My study of history has covered more than sixty decades. Watching the
ebb and flow of power, national borders and wars gives one a
perspective that makes prediction readily accurate. My prediction
written here involves the downfall of the United States – or at
least our country sinking into chaos and being of a third-world

“Say it isn't so!” one might proclaim. But believe me, this prediction
is not one I relish or enjoy putting forth – but reality forces my
penmanship. This has been spurred as being necessary as I move among
the people of our country and make observations on what I see. A few
of my most recent observations came at a Doctor's office, while
driving and watching TV commercials.

These observations only strengthened beliefs I hold concerning Emotional
Retardation – a symptom of what a boatload of data put forth to
Americans, instead of becoming more rational and common sense about
the world the exact opposite has happened, making us dumber – but
only if you accept being lied to and propagandized to – because if
one does not seek truth it makes one ignorant. But, not accepting
truth in lieu of lies and propaganda not only makes you ignorant but
stupid besides

To see where our country is headed you merely have to look at the
signposts we've passed along the way – something the ignorant and
stupid tend to ignore. The predictions for our nation are derived
from the path being taken and the dangers being ignored.

My recent observation at a Doctor's office is how frequently people
reach for a magazine or pull out a cell phone. Once engaged in either
activity the denizens of the waiting room cannot seem to deal without
some input or fearing of being “disconnected” – unless its
actually “talking” to someone face to face. This desire for some
form of “ constant input” only enhances the drifting apart of
being social in person. Its almost like there can be no delay of
gratification – the gratification must be immediate because waiting
for something is almost intolerable to some.

Where will it go from here?

My observation of people driving is one of almost pure lunacy. Rules of
the Road are obviously meant for only a few foolish enough to believe
driving rules save lives. Daily, especially at “rush hour”, folks
that might appear normal standing next to you at the grocer check out
line become crazed maniacs once behind the wheel.

Where will it go from here?

While forced to view television commercials today marketers are
continuously pushing “identity” issues. We see blacks and white
as couples, we see Lesbians as couples and we see Gay men as couples.
These depictions influence the younger generation but the question is
– where will it go from here?

It is this writer's contention that Emotional Retardation has come about
by feeding those wanting something with the idea that whatever they
want they should have. A country with abundance has fueled a culture
of self-gratification and seeking attention moving Immorality and
Decadence ahead at speeds never before witnessed.

Again, we can merely view the signposts of where we have been and the
changes since times long gone and a pattern emerges. In each of the
following issues I feel it is imperative to look back at things long
ago, look at the changes and most importantly – ask where it will
take us from here.

Through rereading and editing I have attempted to hold back the impulse to
ramble but may not always be successful. Hoping that the reader can
make judgments alone that will make his or her world better.


Early schools taught reading, writing and arithmetic. Colleges and
Universities taught towards useful degrees; medicine, journalism,
teaching, law. Teachings in our early United States was looked upon
to give one marketable skills in order to provide for oneself and or
one's family. We learned how people came from Europe, fleeing
religious persecution. We were taught about Christopher Columbus
discovering America, the struggles of early colonists and wars in
which Americans fought and won.

Education today has gone from touting American history to rewriting history,
Educators from Kindergarten through Colleges and University are
pushing socialism and Islam – that America is evil and so is the
way of Capitalism. Upper education is now teaching “social justice”
and includes mandatory “diversity training”. Look at it as
educational chutzpah engaged in by those who believe a sheepskin
gives them more “common sense” than those who are not educators.
Today educators are punishing students for Conservatism or wearing
apparel in support of our president.

In some schools they are pushing transgenderism, an LGBT agenda and
inviting drag queens to read to kindergartners. So, Mom and Dad are
pushed aside in determining what is best for their child – you must
adhere to the great and powerful Government. At one school they had a
practice voting session for elementary kids. In a call to the Rush
Limbaugh show one parent shared how his daughter had voted for all
Democrats because the teachers told her that the President lies all
the time.


This follows through into the halls of higher learning with some schools
actively teaching how to oppose a sitting President.
(to push back on Trump policies)

Other schools are openly hostile to traditional institutions such as
marriage and religion.
EXCLUSIVE: GWU Student Bar Association labels Christian org a 'hate

But it doesn't end with a school's administration. The PC Police on
campus among student government attempt to stifle free speech and
exert Liberal control of students.

