Not Practicing What You Preach

It is amazingly common in the world today that people attempt to tell everyone else how they should feel and act. Entertainer, Cher, for instance, has come out blasting Republicans for not covering ‘pre-existing conditions’ in the newly passed House Bill, the American Health Care Act. She’s worried about getting her asthma medicine.

Never mind the fact that this narrative is absolutely false, Cher, like so many Liberals and Leftwingers don’t worry about the facts but instead make pronouncements totally out of ignorance.

The Affordable Care Act was a disastrous piece of Democrat legislation and has harmed many American families attempting to deal with coverage they don’t need, premiums they can’t afford and deductibles that actually mean they might not receive any coverage at all.

But why does Cher wrongfully bemoan something untrue? She has an estimated worth of around $305 million dollars. Do you think she will have to ponder whether she can afford a visit to the Doctor? Is having millions of dollars preventing her from getting her asthma medicine? She disingenuously attempts to equate herself with those of lesser means because ‘truth’ to a Liberal is something totally incomprehensible.

France is currently being destroyed by immigration. Lots of Liberals there express support for allowing more Muslims into their country. But in a video from French television, people on the street attesting to their agreement on bringing more immigrants to France – sing a completely different tune when asked to actually take a Muslim immigrant into their home.

Just as the Kennedy family years ago espoused wind power, they acted to not allow wind farms to be constructed in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast where their favorite summer homes were. That is often referred to as NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard.

Free Speech is guaranteed by our Constitution but on College campuses across the country students are literally battling any speech by a Conservative. What is okay for them is not okay for you.

Hypocrisy – thy name is Liberalism. Why are Liberals so ignorant? Because they choose to use people like Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher and the dimbulbs on “The View” as their sources of information. The same ignorance is camouflaged as news via the likes of MSNBC, CBS, ABC and CNN. Stupid is as stupid does.