Nov. 26, 2016

While watching a remake of the “Cosmos” television series one night, host Neil DeGrasse Tyson opened the show talking about the scientific method. I cannot recall the exact words so I’ll paraphrase. It went something like this; “Test ideas with experimentation and observation. Throw out the failed results and keep the successful ones”

Some called our Independence from Britain an experiment in Democracy. That experiment contributed to a rich and powerful nation based on Capitalism and Free Enterprise. But it was not to last. The pendulum continued to move.

Various laws in our country, beginning in 1935, began to make many in our nation less independent – turning them into dependents. How? The National Treasury – where politicians can conceive “programs” meant to take money from one tax-paying citizen and give that money to another. That’s how you get elected and remain in office.

Everything people do in a nation or culture represents points on a pendulum. Unions were once raised to prominence due to unscrupulous employers – they are now controlling and being integral to power and influence in the country. The Unions are now on a downswing as some states begin to make laws limiting the power of Unions in order to let people work without being beholding to a Union and their political one-sidedness. All are points on a pendulum.

The Civil War ended slavery in America with a reported 139,000 dying for the Union, giving their very lives for the cause. African-Americans fought many prejudices up and through the Civil Rights Act of 1965 – giving black Americans sustained rights against discrimination. Now we have Black Lives Matters, a frequently militant group demanding money for slavery, special accommodations in the workplace and academia – even reviving segregation – but now against white people. They want money to be paid them for the slavery that ended 150 years ago – completely forgetting that perhaps something is owed to the ancestors of those who died at Appomattox, Shiloh or Gettysburg.

The Captains of Industry, albeit sometimes corrupt, were hailed and saluted for their contributions to making America an economic powerhouse. Today, one political party is branding anyone having attained riches as evil – having taken their illicit gain from the downtrodden masses.

At one time receiving a college or university degree meant your parents were probably well heeled. But with the generosity from the National Treasury, nearly anyone can borrow money for an advanced education – even if there is no job for the graduates. For many attending our institutions of higher education, they are eternally unhappy – and spoiled. In World War II millions of young men and women rose up to defend our country. Now the brainwashed and sheep-like college kids hate Capitalism, in spite of enjoying all of the benefits they enjoy from it; smart phones, luxury transportation, Internet, Laptops, Notepads, I-phones and I-pods. While making full use of such benefits they instead call such things parts of evil capitalism. Again the pendulum swings. It has swung so far that the majority of academics, the left-wing media and the Democrat Party has so dumbed-down our young that they end up like dysfunctional children. While our enemies on far shores teach their young to kill the infidels, our young require Play-doh and coloring books just to deal with the outcome of a national election.

I actually caught the interview of a young, flag-burning college student from a University at an institution with a yearly tuition exceeding $60,000. He claimed that his parents made their money illegitimately from slave labor and that America stole the country from Native Americans. While he badmouths America he trashes his own Mother and Father who will provide in excess of $240,000 for his education. Smart, dumb or brainwashed?

We have an outgoing President that I am convinced so hates the United States he has left a path of economic and foreign policy carnage for our children to deal with. Troublemakers like the Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter and eternally spoiled young people received Presidential sanction for their misbehavior. I estimate more than half of the country is totally unaware of his intention or even the result of his actions on our nation. That indicates how successful the propaganda machine has been in America.

Being a devotee of history it is easier for me to spot the points on the pendulum. Pretty much any behavior has happened before. Ignore what has happened before and you are assured of being ignorant and a “useful idiot” for those wanting power and control.

Having paid attention to a great deal what has happened in our world since planes flew into the Twin Towers, the points on the pendulum stick out like sore thumbs. Assemble all of them together and one might make predictions on the future.

I don’t want to make predictions – instead I want to present possibilities. Observing current conditions allows me to judge what might occur in the world based on two opposing futures.

One possibility is if the American people buy into the lies, deceit and propaganda of the principal players – or elect to take a harder look at how the benefits of returning to conservatism can help us.

