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Steve Schmidt: ‘Every Day’ Trump ‘Proves His Unrelenting Ignorance, His Nastiness, His Infidelity to the Freedoms of the Country’ and ‘He’s Authoritarian by Nature’


SCHMIDT: “Yeah. I’m not sure, Chris, I understand what the revelation here is. Three years on that every day he proves his unrelenting ignorance, his nastiness, his infidelity to the freedoms of the country, he’s authoritarian by nature. So the idea that this guy is completely unprepared, doesn’t want to know anything or, worse, thinks he already knows everything, is just not news. We see it play out literally hour by hour, tweet by tweet.”

Another lying Communist – multiple accusations for which no evidence exists.




Impeachment witness: Ukrainians asked about holdup of aid

WASHINGTON (AP) — Transcripts in the newest batch from testimony in the House impeachment hearings are chipping away at a key Republican defense of President Donald Trump.

At issue is Trump’s decision to tie military aid for Ukraine to investigations of Joe Biden and the Democrats. Allies of the president say he did nothing wrong because the Ukrainians never knew the aid was being delayed.

The special adviser for Ukraine at the State Department, Catherine Croft, says she fielded inquiries from Ukraine about the holdup.

In the transcript of her testimony to House investigators, released Monday, Croft says officials in Ukraine were clear in their concern over the assistance as they battled Russian aggression.


‘Impeachment Inquiry’ Witness: Trump Lectured Previous Ukraine President About Corruption, Too

Croft testified that prior to the now-infamous hold on aid in the summer of 2019, there had been a hold in late 2017 for “a week or two” at the direction of OMB Director Mick Mulvaney, acting on behalf of President Trump.

The main reason, she said, was concern about “the Russian reaction” — the same reason that Obama administration officials had been cautious about providing military aid.

Eventually, President Trump provided the aid, particularly Javelin anti-tank missiles, which helped Ukraine push back the Russian advance.

But he did so, she said, after lecturing President Poroshenko — to his face — about Ukraine’s corruption and inability to pay for its own defense:

Croft later reiterated the president’s concerns that “Ukraine is corrupt, and that Europe should be stepping up to do more to provide security assistance to Ukraine.”

The Associated Press, just as all the other Mainstream Media do, totally misrepresents events at a Washington hearing, even coloring the narrative by saying, Transcripts in the newest batch from testimony in the House impeachment hearings are chipping away at a key Republican defense of President Donald Trump.

They lie a second time by making this statement which is not proven; At issue is Trump’s decision to tie military aid for Ukraine to investigations of Joe Biden and the Democrats

The AP totally ignores the facts in their reporting. Breitbart actually quotes the witness and reveals what AP chose to ignore and censor. This corruption in news reporting indicates one major truth, you can gauge the political savvy of a Voter merely by knowing who they rely on for ‘news’. If I can just be honest and tell the world, Democrats and their Media Propagandists are the greatest threat to America.


Northwestern U. Student Newspaper Apologizes for Reporting on Jeff Sessions Lecture

The editors of the Northwestern University student newspaper issued a long-winded apology this week for simply covering an on-campus speech by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The student editors of the Daily Northwestern published a 700-word apology on Sunday over their coverage of a campus lecture featuring former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The editors claimed that their reporting on the event “harmed many students” that had protested the Sessions event and were subsequently featured in photos that accompanied the report. They claimed that their primary responsibility is to make sure that Northwestern “students feel safe.”

“One area of our reporting that harmed many students was our photo coverage of the event. Some protesters found photos posted to reporters’ Twitter accounts retraumatizing and invasive. Those photos have since been taken down. On one hand, as the paper of record for Northwestern, we want to ensure students, administrators and alumni understand the gravity of the events that took place Tuesday night. However, we decided to prioritize the trust and safety of students who were photographed. We feel that covering traumatic events requires a different response than many other stories. While our goal is to document history and spread information, nothing is more important than ensuring that our fellow students feel safe — and in situations like this, that they are benefitting from our coverage rather than being actively harmed by it. We failed to do that last week, and we could not be more sorry.”

What’s that saying, “There’s a thumb-sucker born every minute”? They are turning our youth into whiney babies!


Disney+ Slaps Trigger Warnings on ‘Dumbo,’ ‘Lady and the Tramp’ over ‘Outdated Cultural Depictions’

The new Disney+ streaming service has added social justice trigger warnings to some of its classic movie titles, telling subscribers that beloved Disney movies including Dumbo, Swiss Family Robinson, Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier, and the original Lady and the Tramp may contain “outdated cultural depictions.”

The generic trigger warnings appear in the plot synopses that users see on the Disney+ interface before clicking to play a title.

“This program is presented as originally created,” the warnings say. “It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”


 19 hours ago

Warning: If you live in a 1st world country, and don't have any real problems, you vote democrat and you're offended by everything because you sit around all day creating problems that don't exist. DONT WATCH THIS CHILDS FILM.

Me: When Obamacare determined a child could remain on Mom and Dad’s insurance until age 26, didn’t anyone see that as a clue that Liberals espouse a child-like mentality for their entire life? Isn’t this the entire agenda of the Democrat/Socialist/Communist Party – to keep people dependent their entire life, needing Government to coddle and raise them – in essence, Slavery?


Bill Taylor’s ‘Bombshell’ Repeats What Was Already Known from July 25 Phone Call Transcript

The “Bombshell” that was a “Bomb”


A4547 Whiterosesa day ago • edited

Exactly. -- Ladies and gentlemen! Step right this way!
The show has begun!

-- No need to buy a ticket -- you have already
financed this spectacle with your tax dollars!

It's a magic act!

Watch in amazement while Democrats take a legitimate Ukraine inquiry necessary to protect our national interests -- and attempt to instead turn it into a politically-motivated crime!

-- Because it is criminal for the citizens to investigate Democrats and former Vice Presidents from the Obama administration.

-- Because Democrats are exempt from the type of
scrutiny the Trump administration endured for three years.
Afterward in the lobby, there will be refreshments,
and a shell game where Democrats amuse themselves by
inviting you to try and find where they have hidden
the future you were planning to give to your children.


Kellyanne Conway Blows Up at CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for Saying ‘There Are Issues’ With Her Marriage

I watched that segment. Ms Conway did not blow up at Blitzer. She spoke in calm measured tones. Just another example of Fake News. Nice try, Daily Beast. And naturally, linked from Drudge.


Texas teacher says parents 'should not have the final say' in school drag queen event, blasts their 'misguided, bigoted views'

According to news reports, Willis High School English teacher Anthony Lane took to Facebook to scold parents who were outraged that a drag queen performer had been invited to the school to instruct students how to apply make-up in a cosmetology class. In a post that has since been removed, Lane allegedly said the school's parents were beholden to "misguided, bigoted views" that were driven by their "archaic beliefs."

Essentially, then, this is Government separating children from their parents. What is their next claim, “You didn’t make that child!”?




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