Is our educational system turning our leaders or crybabies? Why were
people crying after the election?

Here's one for the record books. It tells of a Democrat politician running
an anti-capitalist bookstore. An anti-capitalist bookstore is practicing

And, of course, a school child hugging a classmate is now criminal to the
Communists running public education:

If educators and snowflakes are exhibiting such power, where will it go
from here?


The first entertainment for early Americans might have come from biblical
studies with the Bible being used as a reading tool; often the only
book in print in many Colonial homes. From there advancements took us
to more books, magazines, newspapers, arcade videos; then silent
movies, motion pictures, streaming data and now Artificial

What has changed along with the means of delivering entertainment gave me
a movie from my childhood? Look at “Cheaper by the Dozen” In the
original movie a Father was a strict disciplinarian raising sons and
daughter to be polite and self-sufficient. The remake, with Steve
Martin, featuring sniveling, snotty, misbehaving brats. Why the

Decades ago Hollywood distinguished between good and evil. Good guy movies
showed right overcoming wrong and war heroes. Then came Bonnie and
Clyde, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and on Television - Better
Call Saul and Breaking Bad.

You may be old enough to remember George Carlin's seven words not allowed
in broadcasts or movies. Today anything goes: Carlin's words; Shit, piss, fuck, cunt,
cocksucker, motherfucker and tits were verboten – words now said daily on nighttime programs.

Porn and nudity were once relegated to X-rated productions but porn and nudity are now widely
available on the net – to anyone, including our children.

While rich Hollywood actors want us to live under Socialism, espouse
gun control yet play with guns killing people in movies and TV.


At the same time Conservatives in Hollywood are banned and blackballed.
Now some Hollywood actors will boycott Georgia because a Republican
won an election.

I have a question for all of the Hollywood elite hypocrites; how much
money must one have to live in a safe neighborhood? That's right, you
may have enough to have 24/7 security and a gated property but what
about those in the Chicago suburbs? Do they earn enough to be
protected from the scum inhabiting our inner cities?

The next question: where will it go from here?

News Media:

News reporting has progressed from the Town Crier to printed newspapers,
radio, television, Internet and phone apps.

Journalism has historically included being nasty probably as early as the first
newspapers. To spur the country into the Spanish/American War 'yellow
journalism' came to the forefront: "Remember the Maine!" Hitler blamed
Poles for attacks in Eastern Germany to justify invasion. Supposed
“news” organizations are now proficient as Propaganda outlets -
not reporting good news and making up news for propaganda:

“Trump will fire Mueller”
“Trump upset with VP”
“Trump wife seeking to live outside WH”

...but not this headline?

“Hillary colludes with Russians – Trump gets investigated”

This link following is an example of that propaganda:


If you wish more examples take this link:


Of course lying news types are even now openly calling for censorship – something they've been doing for years:





If nine out of ten “news” outlets spewing lies, where will it go
from here?

The Moral Code:

You can look at people's behavior today and learn that any moral code
about how to be a good citizen is being eradicated. Moral codes
primarily came from biblical readings including Ten Commandments –
likewise in Judaism, Buddhism and others. Now religion, except for
Islam, is characterized as evil.

Changes in behavior and Language:

-Yes Ma'am, Yes Sir became “Fuck you!”

-You're welcome became “no problem”

-End zone athletes do dances of self-promotion and narcissism.

-Spring Breaks have gone from partying on the beach to getting drunk
on the beach. We've gone from Beach Blanket Movies to flashing tits and “Girls Gone Wild”.

-Likes and Follows making the young dependent upon receiving attention;
just consider the “selfie”. -Young girls and selfies permeate social media with
many young girls showing their own nude photos for anyone to see.

-Its all about “Look at me!!!!!”

-Social Media is now a bastion of the rude and nasty because the child-like cruelty
is done by those outside of arm's reach.

The mantra of the young today: if it feels good, do it. Unfortunately Millennial's
treat politics like fads – fawning over the next Communist political candidate promising
“free everything”. And some wonder why so many come here illegally. This behavior also
includes the proliferation of Opioids, and the legalizing of marijuana. What will be next -
legalizing methamphetamines? Our enemies in the world will have a field day attacking a nation of stoned youth.

