Every so often on the political scene, there arises a hue and cry for “term limits” imposed on our elected officials. When economic and foreign affairs seem to be going downhill, there are those who raise their voices saying that to get rid of those who govern so poorly is to limit their term of office.

If there is any one thing guaranteed to make our already willfully ignorant voting masses dumber – this is it.

The reason so many bad apples are voted into office is that we have a high percentage of our electorate unwilling to do their homework when voting for someone to have governance over them. In spite of the current administration having already wreaked havoc on our economy and foreign affairs – guess what – the same clown and his fellow players – were re-elected!

By imposing Term Limits it only allows the voters to be MORE ignorant as their reasoning will be, “Well, that person I voted for really was a screw-up but I don’t have to worry, he’ll be gone after his next term anyway.”

Term Limits will only assure a further dumbing down of the American voter – the same ones in the voting majority that put the same jokers in office who are literally destroying our nation and our way of life.

Let me use the sport of baseball to illustrate my point.

If you are a Coach of a baseball team, you have to judge each player’s performance. Does he need to be benched, traded away for lack of results – or should he be signed to a long-term contract because he so consistently excels in the games?

What happens if once the game starts the Coach retreats to the locker room to watch reruns of his favorite comedy program? How can he run the team and guide the team if he is off somewhere not paying attention? What kind of season would that team have if the Coach is so far distanced from what is happening on the field?

You, Mr and Mrs American voter, are the Coach of our political baseball team. Once you select the players at the ballot box, do you continue to watch the game and judge the players performance? Or do you put a team on the field and walk away to your everyday affairs while the team on the field may fumble and stumble their way through nine innings?

Unfortunately, too many American voters acting as Coaches have abandoned the field once play begins, perhaps not even knowing the often-cited question, “Who’s on first?”

With term limits, you as the Coach of the team after a losing season could reason, “Well, we did horribly this season but I don’t need to worry because next season a third of the team will be replaced anyway.”

The team in Washington, D.C. has screwed up badly over the past decade. In spite of Barack Obama’s first season – his first term as president – being so destructive – he was put back in office a second time. If we apply the term limit scenario to all of Congress the voters can sit in the locker room season after season – believing that if rotten players are on the team that some rule will automatically replace some of them.

Please don’t let Congress pass a Constitutional Amendment that allows us to be more ignorant than we already are as a voting public. If you don’t want to Coach the team, I suggest you stay away from the ballpark!

Our team in Washington will only perform as well as you, the Coach, allows. How can a team have a winning season with lousy coaching? In real baseball, bad coaching only gets the Coach fired. In spite of such poor coaching on the part of the voting public – everyone gets to keep their job.

If you don’t look at how your representatives in your State Capital or in Washington vote on the issues – if you don’t send an e-mail or letter to your representative, or even make a phone call, stating your positions – you are a Coach that has abandoned the playing field.

If we keep this up, the players will decide they don’t need a Coach and we will have no voice on who the players are. That is Socialism, Fascism or Communism, with one of the players announcing he is taking control of the team! That is a Dictatorship.

If you don’t want things to get worse than they are – start paying attention. If you can’t name your State or National Representatives – you are a Coach who literally can’t answer the question, “Who’s on first?”

C.G. Kellerman