The Honor Killing of America
April 2, 2017

Occasionally a news report tells of a Muslim killing his daughter or his sister due to behavior they deem intolerable – for dating a non-Muslim boy, perhaps. This is such an affront to them that they are willing to kill their own flesh and blood because of their beliefs. Their hatred for the Daughter’s choice of dating is so intense they justify her murder.

Pretty outrageous, isn’t it?

That same mentality of destroying something that does not fall in line with some personally held concepts is literally destroying America in the same manner.

“How can anyone be so idiotic to destroy something just because they don’t agree about something?” you might ask. But it is happening across America and it is happening daily, intensifying daily – and the ramifications will someday tear a giant hole in our Ship of State.

Just like the honor killing being unbelievably irrational, misguided and destructive – those very outcomes are accepted, embraced and proselytized by hundreds of thousands of Americans – and primarily by one political party.

The U.S. Constitution was a brilliantly conceived document, allowing a fledgling country to grow and prosper – placing limits on government while conceding individual rights to the citizenry. Occurring more frequently now across our colleges and universities, “snowflake” millenials now deem it proper to prohibit conservative free speech while championing liberal one-sided speech. Have they considered what they would suffer if their right to free speech was taken away?


Even though most folks lock their doors at night, millions have now adopted the belief that there should be no national borders, no one should be kept out – that those fleeing less prosperous conditions deserved to be housed and fed and coddled within our country – paid for by working Americans. Have they considered the long-term effects?


As a child I was taught to respect my elders and law enforcement. I read now of a Homeowner’s Association banning a family from displaying a flag honoring police. The left wing of America has done its job well, now making law enforcement the enemy. Have they considered what it is like without law enforcement?


I learned as a child that whatever life’s rewards I desired were mine to obtain by hard work and diligence. Now people can earn more taxpayer money by just having another illegitimate child. Have they considered how long a country can prosper under this burden? Does America realize how long vast numbers have survived off the teat of government?


In my study of history and my publications related to government, I see Barack Obama as the President that came closest to attaining dictatorial rule. What do I see on CNN – a panelist comparing Barack Obama to Jesus? Barack Obama has so successfully poisoned America in his eight years of being President that he would certainly win the Nobel Prize in Hell. Do the media understand they are so blinded by the evil perpetrated by this man they want to elevate him to the level of a deity?


In their illogic, those committing the honor killing of America are mimicking Europe. Europe has conceded control of itself out of fear of radical Islam. The same is happening here as I read about a college student suspended for disagreeing with a Muslim professor on issues of Christianity – or a school setting up a Muslim prayer room all the while telling a Christian student that bringing a Bible to school means a suspension. Do they understand they are pushing America to follow in Europe’s footsteps?


All across America Liberalism is committing an honor killing of our country – their foot soldiers willing to commit ever-increasing atrocities so they can have a “clear conscience”. Do they understand that by drilling so many holes in the Ship of State that they too will go down with the ship?


Liberalism represents no rules, no responsibility, no guidelines, no boundaries; no regulations. Are Liberals so ignorant they cannot figure out that no society, no culture; no country can survive under such conditions?