Political Mafia – The Cancer of Democracy

March 12, 2017

One day in the 1970’s I was leaving my bank after cashing a check. In my car
when recounting the cash I found the cashier had given me $50 too much.
I immediately went back inside the bank and explained to the grateful
cashier her mistake, whereupon she told me she might have lost her job
due to the error.

Although my upbringing told me to do the right thing, it is understood that not everyone
having that experience would have returned the money. The difference between the right
and wrong behavior is what identifies a person’s character and integrity.

Those pursing a life of crime, robbery, embezzlement, assault or even murder – run the risk
of being tried and convicted then granted residence in a jail or prison. But some crime can
be pursued and it’s all legal and promoted by a devious set of individuals who primarily find
a happy place to pursue ill-gotten gain – as a Democrat politician.

First it must be clarified that in America we do not have a true Democracy. In that instance
everyone would have to study every law and vote on those laws. Instead, we have a
Representative Republic, a system of voting for someone to be our voice and carry out our
wishes in the halls of government.

Every four years during a General Election, most voters listen to some speeches, make
their choice and then return to their daily pursuits, waiting for the next four-year cycle
when they will be asked to once again choose leadership.

If we go back to own pursuits of work, watching television, attending sport events or
playing video games, we will not know the reality of how we are governed and the
ramifications of that government. For the most part Americans only pay attention
when it hits them in their wallets. Because of this corruption and wrongdoing by
government happens with little repercussion.

One little instance of government malfeasance may be like a single, solitary cancer cell
infecting the body politic. Undiagnosed or ignored, the cancer can spread. It can spread
to a point where the body is so infected the only way it can be stopped is when the host
body dies. One political party has continuously and with impunity pursued spreading
the cancer that will consume the United States.

The Democrat Party is spreading this cancer that is eating away at America and with
help from an ignorant political base and rampant propaganda from the majority of
the media – the cancer spreads and worsens.

At President Trump’s State of the Union Address the Congressional Democrats openly
defied celebrating the President’s plans for; reducing government spending, helping job
growth and enhancing our nation’s security. How can they get away with it? It is because
the mainstream media daily censors their wrongdoings and puts out “fake news” by
the truckload.

Democrats are crying murder because the Republican controlled committees working on
fixing the national healthcare debacle are not running daily to Democrats for approval.
Democrat leadership and the media are yelling day and night they have no plan or they
are not allowing the public to see their plans. Those very same Democrats passed
Obamacare without it being read or even seen by the public, most Democrats or any
Republicans. That’s okay for Democrats but a pox upon Republicans for something
that hasn’t even gotten out of committee.

Did you watch the House Committee hearings? Democrats on the Committee
repeatedly attempted to get answers they wanted to hear even though the man
testifying had no expertise to answer those questions. Democrats were pushing
the man testifying to tell the Committee how much insurance company CEO’s
earned and was it legitimate for Insurance companies to write off their top
dollar payrolls.

Another Democrat asked the man testifying if he had any information on the
average insurance company CEO salary. That’s like asking my auto mechanic
how will Ford Motors affect the auto industry in future sales – totally unrelated.
The man was there to testifying on how taxes affected the national budget –
but it was a typical Democrat dog and pony show. Keep in mind; Obamacare
purposely expanded Medicaid, primarily a state-funded program. But once
expanded the new Medicaid drug was used by government to hook millions
more on receiving a government dole – that’s how you win votes.

Democrats are so upset at having lost the election that they blow up every little
piece of information to allude corruption on the part of the opposing Party.
The new Attorney General met with a Russian Ambassador – proof for Democrats
that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians during the election – except,
for the umpteenth time, there is no proof. After some Party leaders decried the
meetings and stated they had never done anything so criminal – reports of Democrats
having met with the Ambassador come out – indicating the Democrats - with media
help – lied.

Another report shows the EPA finding reasons to fine corporations for violating
whatever rule they happen to invent, that those offending companies were offered
to reduce their fines if those monies went instead to non-profit organizations. The
organizations that benefited were leftwing groups that worked to promote Democrats.
It is no different than crime bosses in the 1920’s and 1930’s offering protection for
businesses – meaning failure to pony up the extortion money meant a high probability
of their business being fire bombed, or in this case being charged with a crime by the EPA.


I suspect most Moms and Dads would be terribly upset to find a man in the bathroom
with their adolescent daughter. But with Barack Obama’s help that very thing was
promoted and “legalized”. For some reason we all were forced to buy into the
President’s “ideology” of being fair to anyone who couldn’t determine that having
a penis meant you were a man and having a vagina meant you were a woman.
Forget everything society has understood since the beginning of human history,
we all have to bend to the will of a Democrat. Did Obama sincerely sympathize
with transgenders or did he use the issue to further divide the American people?