I can't help believing that the wisdom-givers of long ago – expressing
that for enlightenment of one's spirit by turning tasks and attention
outward to benefit others – has turned inward in a never-ending spiral
of self-gratification and attainment of self-pleasure.

One may ask - where will it go from here?

Sexual Identity and Sexuality:

Once a simple analysis because most humans are born male or female, some people with too much time on their hands and seeking attention attempt to mix up sex like its a bowl of soup. But, except for anomalies of nature there is – sorry, Liberals – only male and female sexes.

Looking at how one identifies himself or herself sexually an entire gamut of sexual identities has arisen but for what purpose only a social
scientist can explain. But take a look back at sexuality alone, especially in the manner of Female attire, once and forever meant to draw attention from the male. At one time female attire went below the ankle, then above the ankle, then showing the calf, then showing the knees, then showing the thighs then exposing the buttocks via skin-tight apparel.

Just looking at the signposts via the last 100 years we saw women in the early 1900's wearing nearly full covering at the beach. Then came the one-piece bathing suit, then the bikini, then the string bikini.

Where will it go from here?

It is not only adult women furthering the exposure of the female body but now Moms and Dads, perhaps wanting their little girl to be “popular” is translated as being sexually desirable. Continuously advertising is meant to give women a “younger look” but lets not stop at the women, let's make our little girl a slut – thereby attracting attention. Just recently I saw an eight year old with Mom and Dad. She sported skin tight pants with fancy boots. At a restaurant I spotted waiting in line to get sandwiches a girl I guessed to be three years old with skin-tight shorty shorts. This is also reinforced by TV programs such as Tiaras for Toddlers – making little girls look like prostitutes – and winning prizes!

Where will it go from here?

Women wanting or needing to be a stay-at-home Mom are commonly criticized by Liberals with the institution of marriage being drummed into
obsolescence. As long as our Government subsidizes single parenthood you may expect more of it. The cure all for an undesired pregnancy – because, in spite of so much knowledge available to men and women they somewhat are still mystified that sexual intercourse can produce a human being – was Roe vs. Wade; a Supreme Court decision that legalized the killing of the unborn. Strangely, Liberals cry out for protections for illegal immigrants and convicted felons but embrace abortion.

This mixing of sexuality and sex gives us Drag Queens reading to Kindergartners as the Liberal Left in schools keep pushing the envelope on what is permissible for exposing to the very young.

All of this behavior on marriage and abortion has resulted in a breakdown of many American families. One only need see the effects:



As if this wasn't enough we now have men marrying men and men marrying women. With the floodgates open how long until a 30 year old man is
allowed to marry his ten year old daughter?

But it doesn't even end there as we now have a major feminization of men – advocating makeup, adornment and even botox injections.

Where will it go from here?

Abundance and Ignorance:

One issue now is just how much is enough to make people happy? Consider transportation for example.

Walking was the first mode of transportation for thousands of years. Once domesticated, horses could take a person many, many more miles before
tiring, The some bright individual invented a wagon, then a train, the auto, airplanes, and now spaceships.

From walking in the elements to riding in a powered vehicle with music entertainment, a GPS device replacing a map, a system that controls the environment within the vehicle and soft comfortable seating that anyone in the 1800's would view as simply wonderful – still many race around during driving like there's no tomorrow. When people never suffer hardship they have no basis of comparison – leaving the door open to physically assault someone because they did not get enough ketchup with their fast food order.


Some consumers are never happy at all for very long with anything. In our area the main roads are loaded with used car dealerships since some
folks are willing to go into debt to have the latest and greatest. Media and advertising has conditioned the consumer for more than 150 years. Use our medicine and you can play Frisbee on the beach with your grandchildren!

The “I want it now” mindset has made people spend beyond their means......


….even among corporations.


Of course, the biggest propaganda in advertising is using the word “SAVE!” I figure with all the money I have saved by buying goods and services I must be a millionaire by now! Alas, not so. But the big question remains; Where will it go from here?

