Polls and Prejudice
Sept 17, 2017

Polls have become tools of propagandists and charlatans. Remember how poll after poll determined Hillary Clinton would be swept into the Presidency – only by not having polled enough people to get at the truth.

Such hypocritical presenting of information is not specifically to test the pulse of Americans but to suit the narrative of those putting the poll results out to the people.

Polls are a sampling – and frequently a biased sampling, of people willing to give a poll question answer. Do you support Trump? Just ask a majority of Democrats to answer your poll question and you will get the answer you baked into the process.

When I see a poll on any given issue and the reporting indicates, “Only 43% of Americans trust so and so”, how is it I am lumped in with the poll results when nobody asked me a darned thing?

If we look at the definition of ‘prejudice’ it tells us that is the practice of deciding something by only looking at the surface, or pre-judging. The majority imprisoned in America are decidedly Blacks and Latinos – but not all Blacks and Latinos are bad.

Some Muslims are so radical they cause upheaval in the Middle East and have migrated their jihadist concepts into Europe and now America. But not all Muslims are bad.

One of the largest recipients of prejudice is for the Jewish people of the world. Certainly there are bad Jews but not to the extent that makes them unreasonably hated across the globe.

How are polls and prejudice intertwined?

Polls are often created with a purpose in mind – not to be informative – but to create a poll figure meant to stimulate prejudice. The polls favoring Hillary Clinton was to stimulate the thought in the voters that Trump had no chance to win so you may as well mark the box for the Democrat.

Polls also create prejudice just by the nature of the question; “Do you believe white people are all racist or all white supremacist?”

That certainly taints the results, does it not?

Prejudice has been around since humans looked different, acted differently, or maybe held religious beliefs other than someone else. Prejudice so harmful that it led to the millions of Jews being killed in death camps by the Nazis, thousands of Christians being killed by ISIS and now those who are clubbed and beaten by masked terrorists attempting to wipe out hate – by hating.

A rational person will make a conscious effort not to prejudge people, but those who make no effort to fight their way out of the paper bag of ignorance keep this most harmful human practice alive and thriving.