Elitist “Virtue Signaling” Does Not Supersede My Constitutional Rights

There are many in the entertainment and professional sports industries that try to preach to us my 2nd Amendment rights should be taken away – or that if I am a White person I must accept that all racist violence in America stems from White people.

Being that I wasn’t born yesterday and I actually take time to research issues, I must be a bane for Leftwing propagandists that make a living by entertaining us; either via movie and broadcast venues or performing in sporting events.

The Entertainment industry brings in big bucks. A report on constative.com/entertainment posted these figures:

Some couple of years back, Bollywood sold 3.6 billion tickets and recorded a total revenues (theater tickets, DVDs, television and so on.) of US$1.3 billion, whereas Hollywood in the same year sold 2.6 billion tickets and generated total revenues (again from all formats) of US$51 billion.


Hype, Hypocrites and Heresy

I had to scratch my head when successful Hollywood producer and writer, Joss Whedon reportedly donated more than a quarter million dollars to an anti-gun group. I can’t read Mr. Whedon’s mind but I may make judgments about his actions. Has this man been an outspoken critic against sex and violence on TV and in the Movies?

No, he has done just the opposite and gotten rich in the process. This to me is ‘Virtue Signaling’ – making publicity moves to tell the American people that he cares, that he doesn’t want guns killing people in America and if I want a gun just to defend myself, my family and my property; well, too bad.


Joss Whedon’s False Virtue

So, let’s just take a look at the body of work coming from Joss Whedon. Here are some of the ratings placed on Television and Movies he had a hand in:


Agents of Shield TV-14

Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV-14

Dollhouse TV-14

Serenity TV-14

Of the above, I have only seen the Serenity series. It contained violence with people being killed with guns.

You may find info on TV ratings at http://tvguidelines.org/ratings.html. Searching for TV-14 this was given:


  • D: Suggestive Dialogue
  • L: Coarse Language
  • S: Sexual Content
  • V: Intense Sci-Fi/Mild to Strong Realistic Violence


Justice League PG-13

Avengers: Age of Ultron PG-13

The Cabin in the Woods R

Titan A.E. PG

Alien: Resurrection R

Of the above I have seen Titan A.E. and Alien: Resurrection; The former was less violent but there was plenty of violence and bloodshed in the latter.

For help on understanding how Movies are rated I turned to www.liveabout.com:


  • G (general audiences): G ratings are most notable for what the films don’t include: sex and nudity, substance abuse, or realistic/noncartoon violence.
  • PG (parental guidance): Some material may not be suitable for children. The movie may have mildly strong language and some violence, but no substance use or physical abuse.
  • PG-13 (parental guidance-13): Some material may not be suitable for children under 13. Any nudity has to be nonsexual, and any swear words have to be used sparingly. Violence in PG-13 films may be intense, but must be bloodless.
  • R (restricted): No one under 17 admitted without an accompanying parent or guardian. This rating is given for frequent strong language and violence, nudity for sexual purposes, and drug abuse.
  • NC-17 (no one under 17): This rare rating is given to films that feature mature elements in such profusion or intensity that they surpass even the R rating.
  • Unrated: Typically reserved for previews of films not yet officially rated by the MPAA. A green title card indicates the preview is safe for all viewers, while red is for mature audiences. 

For a man who makes his living depicting violence and killing, donating to an organization that wants to take away my Gun Rights seems to ring of hypocrisy, does it not? But this is how the Hollywood Elite ‘virtue signal’ – attempting to paint a picture of non-violence while making a career of depicting violence.

It is the same as the infantile Alyssa Milano crying out horror-stricken about the illegal immigrant children at the Border yet celebrating the tens of thousands killed by Abortion annually.

So, it’s not about truth. It’s all about image. The same as those other wealthy Hollywood types screaming at the President, wishing the President be assassinated for the desire to close our porous border – and at the same time living behind large fences and high walls to keep other out.

How are these Hollywood Elite able to afford such expenditures to provide for their safety and privacy? From the millions of adoring fans that pour money into revenue-producing forms of entertainment in spite of any immorality practiced by a Hollywood bigwig. Those fans refuse to make judgments against those willing to render up a good gory and bloody scene or a few female nude shots certain to catch the eye of the viewer.

Those Hollywood Elites are hypocrites and so are the fans enriching them. Hypocrisy came full circle when a photo of actress, Alyssa Milano, attending an anti-gun rally, surrounded by armed guards.

Only in America.

Likewise, the Sports industry is crawling with misbehaving wealthy athletes who use their positions of popularity to dictate their views to the world.

From Marketwatch.com, these numbers:

Over the past year, Americans spent a whopping $100 billion on sports — and over half of it on sporting events. They spent $56 billion on attending sporting events, including tickets, transportation, food and beverages, according to the survey, which sampled over 1,000 adults. The next biggest expenditure was sports equipment, on which Americans spent $33 billion. Following that was gym memberships, on which Americans spent $19 billion.


Hype, Hypocrites and Heresy

In a now famous, or infamous demonstration, pro football player, Colin Kaepernick decided to protest America, reportedly over police violence against Blacks, by kneeling during the National Anthem before a game began.

This caused a lot of controversy because many Americans felt he was acting out against his country – a country in which he became a millionaire athlete.

While he professed his actions were to point out police violence against Blacks, he only showed his hypocrisy by nixing a Betsy Ross Flag that was to be featured on a Nike athletic shoe. So, what did a Betsy Ross Flag have to do with his supposed rhetoric about the police? None.

Is Kaepernick only pushing the false narrative that Blacks are victims of the police and are actually law-abiding Americans? A USNews report published these stats from the FBI showing Blacks committing more crimes than Whites.

These numbers are in spite of White’s representing roughly 60% of the U.S. population and Blacks roughly 13%. But Kaepernick, just like Black Democrat politicians, keep the false narrative alive to ensure minorities remain downtrodden and kept in impoverished areas. That then is the ever-present political platform embraced by politicians vowing to ‘make things right’.

Today many Black athletes have jumped on the Race Card bandwagon, telling America they have grievances in spite of having palatial homes, expensive cars and many hangers-on.

For your consideration:

Athletes charged with assault:


Professional sportspeople convicted of crimes:


15 Athletes who got away with crime:


10 top pro athletes charged with murder:


44 NFL players charged with sexual or physical assault:


No Questions Asked:

Just who is it that enriches these people in these two industries? People, young and old alike. They are more interested in turning a blind eye to hypocrisy by portraying sex and violence on the screen for the consumption of the viewing public – more interested in the pleasure derived from it than giving any thought to how this immorality can affect our culture and especially, our children.

Are sports fans, so desirous of their team winning a game, turning a blind eye to athletes who have been seen on video assaulting a spouse or girlfriend, simply because he can make the game-winning basket or run for that game-winning touchdown?

Of course, the viewing of media presentations is done primarily within the confines of one’s home or a sports bar, surrounded by other like-minded souls to whom winning the game is uppermost.

Should ‘Progressivism’ and ‘Liberalism’ gain stronger footholds via who we elect to run and maintain our Government, you may envision that; more sex and violence to be consumed by the younger generation – more athletes given a pass for crimes – as long as they can dribble or carry a ball.