The Faster We Go the Behinder We Get
Nov 1, 2017

Perhaps you might ask why in 2017 America seems to be in a constant state of turmoil?

The turmoil has only worsened since the first day Barack Obama was sworn in as President in 2009, and with his cohort, Hillary Clinton, everything has gotten worse; in race relations, drug-related crime, an ever-increasing demand for government benefits by not only feeding and clothing the poor – just enough to get them to vote for you.

But now, having invited hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to be wined and dined, granted citizen benefits, not assimilating into our culture and diluting the national identity.

America has never been this divided since the Civil War and the divisions have never been more violent than they are today. There are three basic elements for this downturn in our society, culture and traditions.

One, you have to have a host of evil, greedy, power hungry people. Second, in a country where leaders are elected to run the country you need a large number of ‘useful idiots’ – enticed by empty promises. Third, you need the money people – those willing to put up millions of dollars for a candidate willing to return favors once seated in a power position.

How effective is this? Very effective.

Donald Trump was swept into office, a bombastic guy who actually hit the nerve for so many Americans tired of the status quo. With his winning of the Presidency, Republicans enjoyed a majority in both the House and Senate, giving them a hat trick of control.

In spite of that, several of the most relevant issues that Americans wanted changed was the repeal and replacement of Obamacare, erecting a border wall to put an end to the open borders inviting leeches into America – and an effort to rein in the bloated Federal government.

Well, let’s see. Obamacare has not been repealed and replaced. So far the only attempt to close the border has been a preview of wall models and any effort to keep our nation sovereign yields cries of injustice from both sides of the aisle.

With tax cuts proving time and again being an economic stimulus, the Leftwing of government and media continuously paint it as favoring the rich, who incidentally pay the bulk of Federal taxes to run our nation. It would be no miracle of prediction that somehow tax reform never gets out of the gate.

Using immigration as an example we can look at how Republicans and Democrats in Washington are so against securing the border. The reason – cheap labor. Businesses large and small can hire an illegal at a lower pay rate, knowing that any pay disputes put them at risk of deportation. E-verify is a system to check social security numbers by employers – now being discarded from any immigration legislation.

Follow the money.

This is sold to the voting public as something that is “fair”, even though it costs the American taxpayer money to give financial benefits to those who do not deserve it. Opponents of open borders use every false argument, including painting those opposing open borders as evil.

With nine tenths of media outlets backing the Democrat party, their message, albeit false, hammers closed border advocates as Nazis – all the while not telling you that those who we’ve elected to office vote on the issues based on what their deep-pocket donors want.

The successes of those who care not a twit about their country or the working class is because so many in America do not ask questions or even consider seeking the truth. Those ‘useful idiots’ are the ones smashing windows, assaulting people and creating mayhem.

That’s the scheme in America; people in positions of Leadership who are evil, moronic Liberals drinking the Kool-aide and those with big money calling the shots. This is nothing new. It is a practice carried out ever since people gathered enough in numbers to form villages, towns, cities and countries.

Always there are these three elements, alive and well, and prospering in the U.S. If anyone cared they would read Saul Alinkey’s Rules For Radicals and it would all be clear. But that would remove their ignorance and for many – that is inconceivable. Many consider late-night television comedians as their sources of news and illogic.

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P.S. The title – borrowed from my Father.