Not Searching
Jan 7, 2018

Ten thousand years ago a family hides in a cave as thunder, lightning and rain causes them to huddle in fear. There had to be some great entity with vast power to control nature in that way they must have thought. Later, science explained to us what caused the rain, the lightning and the thunder. But until science could be brought to explain so much of the unknown in our world, religion had to come to the forefront – basically using an educated guess to explain it all – and some self-elevated person to dispense those explanations. In other words, religion was made up to explain that which we did not know.

In spite of religion being replaced by scientific knowledge the one vestige of religion that could not and should never be replaced is that we all adopt a means of being good toward one another. We can be as those in the cave ten thousand years ago or we can be as we are today, understanding so much about the Universe in which we live – but that necessary concept of goodness toward our fellow human being cannot be replaced or explained away by science. It is the one true concept that can give us that elusive harmony we so desperately seek.

God and our concept of God is something that is inside an individual and religious leaders of the past and present attempt to act as intermediaries between an almighty God and ourselves. They are interlopes – having no right or decree to take ownership of God or attempt to dispense that of which they have no real knowledge. You can take it upon yourself to render the peace you wish for. Seek goodness just for the sake of the peace it will give you and you will surely appease any God anyone can imagine.

What prompts me to write this?

It has been my lifelong dream to be at peace in my heart and until a human can approach me and make a tree or a flower or create lightning – I cannot give credence to that individual creating his or her explanation of God. So, my God dwells within me, chastising me for greed, a lack of compassion and ignorance. It rests upon me to turn those in opposite directions – and not up to one wearing vestments or grasping some religious tome. It’s just me and my God and those supposedly speaking for a God must want something from me – be it my allegiance or my worldly goods. My God makes no such demands.

At the Council of Nicea in 325 it was determined that the Gnostic Gospels would not be part of the Bible. Why? The Gnostics espoused the very same thing as I did above. How could a middleman get money or position without attempting to be the go between? And those who act as go-betweens have sparked so much destruction over the millennia because they anointed themselves as someone special – above you – and between you and God. Those who have and still commandeer God for their own ends stir others who fail to ask important questions to do their bidding – and often die in the process.