SI – Warnings

Webmaster's Journal Links - Dec. 2016

Warnings: Seeing what is happening in other nations – especially concerning Radical Islam – is not only being allowed by European Liberalism – but being embraced. There is every chance your sons and daughters may be under Sharia Law in the future

And in 2017 it continues:

Warnings of 2017


The destructive forces in the world are harbingers of what is now being introduced into the United States of America. There are forces willing to sink the Ship of State just because they don’t like the Captain. Other forces act openly – and are primarily ignored by those who fear radical Muslims and those who will completely accept their destructiveness and encourage any non-thinking American to be a “Useful Idiot” in their campaigns. All too often those ‘Useful Idiots’ choose ignorance when the truth – up until now but diminishing – can still be found.

A child is lured by a sexual predator with promises of candy - the same is being done by Liberalism/Progressvism/Communism. And they enjoy a vast array of Snowflake children inhabiting adult bodies.