Religion’s Impediment to Totalitarianism

The fight against religion in this country is agenda-driven. Our Constitution gives us “Freedom of Religion”; not “Freedom from Religion”.

The fight to remove any religious symbol from the public arena, excluding Islamic symbols, of course, is to make any belief of knowing what is right and what is wrong subject to scrutiny. Why do you think countries in Europe are taking in so many Muslims? Because they know that once Muslims have overwhelming numbers they will take care of those pesky Whites, Christians and Jews for them. This is illustrated by Muslim Congressional Representative, Rashida Talib, more or less saying, 'if you don't like my racist remarks you are a racist'.

Where is religion swept under the rug? In Communist countries. Certainly not in Iran which is a Theocracy. But placing allegiance to God above the State is purely unacceptable – especially if your religion prevents you from making something artistic for Gays or Lesbians. But why the fight against faith? It is for one purpose when you consider what those not wanting God to interfere in Government's fight against those of faith. In every religion, unless it is Satanic or similar in swearing allegiance to evil – it is a basic examination of what is right and what is wrong. It is as basic as good versus evil. Religious symbols are simply that, representing a choice between right and wrong. And because of that, they must go!

Pro-abortionists attack those who advocate for right-to-life doctrines because they don't want their actions to be viewed as sins. So, they have to turn the tables and attack those who hold that each life is precious and deserves a chance. Thereby it is not abortion that is evil, but those who oppose it. Simple philosophy. I commit no sin against human life if we can get Government to pass a law saying killing the unborn, or newly-born, is justified – even calling it 'reproductive health'. Nice trick, huh?

As a matter of course, this exemplifies the entire Democrat Party today. Let folks do whatever they want. Roe vs. Wade gave women the privilege to be just like men; have sex whenever you want, dress like sluts with skin-tight clothing, displays of cleavage, and if there are consequences, well, it’s in the interest of your 'health' that we kill the child for you. Oh, and if you are a Person of Color and commit wrongdoing, that's because you are a victim of white supremacy and while you're at it, don't follow any religion, unless its Islam. And while we're at it, let’s disarm the American citizenry because Communism cannot be imposed with so many folks being able to combat it.

Religion is under attack along with Freedom of Speech and the 2nd Amendment. It is necessary to ruin the nation – put it into a state of chaos then put the troops on the street corners. Oh, and by the way, we'll have to suspend National Elections for a while. All of this would have moved further along if Hillary Clinton had won the Presidency – to continue the move to Communism and Dictatorship. God bless the Electoral College – another thing Dems want gone.