Government Actions:

The foremost factor destroying our country is people elected to government positions. They often will legislate in a way that ends up requiring more in tax collections from the U.S. worker. One of which is Democrat's policies on criminal illegal immigrants being given “Sanctuary”. They do this for votes alone – not for the betterment of the country.

Naturally the younger millennial generation is all for allowing people to come here to live for free, totally ignorant that when they get a paycheck money will be taken from them so their “Social Justice” mindset can be appeased.

Liberals always distract from the actual costs of their actions. But ignorance is the best weapon Liberalism has because young people want to be “fair” to others. I wonder what will happen in twenty years when government officials break into their home, take their food and give to illegal immigrants. Oh how things would change! The link following illustrates the dramatic ignorance of today's college youth;


Recently two juveniles planned to murder and drink the blood of victims.

Other factors contribute to our downfall. One was when those in Government, on order to appease voters that spoke Spanish, made Government documents in English and Spanish. Once those floodgates opened it was a means of dividing Americans – and that's what Liberals want. Two-language documents are not enough for them to have total control as they are now fighting for open borders and willfully aiding a mass “invasion” from other countries.

Those in Government just love to spend money – simply because it is not their money – its yours. Here are some bellwether pieces of legislation that is driving reckless spending. With our National Debt now at $20 Trillion, look at that Debt at the time more spending was initiated:

Debt numbers when Social Programs passed:
Social Security – 34,000,000,000.00 - $34Billion

Great Society/Welfare/Immigration Acts – 317,000,000,000.00 – $317 Billion

$12,000,000,000,000.00 - $12 Trillion

Debt - $21,000,000,000,000.00 - $21 Trillion

In the link below it already signals trouble brewing when Government largess is like a drug:


What will happen when interest on the debt overwhelms the nation?


The roll into socialism will be finalized when those like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get enough like-minded cohorts in Congress.



If millennial's signal their “virtue” by being so magnanimous with other peoples money - where will it go from here?

Propaganda and Ignorance:

The country is in a downfall more now than ever due to ignorance. While ignorance is not demanded of our young today it certainly is the watchword. Lies, distortions and censorship are rampant among information providers – resulting in ignorant voters. Where can you see it? Everywhere.

Social Media and most media outlets hide the truth on a daily basis. Here's a gem where NBC refused to report about a gang rape:


Multiple voices can debate. One voice only is dictatorship – and that's what we will get if Democrats control the three branches of Government again. You can count on websites like “The Daily Caller”, “Breitbart.com” along with Rush Limbaugh and other Conservative commentators driven from the airwaves.

Most likely young people can name entertainers but not their representatives in local, state and national government. Hollywood people are treated as “stars”. Why? Because people flock to one entertainer or another paying out hefty sums for absorbing their products – then adopting their lack of common-sense rhetoric when it comes to national issues. They called Beto O'Rourke, the Texas U.S. Senatorial candidate, a “rock star”

On television Conservative American values are under constant attack with Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and those on the View making a living trashing conservatives. With the electronic device generation people can't distinguish between truth and fantasy – some actually believing television's Judge Judy to be on Supreme Court. This has been brought more to the forefront in recent days by Liberals claiming that a “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” and “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer are “racist”



And heaven forbid if you spank a child for misbehaving.


Many young people lack direction and common-sense. It is now cool to hate America. They protest our Flag, our Constitution and our Country, Anti-Americanism is “cool” because people want to be portrayed as Social Justice Warrior's thereby giving a purpose to their otherwise selfish lives.

What did the Great Depression teach us? From using an outhouse to now? From pumping water from a well to now? How many are really hungry in

Where will it go from here?

Weaponizing the living dead:

Physically assaulting Conservatives



And now the mail bomber.

Liberals paint all Conservatives as evil, should not have a voice, should not be allowed to vote, should not be allowed to live. The Kavanaugh hearings show the Left does not believe in due process – only the hangman's noose.

This comes from the Democrats, Hollywood, the Music industry, Antifa and BLM.

Social Media has taken one from being embarrassed by troublemakers in the schoolyard to troublemakers embarrassing others across the nation and
the world.

Now we are getting “Listening Devices” placed in American homes – devices that listen and record your private conversations.

All of the above contributes to a generation of spoiled rotten, immature, greedy, whining, Emotionally Retarded youth. What started in the 60's has produced this. What will happen next and where will it go from here?


