April 2019

Below is a note from my Political Diary, published in “I Saw It Coming: An Historical Narrative 2006-2014”. Read it and then following this posting I will see just where we are more than twelve years after – and how a tiger cannot change its stripes.


September 11, 2006

CNN Shows Bias In Posting BS Poll

CNN tries to pull BS out of the air and present it as fact. Here’s a headline from today’s 9/11 offering from CNN. Poll: More Americans blame Bush for 9/11. And, quoting from the story itself, “WASHINGTON (CNN) — The percentage of Americans who blame the Bush administration for the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington has risen from almost a third to almost half over the past four years, a CNN poll released Monday found.”

Now let’s think about this. Bush had been in office eight months when the attack on the Twin Towers took place. If a majority of those polled think it’s his fault then they must have polled morons. Take a look at the Terrorist Data that details Muslim attacks on innocent people. The first incident occurs in 1993 and is followed by twenty-nine more incidents prior to G.W. Bush raising his right hand and taking his oath of office.

It’s your right to choose your news service. Hopefully it won’t be one whose bias and half truth reporting distorts what’s really happening in America.


Here I’m noting Fake News perpetrated by one of the worst propaganda machines in America and how it is no different from more than a decade ago. The list is compiled by Amber Athey, White House Correspondent under ‘Media Bombshells’. Read it in depth via the following link:

  • 1. CNN Accuses Don Jr. Of Wikileaks Collusion
  • 2. ABC Tanks Stock Market With Fake Flynn News
  • 3. The Mooch Is NOT Under Investigation
  • 4. Bloomberg’s Dirty Deutsche Bank Scoop
  • 5. Sessions Exonerated
  • 6. Russians Aren’t Just Hacking The Election — They’re Hacking Our Power Grid
  • 7. Republicans Funded The Dossier! 
  • 8. CNN Gets Comey Prediction Wildly Wrong
  • 9. The ’17 Intel Agencies’ Lie
  • 10. Manafort Notes Are A Nothing Burger
  • 11. NBC Issues Cohen Correction
  • 13. Busted BuzzFeed 
  • 14. Lanny Davis Obliterates CNN’s Trump Tower Story
  • 15. NPR Accuses Don Jr. Of Perjury
  • 16. Mic Claims Russian Spy Infiltrated The Oval 

And after two years of Democrats and most of the lying Media pushing the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, it is only worse today.