In the same way Freedom of Religion was tossed aside, forcing bakers to be made
criminals for failing to bake a wedding cake for lesbians, or forcing religious
organizations to fund abortions against their religions beliefs. Forget about
your beliefs, the Democrat Mafia imposes their will on you to gain the votes
of a class of people representing a distinct and tiny minority, while at the same
time being granted permission to pursue the non-believers for criminality.

Every major government benefit program was passed when Democrats were in
control in Washington; Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare and now
Obamacare. Screw the national budget; Democrats knew they could buy votes

with their generosity – paid for by the working class in America. How else would
the man bellyaching about a national debt nearing $10 trillion be able to schmooze
America enough to double that national debt during just eight years of a
Democrat presidency? Look at the cities and states most desperately facing
debt issues and you will find Democrats in control.

After the recent election the new President alluded to voter corruption.
Democrats and the media screamed he had no evidence – that it was all
political theatre. Yet in Detroit during an election vote recount, some
Districts could not qualify for recount, as there appeared to be more
votes cast than there were registered voters. In Virginia it was revealed
that some Districts reported more votes than registered voters. The
Virginia legislature passed a law to investigate – which was promptly
vetoed by the Democrat Governor, Terry McAuliffe. Not only were voting
crimes being committed, the Democrat Governor made sure no
investigation would go forward.

During Congressional recesses, Representatives and Senators typically
hold Townhall meetings; meant to gauge the wants and desires of their
constituents. Since the Trump presidential victory the Republican held
townhalls have been upset by angry, shouting mobs, presumably voters
upset about planned changes to Obamacare. Even with proof submitted
that Obama supporting groups organizes these protesters, the media will
do everything to deny the truth, as does the entirety of the Democrat Party.

In every city, in every state, and in Washington, those taking the oath of
office as a Democrat pursue lies, distortion, corruption and propaganda
to continue the raping and pillaging of the American people. Like cancer
cells that make a first appearance in the body, they have spread and
propagated, now infecting so many parts of the body the body may never
recover. The host body may have to die before the cancer dies.

But Democrats are only too happy to destroy the nation as long as they
profit in the short term. As long as Democrats keep offering to transfer
wealth to a cooperating voter they can continue on the merry life of crime –
never accepting blame or responsibility.

The old adage of “asking a fox to watch the henhouse” is not realized by
the masses voting for Democrats. Democrats wrap their message in
promises to take money from someone else under the guise of fairness
while the gullible masses continue to remain ignorant and swallow
what ever they say as truth.

Just think about it, Hillary Clinton won more votes that Donald Trump.
Only the genius of the Electoral College prevented Democrats from
being able to continue a dynasty of destruction. Promise them candy
and the children will follow – as more voters wanted the candy promised by Hillary.

Democrats continue their success of criminality because Liberalism
adopts the mob mentality. In America, if you point out the injustices
of Democrats they will fetch the mobs of ignorant and greedy Americans
to stone you to death – the same way when ISIS enters a Middle East
village and “magically” converts Christians to Islam.

Pure evil exists in America – perpetrated by the Democrat Party. But
when the nation is finally destroyed – rest assured the Republicans
will be at fault – simply because the Democrats and their evil media
minions will say so. The current administration is finding roadblocks
daily within our own government. Spies and moles were set up and
maintained by the individuals willing to usurp and diminish anything
meant to upright our ship of state. They are deeply entrenched within
all Agencies overseen for the eight previous years by one Barack Hussein
Obama, the Federal Courts, the CIA, EPA, FBI, NSA, IRS, et al.

If you are considering a life of crime – don’t overlook the opportunity
offered by becoming a Democrat politician. Over and again it is proven
to work. Hell, you can even set up your own Foundation to collect money
from all those around the world you made promises to. Don’t worry
about being uncovered – the Media will do it’s utmost to protect you.

P.S. After a new Trump travel ban is announced, states controlled by
Democrats are suing our government for – now get this – attempting
to keep radical Jihadists from entering the U.S.

How all the ignorant Democrat supporters can be so brain dead eludes
me and why they welcome the new cancer of Islam invading Europe and
our country. Add to that a California Democrat offering up a bill to de-fund
U.S. troops in Syria – because Democrats just can’t allow Trump to be
victorious against our enemy.


If I can find the information discussed in this article why can’t the rest of the
ignorant Liberals, Millenials and Progressives? All it takes is paying attention.
Do that and you will discover that America’s greatest enemy is right inside
our very own borders – the Democrat Party.