More – Now
October 21, 2018

This commentary came to mind back in the 1990’s. It was based on my observation of living in a society that experienced a great abundance of material items that either enhanced or improved our lifestyles. It could have been something like a cell phone being able to send text messages. It may have been from reading a printed map while looking to drive to a never-before visited location to being able to use a GPS device to guide you along the way.

Capitalism provides many benefits and one offshoot of this is that in order to make and sell a product for profit one more or less has to build a better mousetrap. This took us from washboards to the first ringer washing machines to the current washing machines capable of a myriad of settings. It took the telephone and advanced it to the personal communication device in the way of the Iphone, Ipads, mobile gaming devices along with picture and video recording capabilities.

The desire to make something better and faster necessarily means that manufacturers are continuously upgrading what a product can do in order to gain market share. The “grass is always greener on the other side” consumer mentality plays right into this and can make or break a corporation seeking the next better mousetrap.

The question that intrigues me is when is enough, enough – and when is more too much?

An example of more being too much might be in the consumption of alcohol. At first, absorbing alcohol acts as a stimulant. With greater consumption it becomes a depressant. It is commonly known that alcohol can impair thinking and erase inhibitions. Police nationwide deal with this on a daily basis, let alone how excess alcohol can lead to verbal and physical abuse in any setting. This happens when an individual moves from “social drinking” to “binging”. You can witness this every Spring when youth clog tourist havens for drinking, sex and over-the-top dangerous behavior. Yes, this is all due to the thought process of the individual and the more one consumes alcohol the more the thought processes are blurred.

This is a great example of “more” becoming “too much”.

Another element of going to extremes is when people abandon the looks given them at birth and later in life adorn themselves with tattoos and piercings or spiking their hair in rainbow colors. To them it is a childish way to get attention. To older folks this is again “too much”.

When I was younger singing groups that frequented college campuses wore button-down shirts, tucked in, and more or less presented a clean cut image. Today a host of bands flaunt wild attire and adornments singing lyrics that are rude, crude and condescending. To one of my age, the took “more” to “too much”.

The surge of electronic devices now has people camping out at night to get the latest and greatest in cell phone technology. Many folks might take family or personal pictures and post them to social media but the “too muchers” post lewd and crude content – taking them from “more” to “too much”.

This is prevalent is almost all of consumerism. Take this drug and you can be playing with your grand kids on the beach! Or just enter a waiting area and see how many people do not interact via conversation, instead being glued to a tiny screen. If I may now, I wish to relate this mentality of seeking more and more by consumers, the same philosophy is employed by those in America seeking political office.

When politicians learned that they could garner votes by giving “more” to their constituents, it opened the floodgates of government spending in order to make good on political promises. This has led to the US being in hock to the tune of not billions of dollars – but trillions of dollars.

The “more, now” mentality has to be appeased if you want people to vote you into political office. Just look at what happened to the Tea Party being accused of every extreme merely for desiring that Washington exercise constraint.

Those we identify on the “Left” have glommed onto wanting to provide “more – now” in order to place their adherents into office. Not only have we got a country where people can earn a grant for college, get a loan to go to college or earn a scholarship to go to college – the Left now says college should be “free”.

This points out how divorce rates and out-of-wedlock births ran nearly equal until vote-seeking politicians made it so a man impregnating a woman could just run away from his responsibility and it is reported that nearly half of child births now are out-of-wedlock. Taxpayers, you are now having to pay for what someone else will not accept responsibility for – compliments of the Democrat Party.

A hundred years ago those of greater means were able to procure better health care simply because they could afford it. A groundswell for “free healthcare” has now gripped the millennial contingent – having been convinced the rich can pay for it all.

Because other nations do not have the abundance our Constitutional form of nationhood has provided, some in politics figured that if we allowed immigrants coming to America – not having marketable skills that allows them to be self-sufficient – a political movement encouraged the boom in invasion across our southern border.

The willfully ignorant saw this a a form of Social Justice while at the same time ignoring how it would all be paid for. The underlying reason was not being fair and helping the less-fortunate – it was to provide a voting base of needy, dependent citizens who would naturally legislate benefits for them if they marked the ballot properly.

My feeling is that we have nearly 50 million people in the country illegally. The young and gullible do not even consider that giving “more – now” to millions is not sustainable.

Of course, the “more – now” crowd are now spewing that housing, like college and healthcare, is a right. How much will that cost us?

The Welfare, Medicaid and Medicare laws passed by Democrats in 1965 has grown into more than 80 Federal welfare programs. As long as people keep buying Treasury bonds to pay off interest on borrowed debt it is a successful Ponzi scheme. But the day will come when “more” becomes “too much” and that will mean great chaos in the country.

That is the “more – now” that some in politics are openly seeking – while at the same time spouting how this is all Social Justice. There are three groups one can identify now feverishly working for that day – the Democrat Party, the Social Democrat Party and the Communist Party USA. When America is reduced to ashes those seeking this end for America will have gotten their wish – ruling over a pile of ash and rubble, along with their wealthy Globalist partners. Just wait until then and see how many times those in power say “no” to those asking for “more” – unless you are among that privileged class.

When that happens the entire nation will be dependent on Government and then we will have a Dictatorship – something they have sought all these years and 90% of the media is helping them by playing on peoples desire for “more – now”. There are a great many Americans that share my feelings but if an election results in more in power appeasing voters outweighs the votes of the conservatives it is a done deal.

The “more – now” mentality has not only been applied to consumerism – it is now a political tactic by the left. What used to be political debate and disagreement has now moved into an arena of verbal harassment, stalking and intimidation in public and physical assault. As Mao said once, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”. History is all too willing to tell us what happened when Mao wanted “more – now”. The midterm elections next month may be perhaps one of the most meaningful bellwether events in our country’s existence. As in all things, time will tell.