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An excerpt from the Webmaster’s upcoming book, “America's 2nd Civil War”

Opposing Ideologies – Behind the Mask

 Abraham Lincoln at the 1858 Illinois Republican Convention: “A house divided cannot stand”

Will we remain Capitalist or will we enter into Socialism? The Electoral College will determine our direction in November of 2020 – barring any illegality on part of the Left-wing states, even now conspiring to keep one candidate off the Presidential ballot, purely in an illegal and unconstitutional way.

It must be impressed upon the reader early on that Socialism is not the end to the means, but a means to the end. To identify it more correctly, it is not Socialism, but Communism. But Communism is not the end to the means, but a means to the end. The real goal of Socialism/Communism is actually a Dictatorship. Study any totally Socialist nation today and you will find them ruled by a Dictator.

In any War, a uniform identifying the enemy was crucial in making sure you did not kill somebody on your side. In the Civil War not all wore Confederate Grey for the South, but it was the recognized Confederate uniform. For the Union, the color was blue.

For the War that might come in a few short years, the Left has easily identified the enemy, those of European ancestry, namely, White People. From a hundred yards this characteristic reveals the opposition. The Left plans to fill its ranks with People of Color, in an all-out assault to go from equal opportunity to the false promise of equal outcomes.

Capitalism in America has resulted in the U.S. being the wealthiest nation in the world. The concept incorporates the idea that each individual is necessarily responsible for his or her survival - using skills and abilities to provide sustenance for themselves – seeking financial gain to maintain a household, a lifestyle and a family, if that is one's pursuit. But Capitalism does not limit the individual to only sustenance, instead freely allowing that individual to build an enterprise that can become large; producing a great amount of capital, or money.

Socialism calls for the individual surrendering many of the economic and Constitutional freedoms to those administering what we do, how we live, our health care, our education and our own self-determination - to those impaneled by Government to make those decisions for us. Socialism is replete with failure every time it is enacted. Many advocates for Socialism point to small European countries as examples of Socialism's success, like Denmark, Norway and Sweden. These countries, however, are not Socialist but Capitalist countries that have extremely high taxation in order to pay for a myriad of Government services.

First, I must define those ideologies to which I refer. Historians know the issue of Slavery was not the single reason for upset among the mid-19th Century Southern States, but still the most relevant. Today the ideologies are Conservatism, or Capitalism versus Socialism, or Communism. The two sides have drawn lines and let the propaganda, censorship and falsehoods begin.

I cannot reduce the differences above into just two identifiers. Both ideologies have large laundry lists of cultural variations that fall under each philosophy. Capitalism carries with it a history of how America has functioned since gaining nationhood; its religious, familial, educational and moral underpinnings. But with each philosophy comes a litany of cultural beliefs and desires about what those voting in our country demand as a way of being governed. Calling it Capitalism versus Socialism will not flesh out the DNA of each. Each camp has many, many issues that would necessarily be addressed via each form of Government.

For those on the Right, the idea is to keep and embrace the system that has proven so successful for American prosperity, namely, Capitalism. Along with that is a host of decades-long traditions and heritage that has also been a mainstay of our Culture; traditional marriage, heterosexuality, merit-based pay, practicing religion, strong law enforcement, a strong military, maintaining our Constitutional Rights and Laws, opposition to open borders, a limited Government, having limits on human behavior in the arena of decency; a belief in hard work being the essential ingredient to subsisting and surviving – all things Conservative.

For the Left, the ideology is nearly a polar opposite; wanting cradle to grave sustenance provided by Government, an open approach to abortion up to and even after birth, negating religion, a re-establishment of racial segregation (this time against the White Race), eliminating law enforcement at the local and national levels - and in issues of illegal immigration, in essence, open borders - illegal immigrants being granted Government benefits following the granting of Citizenship, the tearing down of Capitalism, slave reparations, special treatments in the law and in society for “People of Color”, same-sex marriage, sexual identity as determined by one’s imagination, free health care, free college, guaranteed income, college debt forgiveness, gun confiscation, stacking the Supreme Court, elimination of the Electoral College, placing Presidential ballot requirements outside the Constitution and of course, raising taxes and adding programs and regulations to expand Government – all things Liberal.

I ask the reader to now stop and reread the previous two paragraphs. Because those are the issues that are dividing the nation and propelling people away from verbal disagreements toward verbal arguments, then toward violence in the form of assault and property damage. How each side presents and advocates for actions meant to foster their will upon the other will spur this into confrontation with fists, knives, clubs, guns – and then, armed mobs.

Selling Socialism is merely a tool. The ad campaign is Emotional, not rational. The promise of the Left is, “anything goes, whatever you desire we will give you”. The end goal is total Governmental control. The fact that some or many people will die for each philosophy is of no concern to power seekers.



(Presently I am researching for my next book, “America’s 2nd Civil War”, planned for release in January of 2020)

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