Re-entering the Dark Ages

After murderous hordes brought about the fall of the Roman Empire in the 400’s, Europe entered a period of history called the “Dark Ages”. It is referred to in that way because literature, science and reason took a back seat to rule by the point of a sword. Such an age of darkness is being pushed upon the American people by politicians, academia and much of the media as advocates for ignorance and settling differences by violence. We have some telling America that the police are racist killers of black and brown people – Liberals telling America that lowering taxes is demonic and of course, that ‘white supremacy’ is to be crushed with the magic of open borders and the murder of law enforcement.

In a Congressional hearing, Senator Kamala Harris of California expresses dismay that the arrest of a parent entering the U.S. Illegally results in a child being separated from the Mother or Father (as pointed out by the official being questioned that the very thing happens in America when a parent is incarcerated for law breaking). Yet the same Senator is seemingly fine with supporting the killing of the unborn by abortion. Why such concern for children from Mexico but no concern for the unborn American children?

At a meeting at the White House the President referred to members of MS-13 as ‘animals’. Immediately the advocates of the new Dark Ages leap to the TV screens to say that the President called all immigrants animals. That is the Modus Operandi of the Left, distort, lie, rebel and attack. This only inspires mental midgets to act out on the propaganda they absorb and turns them into a destructive mob.

It is easy enough to identify the childish brats in America who gain a platform in the media to spread stupidity and falsehoods. I’d like to point out just a few for the reader to illustrate how pundits and politicians lie like little kids being caught with their hands in the cookie jar. The sad part is that so many believe the lies because they want to believe to fit in with the rest of the Leftwing Mob:

Here’s one on Elizabeth Warren: Elizabeth Warren Boldly Pledges to Never Take Money from a Group that Has Never Donated to Her. That’s right, America. She pledges to never accept campaign money from the NRA. But the NRA has never donated money to her.

Here’s how the Associated Press lies to America about record tax collections resulting in a budget surplus: AP’s April Budget Story Ignores Record Receipts to Rip Trump Tax Cut. Anything good about the Trump adminstration must be censored!

And America’s Pixie Dust Economist, Paul Krugman, out and out lies about who revealed the person spying on the Trump administration: Krugman Cries Treason After Stefan Halper Outed As FBI Infiltrator, There’s Just One Problem… . Yes, America, it was the New York Times and Washington Post that outed the spy but hey, Liberals don’t seek the truth anyway so what’s the harm?

And here’s another whopper – this time from Al Sharpton: Al Sharpton says royal wedding shows white supremacy is ‘on its last breath’. This from a man who has been a race-hustler his entire adult life.

And there is plenty more where these came from. Every day I look at the top headlines on the mainstream media and they are rife with lies and distortions. For how the media follows the Democrat/Communist ideology I recommend For a dose of reality on how the young are being brainwashed on college campuses, go to It wouldn’t hurt to check other worldwide news sources, especially in Europe. Those headlines are revealing Europe’s headlong dash towards oblivion via succumbing to the masses from Muslim nations. An example? Here’s one from Breitbart London: 78 Per Cent of 9,000 Afghan ‘Children’ Allowed To Remain in Sweden Are Really Adults. Just as Barack Obama spurred the mass migration of Muslims into Europe he did the same thing to America by inviting the entire populations of Central and South America to come to the US for a free ride.

Just consider of late who has received support from Democrats, brainwashed college kids and most of the media; Palestinian Hamas terrorists against Israel, cop killers, Islamic rapists and murderers in Europe, the brutal MS-13 gang members, Obama and Hillary supporters spying on a presidential candidate and anyone claiming refugee status to come and live off of American resources.
We are, in spite of so many forms of information being available – reentering the Dark Ages mentality. I see evidence of young people attending schools and universities being taught issues of imagined social injustice, the wonders of being Lesbian, Homosexual or Transgender. We have students at bastions of higher education not only speaking out against what made us a great nation via capitalism but embracing communist ideologies – and necessarily ignoring the history of such pursuits.

Those same protesters, are now advocating for stripping those of opposite beliefs of their rights to even speak their minds – while at the same time not being able to cite some of the most basic structures of our government and Constitution. In other words, they might know the latest top song on the music charts but could not identify how the three branches of their own government operate.

Add in Left-wing Hollywood, social media and 90% of the ‘news’ organizations lying 24/7 and you end up with mind-numbing ignorance. In the Dark Ages people had limited exposure to logic and reasoning – today an abundance of information is putting our youth right back into the arena of ignorance.

And again, Nikita Khrushchev was right – we will, and are, being destroyed from within.

Study, Learn, Act.