North America had been settled for centuries by native populations. A slow migration from Europe began in the late 1400's, primarily from Holland, France, England and Spain.

Immigration policies up until 1965 gave priority to those of European extraction. In 1965 that changed after Democrat Ted Kennedy got the Immigration and Naturalization Act passed that year. The priority was now focused on bringing “needy” people into the country – expected to vote for Democrats once achieving citizenship or by illegal voting.

Weapons of War:

Wars have come about repeatedly over almost any imaginable reason. A new war of global proportions could reduce the planet to a post-apocalyptic dustbin. Just consider the progression of “weapons” used throughout history. First we had clubs and rocks, then via human ingenuity we advanced to axes and spears, then the bow and arrow, the ballista or launched spears and rocketry, the musket, cannon via gun powder, the rifle and poison gas, machine guns, long range artillery; from the V1 and V2 rockets to intercontinental ballistic missiles, then cruise missiles, from balloons to airplanes to jet planes, the
atomic bomb, the hydrogen bomb and now Electronic Magnetic Pulse bombs. All the while the basic tools of terrorism has never been

While up till now there has not been a nuclear war – with cooler heads prevailing up until now – what will happen as in the case of the
Bosnian student, one person, shooting and killing the Archduke Ferdinand and his Wife? One man's action that day resulted in World
War I with millions upon millions being killed.

Where will it go from here?

While some leaders remain controlled about beginning a nuclear Armegeddon, what will it be when the actions of one person, ala the Bosnian student, can't keep his finger off the trigger of a powerful weapon or a nuclear launch button?

Lethal, powerful weapons are in abundance worldwide. One person, deranged enough, can start the world toward destroying the modern world.

May I summarize human behavior? Read below.

An imaginary perspective:

It is the year 962 AD. A man is in a field working his crop of corn and grain. He has a wife and a young daughter. They have a humble shack but have firewood, some stored foods and have made clothing from animal hides. Without any disturbance he may live a somewhat full life, seeing his daughter wed and greeting grandchildren into his life.

One day in the field, however, he looks up and sees perhaps fifty men on horseback on the ridge above. They carry clubs, spears and swords – they slowly begin making their way in his direction. What do you believe might be the outcome for this man and his family?

I make no lamentations for those introducing terror into people's lives but sympathize with all of the people throughout history that have been tortured and killed by “takers”. This is still true today as some in government keep pushing us towards a totalitarian country.

Those swept aside by the takers are still among us today – being led by those with vast promises – only in reality seeking our enslavement. But in the modern age the enslavement does not immediately come from the end of a gun – instead from crippling rules, regulations and taxes. Just study the Obama presidency for proof of this ideology. When they are in total control then you will be confronted by the end of a gun – most likely because your gun has been confiscated.

How can we learn?

If I don't ask about the experiences of the generation before me and what they didn't have, I won't appreciate what I had as a youth. If the youth of today don't ask about my experiences and what I didn't have – they won't appreciate all they have today. Study history – gain wisdom, perspective, discernment.

Where Lies Hope?

It lies within those not takers, but givers. They will, as throughout history, sacrifice and rebuild nations and economies. They are the great “unheard”. They are the Individuals; the Moms and Dads working daily to feed, clothe and house their families whom have existed for millennia.

After all wars, after all invasions, after all destroyed economies – those who “give” will rebuild. Most likely, the bulk of any people absorbing this narrative will not be participating in the rebuild of the world. The “Givers” will bail us out as in all times past.



As a believer in the good of humanity outweighing the bad, I wish to express an undying hope in humankind. This is expressed in the theme song of a Sci-Fi TV show entitled, Star Trek Enterprise, an imaginary narrative about earth's future struggles to conquer far distant space. It highlights a struggle that ends in achievement and I believe it to be noteworthy in this day and age.

I will be recording this entire writing and singing this song at the end of the my last video. For anyone not knowing the song please enjoy
the lyrics here:

(My apologies for the whacky paragraphs and sentences. This is my first posting using the upgraded WordPress application. It took me two seconds to copy and paste the text - then nearly an hour to fix all of the screwed up text)
Live long and prosper.