Possibility One – Our Nation Raised More Sheep

Every month on my website I post a collection of events in our world I classify as “warnings”. These are events primarily overseas but events that serve as a harbinger of what will visit our shores if we choose to remain ignorant.

In Britain, they have legalized “Sharia Police”. Roving Muslims that serve to police any Muslim behavior not deemed compliant with Sharia Law. In Sweden the government has banned traditional Christmas light displays out of fear it will offend Muslims. In France a woman seeking the Presidency was charged with a crime for being critical of Muslims. In Germany they have allowed thousands of Muslim refugees into the country with a precipitous rise in crimes against Christians – assaults and rapes among them. When Germans march in protest of these developments they are chastised by government and the media as “extremists”.

Unless something seismic occurs you can color Europe as gone. For whatever reason the leadership in European countries have thrown in with the demise of their nations.

Some of these pro-Muslim actions are beginning in America. The Department of Justice is now suing an American city for refusing the construction of a mosque. Textbooks for our children are lavishly praising Islam and giving short shrift to Judaism and Christianity. The pendulum has swung far in Europe and will soon swing that way in America.

In the United States, the propaganda of the Left has been so successful it now wants to tear down the very building blocks that made America great. How far will the pendulum swing before it reverses course?

Possibility Two – A Brief Respite

With Donald Trump winning the Presidency in late 2016, enough Electoral Votes were cast to give him victory. Some of the most pressing concerns for Americans wanting a Republican to lead the country again are; stopping the invasion from across our Southern border, placing the care and well beings of millions on the backs of working Americans.

Another desire is to see the boot of government lifted off the necks of American businesses – wanting unneeded, costly and job-killing rules and regulations eliminated to give free enterprise some breathing space. Along with this is state and local governments extricating themselves from the overwhelming debt caused by politicians greasing the palms of their constituents in order to gain their votes.

Easily Americans are concerned that we have a capable military and internal law enforcement necessary to guard our shores and our city streets. When a Muslim kills his colleagues in the workplace or on a military post, many have grave concerns when Barack Obama and his people label it “workplace violence” and turn the other cheek when inner city violence by blacks takes more black lives.

With what I see as a conservative agenda actually helping our nation over the next four years, don’t take time to pat yourself on the back.

It will not last.

In history many dictators did not take over a nation overnight. Often it was a process that took years and many lives. Leadership changes came about from the “seeds” planted along the way that eventually granted great power to evil people.

Even if the next four years are filled with gains for America, the seeds for chaos and forced change can be witnessed and show the coming storm. Militancy is spreading not only among blacks and Latinos, but, with the highly gullible youth in our educational system. I predict those voices to become more militant and more unreasonable as the next election nears. By 2020 those seeds will have grown into full-fledged freedom eating plants – willing to accept their own destruction out of ignorance.

I wish I did not harbor these thoughts but I do nonetheless.

In the Bible it tells how Cain slew Abel. Yet here we are today – exactly the same. Not all people are this way and remain wonderful, contributing human beings. But if enough voices cry out, “Give us Barabbus”, our fate is sealed.

Possibility Three – The Storm From Other Shores

My “Warnings” of what might come to America has to include possible events overseas that hit our nation like a tsunami. That is major upheaval in foreign lands that can have great effect on America and can totally negate Possibilities One and Two.

Under the Barack Obama Presidency China has made military advances in the South China Sea and have challenged American backed nations such as South Korea and Japan. The area is now a tinderbox.

Add to that, Russian aggressions in Crimea, the Ukraine and the military support of Syria’s Assad. With Turkey and Russia having shared tensions another powder keg exists.

Again tensions are heightened between Pakistan and China. Both are Nuclear powers.

Global markets are remarkably fragile right now and worldwide debt is at meteoric levels. Some economic crisis can explode – dragging nations and economies into conflict.

Any of the aforementioned scenarios can cause great conflagration in the world with a global depression wreaking havoc among peoples and countries. Keep watching.