My Blog is now Nude News because it is my desire to strip bare all of the hypocrisy and lies of the Leftist Agenda and expose their devious methods.
(Did the page title grab anyone's attention?)


There is a great deal of discussion on abortion these days. I have to comment on a modern evil rising up in our Country – namely, Feminists. This evil cadre has taken the women's movement into an area that allows them to be dressed in provocative clothing yet claiming they should not be viewed in a sexual context. Also, just like extremist Muslims who will kill a non-believer at the drop of a hat, women, once viewed as being granted the incredible gift of being able to bring a new human life into being, are now adopting infanticide, killing the unborn and now the newly born, as a matter of convenience, as they now claim the right to determine life or death for a new human being.

Is it any wonder why the Bible says it was the woman, Eve, in the Garden of Eden, that accepted the words of the serpent, telling Adam to eat the forbidden fruit with her. Complicit with the far left Feminists are their evil accomplices, Democrats in Liberal states passing laws that allow a newborn to be delivered, then it is to be decided between the Mother and the Doctors whether that child is allowed life. This is all because Permissiveness is the tool of the Democrat Party – anything goes if it gets votes. The Media even goes as far as celebrating the killing of the newborn.

In spite of infanticide being hidden behind descriptions such as “reproductive rights” or “women's health”, it is the very same as a Jihadist beheading an infidel. It is murder, it is murder, it is murder. The Feminist of today deserves to rot in hell. And, if she can kill the newborn child, shouldn't the Father of the child be allowed to kill the Mother? Is turnabout fair play?

And of course, it is only legitimate for a pro-abortionist to assault pro-life protesters, because identifying those who fight for the preservation of life are truly the dangerous people in our Society. Under Adolf Hitler, that very same philosophy was promoted. Feminists, you are in good company. The only one not allowed a voice in this is the aborted child.



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