Sometimes when people say the same things over and over again someone will accuse them of “sounding like a broken record”. For the Millennials in the audience, a record was once a vinyl disc that played recorded music on a ‘record player’.

But I admit I myself will again sound like a broken record. In May of 2018 I did an analysis of behavior by the younger generation; labeling it ‘Emotional Retardation’.

I could have let this view of Millennials ride into the sunset but as the 2020 Presidential Election looms I see a Democrat Candidate field of now twenty individuals, all of which appeal to voter’s emotions instead of reality.

Almost to an individual each candidate is proposing an agenda to sap American resources on immigration, taxation, equality, social justice, racism, etc. All of their programs they propose will not only break the bank but the numbers bear out that it is an economic impossibility. But still they rant on and in news reports I see scores of young people embracing policies that lead to Socialism, then Communism, then Dictatorship.

The list of ‘free stuff’ promised by the candidates is growing like a plague – all meant to garner support by voters based on what the voters can get Government to provide for no cost to them. How is it they repeatedly support something that historically is proven to lead to disaster? And, there, I’ve just answered my own question. Young people are not being taught history and they don’t study history!

That being the case, they have no rationale for determining outcomes based on their voting choices. This only results in more bonehead people running our Government and running our country into the ground. If a child is constantly told since being able to understand language that Trump, Jews, Conservatives, married people, white men, Christians; take your pick – are BAD – now you have an indoctrinated child, just like those Muslim Jihadist encouraging children to kill for any variety of reasons.

That indoctrination has gone on since America became a land of abundance following World War II and is being reinforced daily by politicians and the media promising that whatever the child wants the child deserves. Except, the Emotionally Retarded child grows up and begins to inhabit an adult body – all the while retaining and being stuck in a world of demanding constant appeasement. As others have stated, ‘when is enough, enough?’

Now Joe Biden finally enters the race. The first thing he does in announcing his candidacy is twist the truth about events in Charlottesville, when left-wing and right-wing protesters mixed themselves among people that were peaceful, and while Donald Trump berated the wrongdoers on both sides, Biden and the complicit left-wing media denounce him for not singling out the right-wingers.


On top of that he appears on the children’s program, The View, watched daily by a host of the Emotionally Retarded, telling America the Obama administration had ‘not one single whisper of a scandal’. Hmm, Joe counts on America not remembering the IRS targeting Tea Party non-profits, the ‘Fast and Furious’ gunrunning to the drug cartels by Eric Holder, the selling of 20% of US Uranium to the Russians by his head of the State Department, Hillary Clinton, while she enriched herself using the cover of the Clinton Foundation, destroying e-mails after being subpoenaed, the Benghazi fiasco being blamed on a video while now evidence of his lackeys in Government attempting a coup against Donald Trump using evidence falsely planted by Hillary and the DNC – or you can keep your Doctor, you can keep your health insurance?


Mark Levin: Trump-Russia Hoax 'Executed by the Obama Administration'

He is telling people we should return to the time of ‘dignity’ like we had under Obama, meaning that you might have dignity but not a job. He endorses a return to the time of being told that ‘jobs aren’t coming back’ – a lie dis-proven by Trump taking the boot of Government off business and the burdensome taxes that stalled the economy.


This appeals to people’s emotions, not reality. Within less than one week since announcing his Presidential hopes Joe Biden is a proven liar. To me it is the same as those who believe Jesus fed five thousand with ‘five loaves of barley bread and two fish’. Of course the ‘Emotionally Retarded’ in America just eat it up, oblivious to their supporting their own demise.


Because in a world of abundance, for which the younger generation has no appreciation, they will vote based on their Emotions – not Common Sense. All because since childhood they have demanded MORE! – and Democrats delivered. The successful dumbing-down of youth in our country has produced this Emotional Retardation – pushed upon them by enabling parents, lying government, lying media and agenda-driven educators. Only a child’s mind will so strongly believe in what is impossible.

Unfortunately, for those with still vivid memories of the Great Depression or World Wars, all of their sacrifices will be for naught by the brains of children inhabiting the ‘victim-hood’ obsessed youth. Their childish brains will vote for the Government Candy in spite of history’s warnings – because that is not discussed, not shown, not shared by those who want power overall.

When recently Bernie Sanders stated that “Government should serve the needs of all Americans”, does this mean that video game junkies don’t need a job to support themselves – that Mommy/Daddy Government will feed them, do their laundry and tuck them in at night?

The Left is constantly coming with new ways to describe victim-hood. I can give a stunningly accurate number for how many ‘victims’ there are in America. Just look at the number of American voters casting ballots for Democrats in 2016, a number of roughly 65 million. This statistic will be updated in November of 2020.



If you doubt that youth is willfully brainwashed these days, consider what the head of the White House Corespondents Association claimed his nine-year-old asked him, ‘will Trump put you in prison’? Then he lied to his audience claiming Trump called the media the ‘enemy of the people’ – when Trump said no such thing. Naturally, all of the Emotionally Retarded people accept this man’s lies for fact.