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As amazing as it may seem, Mr DeSantis’ website does not cover a single solitary issue for Floridians. His only claim for fame is that he was endorsed by Donald Trump. This lack of transparency is pretty downright disgusting. Where’s the beef?

The only thing representing any type of platform has to be taken from the homepage on his site:

“While in Congress, he has led efforts to impose term limits on members of Congress, cut taxes, repeal ObamaCare, relocate America’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, assist veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress, prevent American tax dollars from being sent to Iran, combat radical Islamic terrorism, stop illegal immigration and defund sanctuary cities, and conduct oversight over agencies such as the IRS and Department of Justice, including the investigation into Uranium One, the use of the Clinton-funded Steele dossier against Donald Trump, and the failure to prosecute the criminal activity of terrorist group Hezbollah by Eric Holder’s DOJ.”

Do you notice something about the above paragraph? Only illegal immigration and sanctuary cities can translate as State issues. He’s missing the mark big time here. Someone please call him and remind him he’s running for Florida Governor – not the Presidency – unless he is really thinking ahead, but folks are concerned about his policies for Florida, not policies for the nation.

Rating: How can you rate something not presented. Who the hell knows his platform?

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