Do you remember Paul Harvey’s radio program and his segment called, “The Rest of the Story”? He would use a tantalizing lead-in to get you to stick around and get the full story on some well-known or even lesser-known historical event. We sure could use a man like him again since so many Media outlets post a headline meant to influence the reader’s concept of the story. Often times however, if you read the whole story they end up shooting themselves in the foot – merely to present a narrative.

A headline in today’s Mainstream Media can totally lie about a story’s actual content. The headline might paint something drastic about the country suffering under Donald Trump’s policies but if you read the actual story the authors refute themselves inside the story.

Want some examples? I’m glad you asked.

Here’s one from our local Cable Provider, Spectrum, propagandizing from their news source, Bay News 9. The headline link is:

The article is meant to scare the consumer that Trump raising tariffs on Chinese goods will harm the American consumer. Clothing, shoes, electronics, and especially those electronic games that your spoiled brat can’t live without, will all see price increases. This comes from the website:

If tariffs go into effect as planned, Florida’s economy is likely to take a hit.

Last year, businesses in the state imported $10.7 billion in goods from China and exported $1.5 billion in products, according to Enterprise Florida.

The state’s top imports include electrical equipment, data-processing machines and furniture. Its top exports are gold, copper scrap and aircraft parts.

Did you notice something in that second line? That we spend nearly ten times more for Chinese goods than the Chinese than they spend here. Could that be why your college graduate kid is still living at home instead of having a job? Just think about it; they are crying crocodile tears for the poor Chinese taking away American jobs just so you can save a buck at Walmart.

Here’s another BS story from by the ever mysterious, Tyler Durden. In the article it presents a chart showing a continuous circle of events:

Text leading up to the chart below states:

there is a risk of an adverse feedback loop where the trade war hinders economic growth, therefore prompting additional Fed easing, which in turn allows for greater trade war escalation

More tariffs - economy/market weakens - Fed eases - economy/market strengthens - back to more tariffs

The chart displays a circular, repeating cycle. What’s wrong with that? I’ll tell you. It assumes that the left-hand box, ‘Economy/market strengthens’ necessarily leads to ‘More tariffs.’ IT DOES NOT! Has the author never, never heard of Trade Agreements? Of course not. Will the author tell the reader that a Trade Agreement will break the cycle? The article’s intent is not to have the reader to see hope in Donald Trump’s policies, only doom.

Here’s another goody out of L.A.

The headline only mentions transgender women were removed but inside the story itself;

The transgender group, along with several gay men, said they were grabbed and made to leave the bar Las Perlas.

Then the story tells why the whole thing developed:

The group at the bar was comprised of staff and volunteers from a local nonprofit, Bienestar Human Services who were there to support DTLA Proud, an annual two-day festival held in Pershing Square that celebrates the LGBTQ community.

Outside Las Perlas Saturday evening dozens from the LGBTQ community protested outside the bar. The demonstrators chanted “Trans lives matter.”

Might I believe that some of those protesting outside took it upon themselves to go somewhere just to make trouble? Why were they protesting this bar in the first place? Could the report have stated LGBT protesters removed from L.A. bar? Naw! That would not fit the angry LGBT narrative, would it.

Same as the Jussie Smollett Race Hoax. You would not have known the truth if you trusted the judgment of the Black District Attorney in Chicago and the entire Leftwing Media.  And, just like the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ anti-police narrative used by the Left to attack law-enforcement. You wouldn’t know the truth unless some honest media told you ‘the rest of the story’.