M-48 Main Battle Tank
Military experience of the webmaster
(Never fired a shot at
another human being but
trained to do so. My penchant for volunteering worried the wife)

Family Military Connections
Denied service for health reasons
Soldered radio connections for aircraft radios, Chicago
Crew chief for F4U Corsair during WWII, California
Riveted machine gun canopies for B25 Airplane, California
Eldest Brother:
Served with secret clearance in late 50’s in Okinawa monitoring Chinese jet aircraft
Older Brother:
Served in 725th Light Maintenance Batt., late 60’s, Cu Chi, Vietnam
2 Uncles:
First Uncle killed in France, WWII
Second Uncle served with CB’s, entered Normandy on D-Day plus 6. Helped set up Mulberry floating docks
Third Uncle:
Joined Canadian Army at outbreak of War. Was decorated with highest medal for bravery by Canadian Government
The webmaster entered service in March of 1971. Training was completed in the following areas:

Basic Training-Ft Campbell
LPC-Ft Knox (top graduate)
AIT Armor-Ft Knox (top graduate)
OJT-Ft Kox
NCO School-Ft Knox (#2 graduate-beaten by a better man)
Tank Training NCO Tank Commander-Ft Knox

Colt 45
45 cal. Submachine gun (grease gun)
M60 machine gun
M79 Grenade Launcher
30 cal tank mounted machine gun
50 cal tank mounted machine gun
90 mm tank rounds
105 mm tank rounds
M48 Main Battle Tank
M60 Main Battle Tank
Shillelagh wire guided missle
Redeye shoulder mounted heat seeking missle
Sheridan armored personel carrier
advanced hand to hand combat
enemy plane spotting
mortar forward observer
artillery forward observer
radio communications
map reading and recon
(training for one full year as a draftee – sent to Korea – given desk job in Ration Control, Letters of Authorization for major purchases and dog tags, 2nd Inf. Div. Adjutant General Office. Dong Du Chon, Korea)
Honorably discharged Christmas Eve, 1971 from Fort Lewis, Washington; Pulled temp street corner assignment there while General Westmorland passed by. Gave my snappiest salute. Arrived home the south side of Chicago Christmas morning at 7 a.m. …….by surprise! Family was unaware of my coming home. Cool!