The Race Baiters and Race Hustlers of America

There are those in America who have a penchant to stir up racial controversy. Whether what they present is truth or fiction is of no concern to them.

I am Caucasian and have known black people that I would be willing to give my life for. It has nothing to do with their skin color but the “content of their character” as one of my heroes once said.

But if you look at the headlines today, July 16th, there has been discord in various locations around America. Mostly the discord assumes that George Zimmerman is guilty and even our system of justice has failed.

Who is stirring up hatred in America? Well, primarily if you are a liberal or a Democrat, they are mostly your colleagues.

Here’s my list of troublemakers in America. I ask you to do your own homework and web search each person in relation to the Zimmerman trial to see for yourself the hatred, vitriol and total lack of common sense about this issue. Each person or organization below (except celebrities as their quotes are just too stupid to print), has made biased, untrue statements on racial affairs.

Politics: Here are politicians who stir up racial hatred
Barak Obama (said police acted “stupidly” in arrest of Robert Gates)
Eric Holder (will only prosecute white on black voter intimidation)
Harry Reid (insists that government investigate the trial)
Nancy Pelosi (“its all George Bush’s fault)
Dick Durbin (will not take on the horrible black on black crime in Chicago)
and countless more
In the Media: Those on the airwaves cashing in on hatred
Joy Behar (too stupid and ignorant to quote)
Juan Williams (stated that the justice system failed Treyvon Martin)
Van Jones (can only lament the death of a young “black” man)
Al Sharpton (remember Tawana Brawley and the Duke LaCross players?)
Ed Schultz (never a more ignorant man in broadcasting)
Rachel Maddow (makes up evidence about the trial)
Nancy Grace (makes up evidence about the trial and cuts the mike of those she disagrees with)
Piers Morgan (wants all guns taken away, even from law abiding people)
Thomas Roberts (our social contract is all wrong)
Angela Corey (called Zimmerman a murderer after the acquittal)
Melissa Harris-Perry (says it must be okay to kill black kids now)
Toure (started an anti-white newspaper)
David Gregory (continuously takes sides against conservative thought)
Candy Crowley (the one who helped Obama during the “non-partisan” debate)
The Daily Kos (so much lunacy spent to lie about Fox News)
Huffington Post (headlines after verdict: Not Guilty but Not Innocent)
MSNBC (look at their ratings)
NBC (doctored the 911 call to paint Zimmerman racist)
ABC (claimed Zimmerman had no injuries on night of shooting)
CBS (labeled Zimmerman white)
CNN (broadcasted Zimmerman social security number)
PBS (labeled Zimmerman white)
NY Times (also labeled Zimmerman white)
AP (also labeled Zimmerman white)
NAACP (a group started by whites to help blacks has gone full circle)
Media Matters (another pro liberal group masquerading as a non-profit)
and countless more
Celebrities: They are just so consumed by their own stardom they’ve abandoned logic
Ellen Barkin
Nicki Minaj
Miley Cyrus
Michael Moore
Chris Brown
Victor Cruz
and countless more

If people of color objected to black people being murdered where is the hue and cry about Chicago, the murder capital of the United States. Take a look here to see some startling statistics from that city. It shows 190 shot and killed and 975 shot and wounded just this year. Most of the victims are black. Where is Mr. Obama on this problem? Where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who have used race to further themselves for years?

Update: Jan. 5, 2017


By now most of the media has covered the story of a young white man with disabilities being tortured for hours by four young Blacks. They are animals. When Barack Obama was elected President they were ten years old and are now products of eight years of racism by Blacks in America – being parceled out by Obama, the Democrat Party and most of the media now attempting to downplay its impact. Barack Obama has four new “useful idiots” that have carried out a racist act – because the aforementioned parties promoted, motivated and spurred Black malcontents to violence. Do you wonder why Chicago is the murder capital of America? Do you wonder who has launched an effort to diminish law enforcement as a means to attack white police officers? Look no further than the Racist-in-Chief – Barack Hussein Obama. We now have our own brand of Jihad in our country.