Written for Facebook Posting
Oct. 26, 2016

Sometimes in this forum I wear my conservatism on my sleeve. I’m a history nut, raised mid-western, 1950’s in the USA. I won’t apologize for my beliefs or my right to have them. I have expressed a great dislike for Socialism but all beliefs have roots so I have to expose my roots, so to speak. It is only fair that I be critiqued on the foundations of my viewpoints. I welcome agreement as much as dissent.

Socialism is Here – and Has Been Here

This weekend my homepage will feature America’s first inhabitants. They had to hunt and gather to survive. Just as the millions of humans for the last ten thousand years have used guile and tenacity to survive – and thrive. Such pluck and energy produced the first civilizations that traded goods – establishing commerce in ancient times. This led to the Spice Routes and took men across the seas to new lands and conquests. Empires were born and died.

I cannot fear Socialism coming to America. It is already here. I define socialism as when a governing entity creates a structure to provide sustenance for the citizenry. Until this happens, the individual, acting as a corporation of one, markets his or her talents, trading sustenance for that skill. Regardless, the individual provides for him self or her self.

A pay transfer results in “the many providing for the eligible”. That exemplifies Socialism to me. It begs creating an equation, however. The equation is; how many are the “many” and how many are the “eligible”?

Years before such “programs”, the resources one set aside for the elder years was self-provided. Once a program replaced the requirement for self-sustenance, the nobility of how and why humans were able to survive strictly from their own skills, began a slow departure. Human achievement could be diminished – that instead of teaching a man to fish – having to feed him daily.

Obamacare isn’t taking us toward Socialism – it only made it worse. It was the Crown Jewel for the Democrats, the Triple Crown – the Hat Trick. They didn’t pass a law to help the 30 million uninsured – they passed a law over 330 million Americans. For anyone to think it was to “help” is being naive.

Medicare, Medicaid and Welfare wasn’t the beginning of Socialism, it only made it worse. The second big balloon of government growth.

The Social Security Act was the first major transfer of wealth administered by government. Government began taking money and handing it out. A very intoxicating action, is it not?

Add to all of this, the Immigration and Naturalization Act in 1965, which caused a huge shift in the future demographics in the U.S.

I won’t argue any of those laws’ merits, only as them being historically pivotal. Each in turn, however was a rung on the socialist ladder.

Social Security was the first major step toward Socialism. All of the rest has been piled on, while those to whom we gave dominion over us, could repeat this behavior because it rewarded them with a coveted place in Government.

Everything is linked from thousands of years ago. But the four pieces of legislation above were the big changes of the 20th Century, much like the Civil War was for the 19th. But that same spirit that brought humans from cave to condominiums is slowly turning cancerous and into calamity, further weakening that trait.

Can this all be turned around? Always. Those who muscled us through the Great Depression and World War II silently sacrificed – yet, together as a nation, beat two foreign enemies on opposite sides of the planet. Well, meet the Kids. That survival instinct still beats in the hearts of many Americans.