, even though being ineligible for the Presidency, because so many candidates are on board with her insanity. For simplicity I will only cover some of the expected front-runners. Ask yourself if each agenda offers Spinach or Candy. Overall, at this early date, the full agendas for these candidates are not fully shaded. But as History demands, time will tell.

Vote Buying 101: (What Could Go Wrong?)

Bernie Sanders

Medicare for all
Free College
$15 minimum wage
Green New Deal
Higher taxes
Voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
Deep cuts in military spending

Quoted from a Sanders speech in Chicago:

"Trump wants to divide us up by the color of our skin, our country of origin, our gender, our religion and our sexual orientation. We are going to do exactly the opposite," Sanders said. "We are going to bring our people together – black, white, Latino, Native American, Asian American, gay and straight, young and old, men and women, native-born and immigrant."

Sorry, Mr. Sanders. This is totally from the Leftwing playbook of identity politics. Its you and your kind doing this – not Mr. Trump

"Make no mistake about it, this struggle is not just about defeating Donald Trump. This struggle is about taking on the incredibly powerful institutions that control the economic and political life of this country," he told the crowd. "I’m talking about Wall Street, the insurance companies, the drug companies, the military-industrial complex, the prison-industrial complex, the fossil fuel industry and a corrupt campaign finance system that enables billionaires to buy elections."

Again Sanders uses class envy to stir the dumb and dumber. 'He has a Cadillac and I drive a Ford. That's not fair!'

Kamala Harris

Slave Reparations
(I agree this money should go to anyone living enslaved prior to the Emancipation Proclamation)
Medicare for all
$6000 each paid to middle class citizens
$3 Trillion in new taxes (Could that cost amount to $6000 per taxpayer?)
Voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
Decriminalize Prostitution (She was against it before she was for it)

"It is a fact that we can change human behaviors without much change to our lifestyle and we can save the future generations of our country and this world."

Cory Booker
$46,218 to 18-year-olds
Legalize Marijuana
Federal Jobs Guarantee at $15/hour minimum wage
Ban assault weapons (the have been illegal since the 1930's)
Voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

AOC (not a candidate for president but for being institutionalized)

Convert all U.S. infrastructure for Green New Deal in 10 years
No more gas engine cars – no airplane travel
Benefits to those unwilling to work
Trillions in new taxes

Via Twitter:

Again, didn’t threaten a primary.

I was upset that 26 Dems forced the other 200+ to vote for a pro-ICE provision at the last min without warning.

Because I think an agency that pins children down + forcibly injects them w/ antipsychotic drugs shouldn’t be given more power.”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‏Verified account @AOC

At [DHS immigrant detention] facility, children recounted being held down for forcible injections, which medical records show are powerful antipsychotics and sedatives.” …

(Please note the news source)

-“We live in a society where if you don’t have a job you are left to die and that is at its core a problem”

At the South by Southwest Conference:

Stop trying to win people over, stop trying to enter a conversation thinking that you’re going to, like, ‘aha’ them into changing their minds. And so, I think, that, you know, we’ve kind of lost the art of conversation. So when I enter a conversation with someone I actually try to learn more about where they’re coming from, like I try — I actually use it as an experience to — like, let’s say, I’m talking to someone who’s saying something really racist and they don’t even realize that they’re saying something really racist, I — I asked some questions because I’m interested, I’m fascinated by that. How does that work, you know?”

Fascinating, sure, but she was hardly finished: “But you have to — we have to learn to, like, really disarm ourselves in these conversations first of all, because we approach them with so much hostility and, like, they get mad and we get mad and all of these things and — and we have — so, part of it is, like, emotional work. And — and the second part of it is intention, like, what are you trying to get out of this conversation?”

(Perhaps this young fool should be drug tested)

Elizabeth Warren

Free child-care
Employees having 40% control of corporations
Nationalize health care
$15 minimum wage
Reparations for African-Americans and Native-Americans
Voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Amy Klobuchar

Net Neutrality
Internet Privacy
More affordable healthcare
Voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Kirsten Gillibrand
Women's Rights
Universal Healthcare
Voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act
Strong anti-gun positions

Indicators that the Cancer in Government has already begun:

An ignorant, misinformed, lying spoiled brat is now in Congress, voted in by Democrats.

Two Jew-hating, America-hating Muslims are now in Congress, voted in by Democrats

An unsustainable Socialist agenda is the heartthrob of ignorant, misinformed, lying Millennials


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